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Friday, July 20, 2012

WordSpeak 101: PINNED DOWN ON BOTH SIDES, the final moments of the Soetoro Coup

here's the title; Tea Party Blocks Pact to Restore a West Coast River nytimes

so........what did you come away with after reading it?
here's a little backup info:

KBRA Water Management Already in Action,
Fails to Protect Coho

Science, Secrecy and Salmon Restoration familiesprotectingthevalley

" The Elite currently leases much of that land from small farm-holders who can no longer afford to farm their own small farms. Keeping the amount of land available for leasing as large as possible depresses the per acre leasing price and thus augments Irrigation Elite profits." The KBRA’s Brave New World: Public again locked out of key decisions klamblog

KBRA “cultural shift” leaves birds dead, basin communities more divided than ever klamblog

'the Irrigation Elite', the Tribes, the Teaparty,
& the Old grey Hag Smears away in
the final moments of the Soetoro Coup.
If you only read the title,
you got jobbed.

but it's alright Ma onnaconna UM says it's OK to talk about AGENDA 21 (where 'they' steal the Rights to Land, Water & GROWING FOOD!...while cutting the population back by 90%....you think i'm kidding...right?!!) . Guess we are not the dreaded 'conspiracy freaks' after-all, & will finally get comments posted, onnaconna his insider boyz say it's real ... now try pointing out/posting that Romney is full throttle Agenda21...eh??!
& Val'erie'Jarrett is dangerous.....hmmmmmmm...... only thing is 'the popular girl' @ LameCherry's been sayin'that for a very long,long time.

we are pinned down on both sides boyz n' gyrlz.
Do you really think
we are getting out of this alive
w/out God's help?!
The real problem is not politics...it's human nature. No one wants to admit they were WRONG.....or worse, jobbed/conned/made-a-fool-of!!!!
because THAT reflects back on them.
& then there are the just plain Greedy&Evil.

nobody owns the narrative.

Where the River Meets the Sea! klamblog