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Friday, July 6, 2012

The Peterson Farm Bros, stranded on a radiation-poisoned island not allowed to speak, 'This is NOT a hoax', &, Vast Left-Wing Wonk Machine sanity-check

via Pitts Report

dumb ghetto insight of the world racist humor cfC "Independence day, for all you weak kneed liberal artistic white turds who fall in line with any black guy that opens his mouth, was independence day for many blacks also."

[Live] Organizer stopped protest, police shut down the exits of subway. fukushima-diary

"Either hate evil and witness to the Truth, or sit your neo-pagan ass down and stay out of the way of those of us who will. How did our Lord put it to Peter when Peter tried to tell Jesus that He didn't need to tangle with evil? Who turning, said to Peter: Go behind Me, Satan, thou art a scandal unto Me: because thou savourest not the things that are of God, but the things that are of men. Yep. There's that warm, fuzzy Jesus again, just chillin' and being all nice and all about feeeeeeeeeelings. Man, if Peter had only had a guitar and could have broken into some praise and worship 7-11 crap, he might have talked Christ out of the Cross. Eyeroll. " Ann Barnhardt - July 5, AD 2012

"In 3 days, FBI will cut your Internet access if you have this virus. This is NOT a hoax. Please take this warning seriously." fellowshipofminds


Maryland Court Dissolves Injunction Against Blogger; Massachusetts Judge Orders Blogger to Take Down Blog Posts openmarket

"If the evidence is honestly examined there can be no conclusion other than election fraud, of which Romney and other officials high in the GOP party have been instrumental in perpetrating.
That is why it seems that the mainstream propaganda is without direction. At this point no one seems to know what might happen tomorrow and as for the status quo, I believe all options are on the table."

'Faux News is still crying in the closet clutching their blankie.' obamareleaseyourrecords

Let's sanity-check those predictions, shall we? "Follow the data trail: useless Treasury predictions, a Treasury report compiling those predictions, Mother Jones and Politicfact glomming onto that report, an economist blogger graphing that data, Ezra Klein reporting that graph in the Washington Post, and Bloomberg citing Ezra Klein to debunk a "myth."
It's almost like the way Hillary Clinton described a certain vast conspiracy." americanthinker

Madonna della Consolata di Torino