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Monday, October 15, 2012

FEMA Funding Impenetrable Dome Structures Around Houston,BBC's paedophile Sir Jimmy Savile, & from Japan: feces "steak"

now factor THIS in to all the generators headed to New Orleans via theintelhub
" Crews working from the inside reinforce the structure with iron and concrete until it’s a fortress that not even the U.S. Air Force could destroy."

There Is A Staggering Amount Of Feces In Our Food endoftheamericandream

while Savile was aggressively preying on children, the BBC covered up his crimes while the police took bribes and ignored him. vigilantcitizen

& the staggering amount of sht in Americans who identify as Christian & vote for a 'lesser evil'.
"In view of the foregoing, to vote for a proven deceiver who possesses a progressive/socialist agenda that rivals Obama's in its power to weaken our moral, cultural, and political foundations is to forfeit any claim to God's intervention at a time when our nation needs it most.
God is not only merciful, of course, He is just, and we will be found wanting if we are deceived by the sophistry of the "Romney-is-our-best-and-only-hope" phenomenon. We will not merit God's merciful blessings if we succumb to such sophistry."