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Thursday, July 5, 2012

matter-antimatter annihilation: the chemical and physical characteristics of the Holy Shroud.

The Holy Shroud: One Big Bang and the body was gone
"The results of a recent study - completed by Italian scientist, Giuseppe Baldacchini - on the theory of annihilation, are said to prove the authenticity of the Shroud according to the current laws of physics"


Allen West on Obama/slave comment: I’m not going to shy away from things that need to be said therightscoop

Congressmen Warn Obama on UN Arms Treaty
"More than 130 congressmen, led by Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa., signed a letter sent to President Barack Obama Monday expressing their opposition to a U.N. arms trade treaty if it violates U.S. gun owner rights and sovereignty." fromthetrenchesworldreport

Romney Didn't Even Last a WEEK.
Ann Barnhardt - July 3, AD 2012
"As promised, Romney has folded on ObamaCare too, although had I wagered money on the timing, I would have thought that he would have lasted at least a week. But apparently the revenue curve from stupid, imbecilic suckers giving Romney money in the wake of the SCOTUS decision fell off hard enough that the Romney people felt that it served no more purpose to perpetuate the repeal charade.
I hope every single one of you who gave that forked-tongued jackass money feel the full shame and embarrassment of your own gullibility and obtuseness. This slackjawed sentimentalism WILL BE THE DEATH OF ALL OF US. Your rah-rah loyalty to con-artists who wrap themselves in platitudes so that you can have a "team" that makes you feel good about yourself isn't noble or admirable. It is nauseating and disgusting. It is truly sickening to see people elevate false sentiment over truth - all for the sake of a truly shallow SOCIAL EXPERIENCE.
Ignorance is one thing. Abject stupidity in the face of mountains of pounding evidence is another. "
No Difference Between Obama and Romney On Mandated Health Care "Republicans like to pretend they are opposed to Obamacare and will repeal it. But their selected candidate not only supports it, he blueprinted it." nwos

Stunning Report: Chief Justice Roberts May Have Authored Both Obamacare Opinions conservativenewscentral

Goodbye, Blue Sky aircrap

Mono Lake California -- Craters of the Moon Idaho -- Dormant Volcanoes steaming in USA