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Saturday, August 18, 2012

this will leave a mark: "I will not be part of this as I warned. I will not enable it. I will not be a whore to satan's minions."

Upcoming Elections in the US
- "This may surprise some of you but its time you realize your elected officials DO NOT care about you. They’re bloodsuckers…..parasites….the epitome of evil.  While the citizens suffer unemployment, foreclosures, their wealth stolen from them on a daily basis through unending taxation…your representatives operate by a different set of rules…a different set of laws.  If the Obama health care plan is so great, why doesn’t it apply to them? Yes, the one Chief Justice Roberts had to rewrite into a tax to justify allowing it to stand….forcing everyone to buy health insurance (and take the chip) or be penalized for not participating.  Is this America? Is this what the Founding Fathers had in mind when they wrote the Constitution?

It’s time we all realize that our elected officials are nothing but traitors to the Constitution…..treasonous individuals who care nothing about the people they’re elected to represent

Yet come November, you all will go to the polls and re-elect them, giving them the mandate to continue to destroy your life, your freedoms and your wealth at their own expense. It’s time to wake up and do something before this country that gave hope to the world becomes another footnote in history

The second alternative is to vote for ANYONE but a Democrat or Republican. Yes, some of you will complain and say you want your vote to count. Do you really think voting in an illegal incumbent President intent on destroying America is making your vote count????  Or voting for the alternative in the way of Romney will make any difference when BOTH are controlled by the same cabal?  Is this what you call “making your vote count”? No, it’s nothing but an illusion to make the people think they are participating in the process when they are actually WILLINGLY giving a mandate to the agenda. " saveamericafoundation

Anti-Obama Navy SEAL leader: I’m a Birther oryr

"The Republicans have two chances. The first is a convention meltdown in Christians and Conservatives demanding an open convention, and a possible brokered convention of Sarah Palin telling the dirty secrets in the threats made against her and choosing Rick Santorum as Vice President.
This would cement the Christian, Conservative, Tea Party, Catholic and moral women vote. It would pool big oil and Wall Street support.
Ron Paul should be named head of the Federal Reserve and Rand Paul as Sec. of Treasury.
I have made no secret that John Lehman should head Defense as America desperately needs a Reaganite who knows Defense to build that shattered industry.

The second option is Christians follow George H. W. Bush's command and just go away. They follow Mitt Romney's shunning of them and simply do not vote.

Mitt Romney is anti Christian and Barack Obama is anti messiah. I will not vote for either of them, but this blog will expose all of this and it is past time that these issues come to the forefront in these anti American candidates.

I answer to God first and last. America will answer for Obama and will answer for this apostate Romney. Americans should at least stop being deceived and show their Lord and their God, they will at least resist. " LC

"It is no secret that Paul Ryan, the Romney VP, the Tea Party cup and saucer, the true conservative, the white bread of the Obama dark meat sandwich, was indeed a 2005 graduate of the George Soros Aspen Institute with such prestigious board trustees as Javier Solano, the European thug who was once thought to be the anti Christ.

Debbie Wasserman Schultz who runs the Obama DNC was Ryan's bunkmate.......and oh look there is Gabrielle Giffords auditioning for rubber bullets off her brain in that same class.

Michael Steele who ran the GOP was in the same 2005 class........amazingly of the people who graduate from the Manchurian Aspen Institute, they all end up seeded like weeds into the United States government and bear a crop of Rockefeller CFR..........hell this is bigger than Rockefeller as Soros for the Rothschilds is not just getting in Sec. of State every 4 years, or broken down media types.......this is a sowing in of Soros created political minders who hide as Republicans and Democrats.

For the record in this, George Soros created Paul Ryan. Paul Ryan ran in a Democratic district in Wisconsin and won.................that is Soros screwing over liberal democrats for a much bigger picture...........the guy who balances the budget in 2040 after America is plundered is the same guy who wrote Mitt Romney's budget."shtf411

Feds' explanation of hollow point bullets raises more questions thelibertysphere

via westernjournalism

"Oh, wait. Except for one thing....Christians do not treat, parley, negotiate, compromise or converse with the enemy - even through intermediaries. The ends do not justify the means. If it is indeed the will of God Almighty that I have an audience of tens of millions of people, then I trust that He, in His omnipotence, can make that happen without my having to crawl into bed with VLADIMIR FLIPPING PUTIN.

See, Vladimir Putin is the enemy. He is a very, very evil man and is the enemy of freedom. Those Russians are very, very clever and have essentially checkmated the western world, and the United States. They infiltrated the government, the academia, the media and the Church in the 20th century and put in place and set rolling the Marxist policies that are now in full bloom and have destroyed us. At the same time, Putin's propaganda news outlet, RT, is the only news outlet that is reporting on what a massive, unfixable clusterbungle the Western economies are. I'll grant RT that - their reportage on financial and economic matters IS INDEED ACCURATE, but their motives are not to help save the system or even to warn people of the looming disaster. The motive of the RT ownership is to bring about the collapse of the West that Russian Communists designed and executed over the last 70+ years, and thus set the stage for a Russian-backed and Russian-controlled currency and global economy.

And that brings us to Timmy Cardinal Dolan, who I am now solidly in a position to call out for being the despicable treasonous jackass of a bootlicking sell-out pagan that he is. Yeah, if I can tell Putin to go violate the Sixth Commandment with himself, then Timmy, as a Cardinal and Prince of the Church, you DAMN SURE ought to be able to MERELY REFRAIN from attaching your kisser to Barack Obama's left butt cheek and sucking until your skull implodes. "
Ann Barnhardt - August 16,2012