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Monday, November 12, 2012

& the FRAUD VOTES just keep coming: Prop 37 in Cali

'YOU ARE IN THE INSTANT IN WHICH THE LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS OF EACH ONE OF YOU ABOUT ALL THAT IS TAKING PLACE WILL EITHER ATTAIN SPIRITUAL ASCENT OR SPIRITUAL STAGNATION, OBLIGATING YOU TO MAKE A DECISION BETWEEN GOOD OR EVIL. Neither nature, nor the sun, not the animals will be as before, nor will man himself be as he was yesterday. All that exists does not recognize each other.'
revelacionesmarianas 10/31/12


GMO Labeling Prop 37 Vote-Fraud Update: 3.3 Million Votes Still Uncounted infiniteunknown "I just checked the California Secretary of State’s website, which is the official center for vote results, and there are 3,334,495 votes that remain unprocessed."

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