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Friday, July 20, 2012

false flag event before UN vote on the 27th to end 2nd amendment rights, & muzzies celebrate ramadana-ding-dong @ the Olympics

"The propaganda machine has plugged in every program they have left to cause divide among we the people and sucker us back into the false left-right paradigm. They are laying all their cards on the table for a final push to the election." fromthetrenchesworldreport

Media exploits Colorado shooting to push gun control thelibertysphere

This dark paradigm of demonic possession goodfight

ding,ding,ding: "the Occupy Movement connection. The Left created this guy."
"Saying something isn’t radical enough reminds of the comments on Leo Gerard saying that the Occupy protests should be more militant.
Also, there are interesting links, in the past, between San Diego and supposed mind control facilities, I believe. I’m not sure where the alleged shooter is from, but if he is from California, that could be red flag.
There were a lot of questions around Gabby Giffords shooter Jared Loughner. Concerns about possible ‘programming’ of Loughner and so forth. It will be interesting to find out more about this Batman shooter, too."
InTheKnow July 21, 2012 at 12:25 am
"Anytime the corrupt media creates a 24/7 hollywood style promotion, you know it’s a staged event. It would be nice to believe no one died, but knowing these people, it’s unlikely.
Where was the coverage a couple months ago when those Chicago youth went on a weekend shooting spree that left dozens dead, including children? Right—there was no coverage.
This Batman shooting is totally staged."
Ace July 20, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Colorado Dark Knight Shooting & False Flag Suspicions gulagbound


meanwhile: Sheriff Joe calls on Congress to investigate Obama obamareleaseyourrecords

via westernjournalism

GREAT NEWS!!!: the muzzies celebrate ramadana-ding-dong @ the Olympics!! pittsreport

NYC Storm July 18 2012 - photo: Dhani Jones