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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A Prayer on Election Day

via Da Mihi Animas

"The devil, with his malefic strategy, has brought humanity to the point of killing their own children,...Abortion is the worst of all the sins (when it is deliberate, not when it is accidental), because to kill the child still in the womb of the mother, to kill such an innocent and defenceless creature, is to give power to Satan. The devil commands from the depths of the abyss because we are scattering innocent blood over the earth! A baby is like an innocent lamb, without stain. And Who is this Lamb without stain? It is Jesus. In that moment, the baby is the image and likeness of Jesus.
The fact that it is the mother who kills her child causes a profound bond with darkness, permitting more devils to leave hell and destroy humanity. It is as if we give the key of hell to the devils, to let them escape. And so more devils are set loose from hell, bringing prostitution, sexual aberrations, Satanism, atheism, suicide, indifference... all the evils that we see around us."

Dr. Gloria Polo from Colombia, describing a trip to hell during a near-death experience in Bogota on May 5,1995.