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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Severe weather ALERT across 42 of the lower 48, the new Gestapo – the I.R.S., 2,000th Afghan War Death On Obama's Watch

"We have very little time left before the boot falls upon us for the last time. I will not surrender. I will not retreat. Now is the time, the day, and the hour. As always fellow citizens, remain steady---very, very, steady." Greg Evensen, former Kansas State Trooper awarded the Governor’s Award for heroism.

“Army Ranger 1LT Michael C. Behenna will remain behind bars at Fort Leavenworth, Kan., until he turns 40 years old. The Court of Appeals of the Armed Forces in Washington, D.C., has upheld the 29-year-old Edmond, Okla., native’s conviction stemming from a May 16, 2008, shooting in Iraq…. of Ali Mansur,a known Al-Qaeda operative” bobmccarty

“You must buy health insurance or pay the new Gestapo – the I.R.S.” GWP "The Obama administration built up the IRS by another 16,500 agents to enforce Obamacare. "

“That is a made-up number with no basis in fact." IRS spokesman Dean Patterson

2,000th Afghan War Death On Obama's Watch news.investors

"Our judiciary has become the most dangerous enemy of the Constitutional Republic and although the Executive Dictatorship and tyrannical Legislative body run close behind, it is the judiciary which must be reclaimed by the people first, or there is no peaceful forum within which to hold the other two branches accountable."

Baby golden eagle survives Utah wildfire fox13now via treeoflifesword