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Saturday, July 7, 2012

the American Tianamen Sq. moment has arrived: harbingers of the dissolution of American sovereignty, & now for the bad news

“You will hear of the sea turning black,
and many living things dying because of it.”

The Seventh Sign of the HOPI Prophecy

“It is with great regret that we file this report.”: the BP narrative is nothing but a corporate-created illusion THE GULF OF MEXICO IS DYING phoenixrisingfromthegulf

[Anon leaks] NRC “SFP4 crisis may happen at US nuclear plants too” fukushima-diary

“Only when the last Tree is gone
& the last River is poisoned
& the last Fish is caught
Will we realize that
we cannot eat money..”

Cree Indian saying

“Whereas President Obama signed into a law the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011 and whereas section 1021 of the aforementioned act is repugnant to all American ideals, traditions and laws, in as much as it violates the United States Constitution, in that it suspends the writ of habeas and of Article 1, Section 9 and violates the 5th, 6th and 9th Amendments. Now therefore be it resolved that the Republican party of Georgia calls on the United States congress to repeal section 1021 of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2011.” This was approved and an amendment followed the resolution freedomoutpost


& NOW that they're going belly up: border controls have returned to Europe. fellowshipofminds

"Chesapeake buys Your Mineral Rights. CHINA Owns Chesapeake? They will own America without firing a shot. How many acres of mineral rights leases did the American government force farmers to sell Chesapeake oil and gas?" pittsreport

MORE CHINA - 'Geologists warn China’s dam-building frenzy in seismically-active regions is putting millions at risk' tep

Eric Holder’s two decades of concealing murder

we could hope that the games would be cancelled as a result of all these bad omens. voxday

Founding Fathers First War Was Defending America From Islam: Treaty Of Tripoli. politicalvelcraft

Kansas Passes New Law Consistent With The U.S. Constitution Banning Sharia Law. politicalvelcraft

Quoting verbatim from Ahkam al Qur’an: the mullahs sodomizing little girls and boys are not wrong at all, they are just following the Sunnah of the prophet and his companions. creepingsharia

o yeah, this is 'man-made' alright...it's called HAARP/WEATHER-MODIFICATION/AGENDA21: ‘Unimaginable’ – month’s amount of rain falls in hours: flash flooding kills 99 in Russia tep

Obama’s “Civilian National Security Force AKA: “The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act": "such a police force would be at Obama’s disposal and is similar to national police forces socialist tyrants used to complete their revolutions." saveamericafoundation

"The upcoming signing and ratification of the UN Small Arms and LOST (Law of the Sea) Treaties should pretty much draw the final lines in the sand as to whom in the Senate should be purged by either electoral removal, impeachment for violating the Oath of Office or by recall in those states where possible. Every aspect of both these treaties harbingers the dissolution of American sovereignty and the loss of the rule of law in the United States of America." corpritocracy via federaljack

Democrat voting miracles: 119% of registered Democrats in Dane County had voted! fellowshipofmind

"the Unholy Terror King was murdered, despite any facts to the contrary. They are using this as a pretext to create a war" theblaze


My heart is breaking.
mesage to Jabez

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