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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

impossible statistical anomalies: Massive Voting Fraud USA Election 2012, &, Muslim Brotherhood political party headquarters in Dakhalia burned today

"impossible statistical anomalies, an impossible pattern in the algorithm; a technology that allows them to remove cast votes from the electronic poll vote."


again, w/feeling for the "zero evidence of voter fraud' crowd @ mediaite

The State of 2012 Election Fraud Fighting obc
"Not good. Republicans have been unresponsive. MSM is, unsurprisingly, not eager to cover it. Democrats: what election fraud? All this in the context of hundreds, if not thousands of precincts with 100+% voter turnout, ballot flipping machine, un-patriot Games with military ballots, blocking of election law enforcement, ejection of Republican observers, return of the Black Panthers, busloads of non-English speaking “voters” delivered to the polling places, no checking of ID in many states. It is quite possible that provided the 500,000 margin needed in 4 swing states for “Obama” to prevail. And then, there was also massive campaign finance fraud, absurd levels of media bias (even for MSM) and more."

Sen. Rand Paul renews fight over indefinite detention of US citizens thehill