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Monday, July 16, 2012

All over fk*g Scandinavia!, Trans-Pacific Partnership & THE INSANITY OF PRESIDENT GOLFCLUBS

birds are dying in Fukushima

Former Monsanto Scientist Exposes The Genetic Engineering Fraud infiniteunknown

Reflection / shadow in heavy metal chemical dust - Refleksion/skygge i kraftig kemisk metal støv.

"Here is president that was all over Bush and Cheney for having approved water boarding, yet he thinks nothing of ordering a drone strike on targets that he and Axelrod determine need to be eliminated.
How insane is all that?" westernjournalism

Urgent => Behind Closed Doors, Corporate Cabalists Have Designed A Chaos Bill To Deliver The “Coup de Gras” To The United States ~ TPP! politicalvelcraft

Brotherhood bares its fangs renewamerica
"So the Brotherhood — having won Egypt's presidential election by a thread, and having huddled with the alleged "leader of the free world" — now apparently feels less pressure to avoid "sticking it" to the U.S."

Egypt’s Tantawi defies Muslim Brotherhood
"Egyptian freedom fighters are more likely to be relieved than displeased with the bold moves made in the eleventh hour to usurp executive powers from the Muslim Brotherhood, contrary to a recent analysis by one of Egypt’s pro-democracy liberals. In a disturbingly misleading explanation (Washington Times, Egypt’s real ruler: military leader Tantawi, Cynthia Farahut, July 10) contemptuous of SCAF maneuvers before and after the election to salvage the country from Mr. Morsi’s victory, this writer demonizes the military for obstructing the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood. The country’s distrust of SCAF is warranted, but viewing the military as the real problem in this crisis, in light of the ascent of Mr. Morsi, is to defy reason.
Any degree to which the newly-elected Muslim Brotherhood president’s authority is curtailed offers the potential of limiting the damage Mr. Morsi will surely inflict upon Egypt’s true democratic leanings. Disbanding the parliament prevents a dangerous condition and thwarts both the legislative and the executive branches working together to create an Islamic religious state. Now Mr. Morsi has reconvened the Parliament in breach of the court-ordered dissolution of it, claiming to rescue the “well-deserved achievements and gains” (Ikhwanweb.com, July 8). Whose gains? — Surely not that of pro-democracy freedom fighters. However, Morsi’s recognizing the outlawed Parliament is deemed an illegal action by the high court of the land. Will this lead to legal grounds for his removal and incarceration for at least six years as the Egyptian Penalty Law #123 calls for? Not if the U.S. continues to lean toward Muslim Brotherhood rule of Egypt and Mr. Morsi. Egypt’s pro-democracy liberals cannot depend upon the leaders of the free world."
Ashraf Ramelah

Kanye West & the elite’s perverted and twisted world. vigilantcitizen