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Monday, November 12, 2012

Alen West inching closer TO AUTOMATIC ELECTION-WIDE RECOUNT, & Argentina & the Global “Cacerolazo”


Romney Did Not Lose GB

Two weeks and no electricity: Brooklyn citizens feel abandoned after Hurricane Sandy RS

Kirchner’s own “Disappeared” endthelie
"on Thursday 8th November, Argentina started a new form of protest: the Global “Cacerolazo”. Actively planned and coordinated through the opposition media and social networks, “8N” resulted in 1.5 million people taking to the streets of Argentina to protest against the gross corruption, governmental mismanagement and flagrant irresponsibility of President Cristina Kirchner’s government."

"Jarrett is from IRAN and is the right hand handler of Obama" “It’s nothing more complicated than that.”

Russia & China are holding the US hostage via Iranian backed terrorists. TCM

"I’m not a betting man, but my guess is that this Petraeus thing, though it will be mostly ignored in the MSM and will come to nothing, will live forever on the internet, or until the “guvmmint” shuts that down. The Princeton job the General was offered in consequence of his resignation was likely the best of a couple of options, which may have included deals like sudden heart-attack or suicide in a DC park someplace." Gordan Runyan

"In the summer of 2001, George Bush announced in Europe that he was seeking to add former Soviet Republics Georgia and the Ukraine to NATO. This news infuriated the Kremlin and 9/11 happened several months later.
Pravda, the Russian state run media organization did an article in July 2001 warning Russians to abandon all American investments due to an attack that was coming at the heart of it’s financial center by ‘Shadow Forces’. That heart was the WTC."
Steve Cooper