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Wednesday, October 10, 2012


"The UTC in Jennings County Indiana has been closed off to the public and is surrounded by tall fences with razor wire. There are many soldiers there and the base has hundreds of fema trailors all over the. People from North Vernon say there are many soldiers that are from foriegn countries in uniform. Several miltary planes taking off from bakalar airport in Columbus Indiana. These planes are huge, like the ones that carry many tanks and/ or artilary."
Jackie Hamner

"Saw a helicopter gunship (Cobra or Apache) over dt Houston yesterday afternoon." Keith Whitted
"I seen one over Boise yesterday fully loaded with weapons too..? !" idahopicker in reply to Keith Whitted

“I urge you to accept this solution so that your child’s instructional program will not be affected. As we discussed, there will be consequences for refusal to wear an ID card as we begin to move forward with full implementation,” texas-schools-punish-students-who-refuse-to-be-tracked-with-microchips Pat Dollard

Multiple Data Shows Conditions For Formation of Observed Persistent Contrails Did Not Exist chemtrailsplanet

On Eve Of Hearings On Benghazi Attack The White House Admits There Were No Protests (Video)bluecollarphilosophy

THERE IS NO CONSULATE OR EMBASSY IN BENGHAZI!!!! reanimatedresidue @ unifiedserenity

"One of the most powerful weapons that Muslims have and use to destroy Western liberal democracy is actually, with any real scrutiny, rather childish word games. We would expect a five or six year old to try and deceive an adult by using a word knowing what a parent would understand while secretly holding a proprietary but related meaning. But we don’t really expect that from adults let alone over a billion of them.
While many of us are familiar with the Islamic concept of ‘taqyyia’ or outright deception, the concept of ‘kitman’ or spin is a little more subtle and lot more frequent." Vlad Tepes

A man in Indonesia's Sharia province is publicly flogged for playing dominoes. womenagainstshariah