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Friday, September 28, 2012

IT'S STILL E V I L !: the STUPID/DANGEROUS 2party-paradigm, the O-Bots & their QUEEN vs. Willard's investments in THE ENEMY...u think i'm kidding!!?,

I'll trust my vote to God: the lesser of 2 evils is STILL EVIL!!
"But when the perfect choice for God is banished from our consideration, what becomes our standard of choice? No matter what it is, the choice that results from it must fall away from God." Alan keyes

Romney invested heavily in his ‘#1 foe’ fromthetrenchesworldreport "Despite his avowedly hawkish stance towards Russia, Romney purchased shares in Russian firms in 2011 through his equity fund. According to media reports on his 2012 tax returns, Romney invested in Russian energy giant Gazprom, as well as Russian Internet search engine Yandex.
This leads to an interesting question that may arise in the upcoming debates between Romney and the Democratic incumbent, Barack Obama: What businessman – especially one who is making a run for the White House – would invest his money into a country he derided as an enemy?"

Russia halts imports of Monsanto GM corn over cancer fears tep

Earthquake in California’s Silicon Valley could cause aftershocks across the globe

Obama Supporters 2012 (Official)

"At the height of her demonic enchantment, Oprah recognised a kindred spirit in Obama. And so, using the teaching and language of her mankind-exalting, serpent-inspired religion, Oprah anointed Obama with glorifying praise, calling him “brilliant,” “an evolved leader,” and a man with the “gift of wisdom.” Oprah explained, “I’m just following my own truth" 2008 Election Flashback: Oprah Anointed Obama from the Dark Side freedomoutpost

again w/feeling: A word to rioting Muslims - "the rocket fuel to reverse the trajectory of the Obama administration’s intended dependency-orchestrated outcome of the 2012 election" moiri