........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Messages from Chosen Child, about Miami, &, the compass that will guide you to the gates

in Your mercy and goodness,
have mercy on us
& on the world.
of the most Holy Rosary,
Pray for us.”

Valentina / The Urgent Need to Pray for World Peace 5th August, 04

"I will not intercede any more to extend the time of Divine Mercy, but only to intercede for the salvation of souls!...my rosary is the compass that will guide you to the gates of new creation.'

Messages from Jesus To a "Chosen Child in Chicago" 7/20-26/12 afterthewarning

July 20, 2012 (9:39am)

Tell My beloved children to take time to enjoy nature. When was the last time you walked in the woods? These are God's gifts to you and many of you never take the time to enjoy these treasures. There are beautiful things in nature that God takes care of with no one needed to nurture them. Some of the wild flowers and different hues of color are spectacular in the fall. Even the weeds have their own beauty. My dear children, there are so many things you should take advantage of while there is still time. Take your children to the park. You don't have to spend a lot of money on fancy amusement parks. Some of the amusement parks use their profits for ungodly purposes. There are many who support pro-abortion people and gay rights groups. Know where your money is being spent before you give it to some of these places. I warn you parents not to allow your children to go to movies unsupervised. Your children are targets for all the propaganda and sexually explicit films being shown. Even if the children are not going to see some of the movies spoken about they are still exposed to movie reviews that no one should see. Oh, My children, the devil is trying to get your children away from you. Don't allow this to happen. Protect your children as much as you can. There is so much in your society that can lead them into serious sin and loss of faith. Again I remind you of your responsibility to pray for a good 100% pro-life man to lead your country. Everyone is trying to figure out who he is. This person is aware that he has been chosen for these times and is well prepared spiritually for the challenge. Be aware as always all Heaven and all prayer warriors and prayer teams are praying with you for this intention. I love you, Jesus.

July 21, 2012 (9:30am)

Tell My beloved children to take time to spend with your children, the young and the older ones. It is important for you to get to know your children individually. Learn their personalities and their beliefs. Teach them what is really important in life. Let them know that material things have their place but most of My children are preoccupied with materialism. This can be a source of sin since many of you spend way too much time and money acquiring things. Let your children know they can enjoy the simple things of life like just coming together as a family and singing. You don't have to have beautiful voices for this and it can be a lot of fun. Another way families can spend time with each other is to play simple games like Simon Says or board games. It could be a way to bring families closer. In the future you will be forced to do these things since there will be no tv or electronic games. My dear children, if you only knew how much all of you are loved. I want every soul to be saved even the evil people who are trying to bring down your country. There is hope for them if enough people pray and do penances for their souls. I remind you again to do the same for a good moral man to help save your country before it's too late. It won't be much longer before the enemy reveals his evil plan to defeat the opponent he has to win over. My children, this is a fierce spiritual battle and we win through the power of your prayers and sacrifices and through the Grace of God. I love you, Jesus.

July 22, 2012 (2:08pm)

Tell My beloved children to pray for all who have addictions. These sins are ruining families and yes they start out harmless just having a drink or two and pretty soon you don't know how to stop. The same thing happens with those addicted to gambling, sports or anything you lose control of in your life. When a person sees the situation is getting out of hand it is then that they need to reach out for help. Instead of praying and asking the Lord's help they continue in this habit until they can't stop themselves. My children, the devil has gotten so much control over your lives and you're not even aware of it. Some of you don't remember your reprehensible behavior when you finally come to your senses. If someone tells you, you refuse to believe it. Wake up before it's too late My children. You are destroying your families. Your wife or husband and children don't want to be around you anymore. They never know what you are going to say or do. The devil is having a field day with your souls. He knows if you continue in this behavior and refuse to get help, he has a good chance of winning your soul. Those of you reading these words who know you are the one spoken about here when are you going to face the truth and take change of your souls that are in danger of being lost? Don't think that it can't happen to you. That is what the devil wants you to believe. My dear ones, take advantage of the extra graces you will be receiving and turn back to the Lord. Get to Confession and beg the Lord for forgiveness for all the lives you have destroyed just because of your selfishness and refusal to get help. This may be your last chance. When are you going to open your heart and let the Lord in? Again, My dear ones, keep praying for a good moral man to lead your country out of the evil situation it is now in. You don't have much time before the elections. Pray with all your heart and you will see miracles. I love you, Jesus.

July 23, 2012 (9:26am)

Tell My beloved children there is still time left in My Mercy for them to turn back to the Lord. You have no idea when My Mercy will turn into My Justice and you won't have the graces to come back. Be sure to take advantage of all the graces available to you now. My dear children, so many of you never stop to think of what Heaven is going to be like. If you had your say you would choose to live on earth forever in spite of all the hardships. It wouldn't occur to you that most of My children have to be in Purgatory for a very long time. If you knew the suffering of Purgatory you would do everything you could to avoid going there. Some of these souls have been given the opportunities to return to loved ones to warn them of all the pain of being there. There are many ways you can suffer but the greatest suffering is knowing how your sins have kept you from seeing God face to face and just longing with all your heart for that day to come. You won't begin to know how so many of you won't even make it to Purgatory. You think you can continue living your sinful lives and I will have Mercy on you. This is only true if you have sincere sorrow and repentance of your sins before you die. Don't be like the foolish virgins who were left out because they weren't prepared when the Lord came. My dear ones, continue to pray and make sacrifices for your country and the man chosen for these times to be your next president. Time is getting closer for the enemy to come out in the open and show us what his plans are. Be prepared My children but don't fear or get discouraged. Remember the Lord is always with you especially in these trying times you are living in. I love you, Jesus.

July 24, 2012 (10:17am)

Tell My beloved children the battle is getting more fierce every day. Are you prepared to fight it? If you haven't been praying especially the holy Rosary and going to Mass and praying before the Eucharist you are not prepared and the devil will have easy access to your soul. My dear ones, you must take this seriously. There are many of you who think this is nonsense and so they pay no attention and continue living sinful lives and you try to be good, that is not enough. You need spiritual protection since the temptations and attacks are so great. If you haven't talked to your children about his spiritual battle, they will be easy targets of the devil. My dear ones, these are not ordinary times you are living in. You are living the Book of Revelation. If you don't know about it then read the Bible and you will learn what you will be up against. Don't be fearful if you are in prayer and are trying to do God's Will. You will be protected no matter what comes. You have much to fear if you continue in your stubbornness and refuse to change your ways and pray more. You are given many more graces in this time of My Mercy. You will have no one to blame but yourself if you face My Justice in the future. My dear ones, it is because I love you so much that I want to spare you as much suffering as I can. Be alert and aware of the enemy who is always lurking around. Whenever there is hatred or fighting in families you can be sure the devil is around. My dear ones, may I remind you again not to forget to pray for your country which is under such a diabolical attack. Also pray for the man who will be your next president. It won't be long and you will see a major miracle occurring to get this man in. I love you, Jesus.

July 25, 2012 (8:55am)

Tell My beloved children to stay alert to what is going on in the elections. There is so much deception. The media tells lies and makes up stories to get the agenda through for the powers behind the scenes. If you are not in prayer and listening to the right people you will be deceived. Right now there are diabolical plans ready to come out. You may be taken in by what you hear so stay alert and pay attention to what is really happening. There will be major riots started in order for Marshall Law to be called to keep the elections from happening. They will try to make it look like the innocent victims are the instigators. Sadly many will believe the lies being told in the media. Some innocent lives will be taken. This is being contrived so the powers behind the scene don't lose control. My dear ones, in spite of all their efforts, their plans will fail. This will cause major conflicts among those in power and someone or more than one will be eliminated in a way no one would suspect any foul play. My dear children, this is why it is so urgent for you to pray for the man chosen for these times since he will have to be the one to try to bring order out of this chaos. Remember My children all will be well so there is nothing to fear. I am with you. I love you, Jesus.

July 26, 2012 (9:44am)

Tell My beloved children there is more to life than having material things and pleasures. You were created to know, love and serve God in this life so you can be happy in Heaven some day. Some of you make no effort to know Jesus who speaks to you on a personal level. You can't really love someone if you don't get to know them. My dear ones, you don't know what you are missing by not coming to know who Jesus is in your lives. Yes, My dear ones, so many of you just go through the motions when it comes to your faith. You do what is absolutely necessary to be saved and nothing more. Some of you have been given heavy crosses and instead of coming to the Lord asking for His help in carrying it you just complain and are very bitter that God would let you suffer so much. The crosses you have are to bring you closer to the Lord and yet so many of you just stay in a depressed state over them and you can't be helped until you open your heart to the graces which would be available to you. So many of you make your crosses heavier than they were intended to because of your defeatist attitude. My dear ones, turn to the Lord and He will help you in all your needs. Don't try to carry your crosses without His help. You will never find peace. My children, the elections are right around the corner. Do you remember to pray every day for the person chosen for these times to be your next president? Even though the miracle will happen for this to occur he still needs your moral and spiritual support by your prayers. All Heaven is counting on you. I love you, Jesus.

'The Angel then spoke, “Do you know there will be a big disaster in Miami. A tidal wave will wipe the coastal area clear, where many people live.”
I said, “This is horrible.” And the Angel replied, “Tell people to pray and ask God for mercy, because He is very much offended in Miami.” ' 7/11/12 message to valentina-sydneyseer

Monday, July 30, 2012

Was Dark Knight Shooter A Product of MKULTRA?, &, This complex of neo-Marxists, neo-fascists, and tycoon transnationals

LiborGate dwarfed by geo-engineering of entire planet aircrap

Aurora massacre: several links between James Holmes and U.S. government research (Salk Institute involved in neurologically enhancing soldiers' abilities on battlefield...connections to DARPA) BLN

Was Dark Knight Shooter A Product of MKULTRA? via fellowshipofminds

People Not Going To The NWO Distorted Olympics: Row Upon Row Of Empty Seats With The Militarized Zone! politicalvelcraft

US Army Orders Riot Gear As Build Up For Civil Unrest And Eventual Martial Law Continues infiniteunknown

DHS gears up for civil unrest prior to presidential elections homelandsecurityus

Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Is A Chemical Neurotoxin That Lowers IQ.

the effects of plant estrogens, such as that found in soy, on a developing fetus.

"Now key members of the elitist faction's leadership in the Democratic and Republican parties have embarked upon a scurrilous campaign of personal destruction aimed at discrediting Bachmann's demand. Their campaign makes use of ad hominem attacks that accuse her of anti-Muslim bigotry and falsely suggest that her apprehension has no factual basis. Yet the ad hominem assault appears to have been launched precisely because Rep. Bachmann capably established the solid basis for her concerns. In a letter to Rep. Keith Ellison, D-Minn., she rebutted his scurrilously false characterizations of her actions with a meticulously footnoted response amply documenting the facts that justify her security concerns." Alan Keyes @ renewamerica

Why criticize Sarah Palin, now?
"In short, Sarah Palin is not one of them and she is much too influential in what is left of the sovereign American republic.
This complex of neo-Marxists, neo-fascists, and tycoon transnationals are, instead, for the kleptocratic hegemony of the financiers of all the kinds of corruption now being fomented in the name of “civil society,” “open society,” “new world order,” “sustainable development,” and all the more tired Jacobin, Marxist, and fascist shibboleths, such as “social justice,” “egalitarianism,” and “community among nations.”
Dick Cheney is a Rothschild/Rockefeller globalist, as are the Bushes (who historically, have been heavily involved in transnational finance, including grandfather Prescott Bush, who financed Nazis for virtually as long as he feasibly could). In fact, an “America first” globalism has been a steadily developing theme of every Republican presidency at least since Nixon, if not Eisenhower. (Do you recall as I do, President Harding being ridiculed by elitists as one of the worst presidents in U.S. history? He ended the League of Nations.)
Dick Cheney is, in fact, a past director of the CFR. His quipping about that has become famous among patriots, as the video below shows. But before we go there, did you catch something in the video above about Cheney and the Rothschild complex’s Rockefeller family? Cheney led the effort to name a vice president for Gerald Ford. It was the hideous subversive, Nelson Rockefeller. This video spells out the connection of Cheney to the infamous David Rockefeller and his cause of enslaving mankind to one-world authoritarianism served by gradualist trade agreements, which break down national sovereignty and establish transnational governance, as well as the redistributive destruction of American livelihoods."

ONLY Obama Would Hire Pedophile Enabler, Global Warming Fraud Graham Spanier westernjournalism

the DEEP END of TROUBLE, Bill Gates comes out of the CHEMTRAIL closet

THIS IS VERY SERIOUS:Bill Gates funds scheme to spray artificial 'planet-cooling' sulfur particles into atmosphere naturalnews

via Aircrap

UN Arms Treaty Fails! mypetjawa "This is great news. Although look for a second and third attempt to be undertaken when its felt if can slip without your noticing. "

Big government run amok! Oregon to jail man for collecting rain water on his property noisyroom

Crime of the Century; Congress’ Fingerprints at the White House Crime Scene

& sending in the clowns: Move Over Joe, Slick Willy Is Headlining DNC freedomoutpost

Phoenix covered in blanket of dust for second time in a week as massive cloud rolls in from desert dailymail

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Of course Holder and Corzine are in bed together."

via saberpoint

"Everything in the media today, and even in the culture - down to private conversations - has been so twisted and corrupted by cultural Marxism (commonly called "political correctness") and systemic, abject COWARDICE that people are absolutely shocked, and then profoundly attracted to the spectacle of someone simply SPEAKING THE TRUTH WITHOUT FEAR.

Of course Holder and Corzine are in bed together. Of course Edith O'Brien's attorney is Holder's best friend. Why are you people shocked at any of this? Further, why do you expect the exposure of this to make any difference? As I said in the Puplava interview, the Republic is dead. This is no longer a nation of laws, it is a nation of men. It does not matter what you do - all that matters is who you know and are in bed with. You can steal a billion-plus dollars - like Corzine, or you can commit mass murder - like Holder himself, and NOTHING will ever happen to you. Do you think the people of the Soviet Union didn't know that tens of millions of their fellow countrymen were being killed? Of course they knew - many times they witnessed it with their own eyes. It didn't matter to Lenin or Stalin. Lenin and Stalin WERE THE RULE OF LAW, so therefore there was no way short of a war against them to ever hold them to account for their crimes - and the people of Russia and the other Soviet-controlled lands never waged that war - and so they were raped, pillaged and murdered by the tens of millions by the oligarchy which they permitted by cowering in self-serving fear and refusing to fight it.

Further, Holder, Corzine, Obama and all the rest don't give a shit that any of this is coming out. They are sitting back and LAUGHING at all of it. You know why? Because they know damn good and well that no one is going to actually do ANYTHING about any of this, just like no one did anything about it in Russia under Lenin and Stalin or China under Mao. Remember, Eric Holder is, as we speak, in both civil and criminal contempt of Congress. And ... nothing. Absolutely nothing. There is no rule of law and there is no lawful recourse whatsoever because the government has been overthrown and there is NO RULE OF LAW.

That is how tyrannies, like the one we are now under, come to power. They are consciously playing on the normalcy bias and cowardice of the populace. You people STILL think that there is justice and that by merely exposing this crap that someone, somewhere is going to apply justice and all of this is going to be made right through the courts and the government.

It isn't. The government is the enemy."
Ann Barnhardt - July 26,2012

High Ranking DOJ Official Refuses to Affirm 1st Amendment Rights

Aurora Shooter Cover-Up – Pictures Tell a Thousand Words theintelhub "The following is a photo comparison of James Holmes (on the left before the crime) and “James Holmes” (on the right) after the crime, during the first court proceeding:"

James Holmes' father is Robert Holmes who is set to testify at the LIBOR banking scandal hearings

"James Holmes (the colorado shooter) .. father is Robert Holmes who is set to testify at the LIBOR banking scandal hearings....his father is a SENIOR SCIENTIST at the famous "FICO" .. you know .. the people who determine credit scores !" sincedutch

Ron Paul Qualifies To Be GOP Nominee: Campaign Challenges Delegate Fraud In 3 States! politicalvelcraft "Ron Paul supporters are gearing up for major showdown in Louisiana over the weekend to challenge the entire state’s slate of 46 delegates selected to attend the GOP Convention in Tampa in August. The outcome of the fight may hold major implications for how Ron Paul supporters proceed in their unrelenting delegate fight against Mitt Romney."

The Vetting: Obama, Radical Islam and the Soros Connection. sorosfiles

UN treaty may threaten American gun rights examiner

& again w/feeling: "the more this high level poker game gets played out..."

Ret.Col. Lawrence Sellin Explains Why Barack Obama Is Not In Jail

via nobarack08

Londonistan, 27th July 2012, The m-f*ng media @ it again, UN gun control vote delayed but Democrats' sneak'a'ban

Can You Smell the Panic? the-american-catholic

UN gun control vote delayed but Democrats sneak ban on 10+ round mags in US cyber bill Contact Your Elected Officials IMMEDIATELY to oppose this amendment and the entire bill and express your disgust at how it was slipped into an unrelated bill. creepingsharia

Soetoro's open and naked war against the Church

& THE ANSWER IS ... wait for it... by GOD!: "A disc of planet-forming dust around a distant star has disappeared unexpectedly, leaving astronomers scratching their heads and questioning current theories of how planets are formed" tep

winning the first round hotair "the usual paradigms for issuing temporary injunctions are that the judge believes the plaintiffs have a substantial chance of winning the case, and that the regulation or action being halted does significant damage to the plaintiff. That hints at a favorable ruling at the district court level for Hercules, which is definitely good news"

"The mother-f*cking media at it again, abusing their pretense of objectivity, assuming the mantle of adjudicatory authority to establish and reinforce a Narrative." legalinsurrection

all you Kaffir Jews & Christians,

it's ramadan
a month of holy war & death for Allahahahaaaaaaaa... for fighting the enemies of the moon god, but not to worry, onnaconna all faiths are equal!! sheikyermami

the Olympics, which this year coincides with the Islamic holy month of Ramadan. atlasshrugs2000

meanwhile, in ISRAEL:
"This particular terrorist we were trying to capture was in charge of planning the suicide bombings several factions were trying to(unsuccessfully) send into Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and other urban areas in Israel.
So, my buddy was dealing with the first woman we encountered and as I was running toward the second one, I saw the woman that was trying to attack me, a big, big woman, change course and start going in the direction of my buddy. She reached him first and started pounding him with the frying pan. A second later I was there. I placed rifle on my back with the sling and grabbed the woman by the neck and restrained the arm holding the pan. All the sudden I saw her pull what looked like a 1911 from under her curtain-like dress. Now this was getting serious. I knocked the pan our of her hand while applying more pressure to her neck. In a few seconds she would be unconscious but she was still trying to get that fucking pistol out. Meanwhile the guys managed to kill the target and my buddy managed to get the other woman restrained.
I grabbed my knife, and stabbed her in the heart. She kept on moving. I stabbed her again. She kept on moving. And again. No luck. Finally she went limp from the chock hold I had on her.
WTF? I stabbed that woman 3 times and nothing happened.
After everything settled down the medic went to check on the two women. He called me and with a huge grin pointed at the woman, who was just beginning to wake. I looked down and saw that this big woman wasn’t a woman at all. We later learned that he was one of the target’s main guys. He was wearing several layers of clothing to make him look bigger, but more importantly, he was wearing one mean, not yet activated, suicide vest under all that. My stabbing went through the clothing and stopped dead at on one of the explosive packs that was full with rusty nails and other metal pieces" sofrep via mypetjawa

"It is far easier to fire indiscriminately into a crowd when the crowd is not returning fire." resist44

Friday, July 27, 2012

THEY REALLY ARE KILLING US! *yawn* o well...,

'...to this world that is without joy in the heart & and is without a future...' 7/25/12 Our Lady’s message to Marija

'My master plan encompasses all creatures of the Earth. Trust in Me. I will have victory over Satan, and all his minions. Do not let your hearts be troubled. As events escalate all over the world, trust in Me to provide, to protect, and to guide you. I will answer your prayers, and manifest myself in all My glory. Trust in Me. Trust in My master plan to come to fruition. Pray for souls.' message to Jabez 7/25/12

'The Earth has aged rapidly due to the devastation man has caused it, and to the sin that man lets fall continually upon it, contaminating it and polluting the seas and forgetting that what you throw into the water and upon the ground, rises and again descends upon humanity, carrying with it unknown and great harms to the human person’s physical being. How different is this generation, in this instant in which it has closed off completely its senses to the call of the Holy Spirit! Blinded by desire and power and by the desire to enter into the unknown, they have entered into the depths of evil and it continually evokes it, insinuates and places before man a quantity of new unexpected inventions.' 7/4/12 RevelacionesMarianas

Obama: Psalm 46 and the 10th Anniversary of 9/11: "the nations rage" - the battle of Armageddon. unveilingtheapocalypse "The Israelites did not see the attacks as a harbinger of the judgment that was to fall upon the nation by the rod of Assyria, which would take place due to its state of apostasy."


"they're spraying your homes, your backyards..."

flushing the toilet on the NWO thugs. aircrap
'they' chemtrailed the living daylights out of us,
& THEN.................

"Evil does not reside inside a firearm. It resides within men."
Tim Brown freedomoutpost

"It shouldn’t matter that I, an author with the audacity to select such a title, am black. The arguments presented should stand or fall on their objective merit. Nevertheless, I declare my racial identity at the outset to defuse any prejudice readers may bring regarding the motivation behind this piece. Indeed, it is in part because I am black that the following must be said.
All things considered, blacks and the civil rights culture surrounding them are the most open and prolific purveyors of racism in America. This is an ironic travesty which spits upon the graves of history’s abolitionists and offends all who are committed to a dream of equality under the law and goodwill among men."

"Watch Maxine Waters and other Democrats accuse Republicans of racism as the Republicans tried to increase regulation of Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac, and Democrats covered up the corruption." itooktheredpill

calling out the race-mongers in no uncertain terms: pushing an agenda in the Zimmerman-Martin case - the Eight Minutes You Missed primordialslack via 22tula @ an open thread on GZ @ tcth

Hollywood is a communist infested rat’s nest,
boycott them.

...what a bunch of smutty purveyors of violent fantasy, half-rate actors and an industry of sick narcissism is feeling at this moment." p.washingtontimes

OR Hillary's Huma
~ Rothschild Cronies: Reid – Clinton politicalvelcraf
~ So what do we have in Hawaii, & in the White house..? via GUL1776
~ squirming & smirking while two reporters demand he answer the question. tum

meanwhile: "Recently a black power group that advocates racial holy war against white people opened a restaurant in Chicago. Radical left-wing mayor Rahm Emanuel was fine with that. " cofcc

more meanwhile: Like Clockwork… Business Owner Harassed by Goons After Appearing in anti-Obama Ad GWP

the world's best "get out of jail free" card:
Laughing all the way to their own bank

JAPAN IS DYING infiniteunknown

Does your Whole Foods 'organic' produce come from China? naturalnews

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ron Paul’s Audit the Fed Bill passed the House 326-99.

End the Fed! Whether Congress Wants us to or Not! tenthamendmentcenter

"Dear American: Pursuant to your request, I will attempt to clear up questions you have about the Federal Reserve Bank (FED). I spent much time researching the FED and these are the shocking and revealing conclusions." politicalvelcraft

Investigators expose gun control in UN small arms treaty

We have a Republican candidate for President who is aware of this birth certificate issue and is being pummeled in the press to give up more tax returns so that the Democrats can destroy him by nonsense. And yet this coward, Mitt Romney, refuses to attack this fraud of a President on the birth certificate issue. gul1776

Latinos, radical-left riot in Anaheim cofcc

'the rot is simply too deep...Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. '

"The American exorcist-in-training explained that the causes of demonic influence vary from case to case. But one factor he finds time and again is people with “deep wounds in their lives and, above all, in their family,” particularly where “parents have made really bad choices” and in doing so “have invited evil influence into their home.”
“What is the family?” he asked rhetorically, “A family is an icon; it’s an image of the blessed Trinity, and so the devil hates the family.” "

'Children you see the signs.
Delay no longer.'

message to pelianito

"HE is coming.
This time HE will not be spit on."


Number of States won by: Obama: 19 McCain: 29
Square miles of land won by: Obama: 580,000 McCain: 2,427,000
Population of counties won by: Obama: 127 million McCain: 143 million
Murder rate per 100,000 residents in counties won by: Obama: 13.2McCain: 2.1

Professor Olson adds: "In aggregate, the map of the territory McCain won was mostly the land owned by the taxpaying citizens of the country.
Obama territory mostly encompassed those citizens living in low income tenements and living off various forms of government welfare..." owsusefulidiots

a song about murdering white people: 12 year old tortured to death in South African hate crime cofcc

"the CME and NFA no longer exist, and a new paradigm is allowed to sprout, emerge and thrive over the deep, cold grave of these two entities. They are intrinsically unreformable -
the rot is simply too deep.
That is the sleaziest, filthiest, most wretched pile of degenerate lying crap those jackals have vomited out of their syphilitic, chancred pie holes yet. Please, let me explain.
In this letter the CME faux-laments the MF Global and PFG Best thefts, and claims that it cares deeply about customers and market integrity.
Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit." Ann Barnhardt -7/24/12

Obama Keeps on Conning America Lloyd Marcus @ AT

NSA whistleblowers: Government spying on every single American


Western Fleets May Head To Syria

Messages from Jesus to a "Chosen Child in Chicago" July 13th - 19th

Messages from Jesus
To a "Chosen Child in Chicago"
July 13th - 19th, 2012

July 13, 2012 (8:52am)

Tell My beloved children their country is no longer one nation under God. Your government has destroyed everything the country stands for and want to do more to bring it down. These people are desperate to keep their control. They have diabolical plans that will shock the country. They will not succeed however hard they try. This will cause a great disturbance since they are so determined not to lose. My dear children, it is the power of your prayers and sacrifices that is defeating satan who works through these people. There are so many ways they will try to deceive the American people so you must be on your guard and pay attention to what is going on. They are counting on you being distracted by all your sports and summer activities. My dear ones, summer will soon be over and the elections will be on every ones minds at that time. Be sure to tell everyone to pray for a good pro-life moral man of integrity and continue to spread these messages. Remember, My dear ones, it isn't up to you to convince anyone of the truth of these messages that is up to the Holy Spirit. I love you, Jesus.

July 14, 2012 (9:08am)

Tell My beloved children to get ready for major changes in your government. They won't be able to last when the next administration takes over, but it will cause a lot of pain and confusion for everyone especially for senior citizens and handicapped people. Remember I told you these people in your government who are in control are Godless and so they have no consciences. The enemy is angry that you are hearing about all his plans before they are carried out but you must be told so you can be prepared. Oh, My children, if ever there was a need for prayer it is now. There are also going to be greater prices in the grocery store due to the drought all around your country. If you pray for rain I will hear your prayers. For some farmers it is already too late to save their crops. They will have much to suffer financially. Everyone will be affected by all this. Until My children wake up and see that it is the hand of God asking them to turn back to God, the trials will continue. To give you more hope, My dear ones, remember that you will have a good moral man to lead your country back to God. I know this all sounds like a fairy tale but it is true and you will be able to believe once it happens. You will be given further advice in the future. I love you, Jesus.

July 15, 2012 (11:23am)

Tell My beloved children now is the time to put all resentments behind. There is no one in Heaven who hasn't been purged from this sin in Purgatory. Vengeance is mine not yours. Some of you carry so much bitterness in your hearts there is no room for My Love. My children, there are so many illnesses caused because of bitterness, anger, and resentment. It eats away at your heart until your heart is little and can't reach out in love to anyone. My children, I know some of you have been deeply hurt, but you must forgive those who have caused you so much emotional pain. Your resentment only hurts you and you will never be at peace until you are willing to let the Lord back into your heart. My dear ones, the summer is almost over and soon you will be made aware of what the powers behind the scenes have been up to. They have a diabolical plan which if it were put into action would affect everyone. As I told you earlier all their plans will be defeated. This will cause them to panic and take drastic measures to keep their power. My children, don't stop praying for your country. It is under a major attack by satan himself. He knows his time is limited and he wants to destroy everything he can before he has to leave. Always remember who is in control and keep in mind God is constantly at your side. I love you, Jesus.

July 16, 2012 (9:31am)

Tell My beloved children to stop blaming others for your faults and sins. Take responsibility for your own actions. Don't think since you had an unhappy childhood that gives you the right to treat your parents with disrespect and contempt. Remember we spoke of bitterness and resentment and how it eats away at your heart. Make a good Confession and ask the Lord to forgive you for your unforgiveness and let it go. Get on with your life. So many of you waste precious energy on foolish things like this. Just think of how happy you and your family could be if you learned to forgive. Remember forgiveness is an act of the will so it is up to you as to how you respond. My dear ones, there is so much going on behind the scenes that you will eventually be made aware of. It is not very pleasant. Thankfully through your continued prayers and sacrifices their plans will fail. If you are paying attention you can see this happening to them here lately. Your prayers must be constant for your next president he is counting on them. Remember it is up to you. I love you, Jesus.

July 17, 2012 (9:07am)

Tell My beloved children to start telling others to prepare for the future events which are not too far away. Tell them to especially pray before the Blessed Sacrament as often as they can. Tell them also to pray the Rosary every day and in fact not just one but many. You must be able to do these things in place of other activities you would prefer to do. If you do these things you will be at peace and well prepared for any future happenings. My dear ones, your government is very desperate and will try to take drastic measures very soon to keep their power. Remember these are Godless people and there isn't anything they wouldn't do if they thought it would help them to keep their control. My dear children, I know you hear this in all the messages but you have no idea how important your prayers and sacrifices are in order to get a good man to lead your country back to God. He has been chosen for these times but the enemy will do everything in his power to keep this from happening, including murder. Yes, My children, these people have no consciences and will consider this ok to keep their power. Keep trusting and believing in these messages coming from Heaven. I love you, Jesus.

July 18, 2012 (9:52am)

Tell My beloved children to take care of their own children. Too many of you are not being responsible. You allow your children way too many privileges and opportunities to get into trouble. Keep them at home around the house. Give them chores to do. Don't be intimidated by them giving you a hard time. Learn to discipline them if they talk back or are constantly complaining about no one else has to do it attitude. Don't give them all the money they ask for. So many of My children have two parents working and no one to supervise their teenagers. Don't think just because they are a certain age you can trust them to do the right thing when you aren't there. The devil looks for opportunities like this to tempt your children. If they haven't been brought up with prayer in their lives they will be easy prey. Oh, My children, I hate to have to keep warning you of the terrible things coming in the future but you are not hearing about his anywhere else. There are roving gangs beating and sometimes killing innocent people. This has got to stop. There are so many people stirring up the races against one another. My children all of you belong to God and he has no favorites no matter what race you come from. Pray, My children, that this hatred of other races is put to an end. Now I ask for your urgent prayers and sacrifices to get the chosen man for these times to be your president. The enemy knows who he is and is attacking him and his family constantly. They are strong prayer warriors so he doesn't have much of an impact on them. Nonetheless they are still suffering. Remember all Heaven is praying with you to complete the victory. I love you, Jesus.

July 19, 2012 (10:56am)

Tell My beloved children to change their habits. You are in such a rut of doing the same things in the same way every day. Change your habits for the better. Start praying more. Start your day with prayers before you have your first cup of coffee. My dear ones, your lives are going to change so radically you better get used to doing things in a different way than what you are used to. Try doing without electronics for one or two days. See what a difference it can make. This includes talking on cell phones, texting, facebook, videos, etc. Some of you can't live without these things. But as you have been told, in the near future you won't have access to any of these things. My dear children, so many of your states have been suffering from a drought. This will affect the production of many crops. The farmers are suffering the most. The prices for food will rise and your gas prices will continue to increase. You have been warned about this in earlier messages. Some of you have formed prayer teams to pray for rain and your prayers are being heard. You must also form prayer teams to pray for a good moral pro-life man to lead your country back to God. All these things will be given through the power of prayer and the blessings of the Lord. I love you, Jesus.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

mandatory viewing: "Saturating the air with particulates WILL CREATE DROUGHT.", Gays in the Clergy, &, what the hell is going on in Washington D. C.?!

Islam is mocked on the streets of Iran’s capital and many are turning to Christ, ex-CIA spy says godreports

"John McCain (R-AZ), Lindsey Graham (R-SC) and John Boehner (R-OH) need to step down. They are unfit to serve and they pose a threat to the safety and security of the American people... what the hell is going on in Washington D. C.?!" noisyroom

Let there be no doubt that the Council on American-Islamic Relations is a terrorist supporting front organization that is partially funded by terrorists, founded by terrorists, and that CAIR wishes nothing
more than the implementation of Sharia Law in America

Rubio comes out against Bachmann? pittsreport

Long-Form Birth Certificate of Obama is a Forged Document science.co.il

now consider this: "A New York Times article has revealed that Administration-related “news” reported by the national press corps must first be approved for publication by Barack Hussein Obama." westernjournalism

Gun carrying man ends stabbing spree at Salt Lake grocery store abc4

there's horror and then there is the outright demonic. treeoflifesword

It’s Not About Guns, It’s about Control….
it's also about muzzie infiltration of Washington D.C.

Ban Theaters! And schools and malls. Too many people being shot there. While you are at it, fire the 12 police officers that were supposed to defend the 12 dead people at that movie theater. You know - "You don't need a gun the police will protect you." GBBL

"The Left wants to capitalize on this tragic shooting, and they say gun control could have prevented this. Not a chance. People intent on killing, kill." theblacksphere

WHY in the World are They Spraying? farmwars

"Saturating the air with particulates WILL CREATE DROUGHT."

Photos: Dust Storm Envelops Phoenix Area weather.com

Food & Farm Warriors @ foodfreedom

Monday, July 23, 2012

' the whole thing starts to look like a big, dark, disturbing ritual that was carried out by pre-programmed patsy.'

"Pieces of the puzzle start coming together and, when one is aware of the symbolism and workings of the occult elite, the whole thing starts to look like a big, dark, disturbing ritual that was carried out by pre-programmed patsy. No, I won’t say that I cracked the case, but here are some facts that simply cannot be overlooked." vigilantcitizen

"Someone also pointed out to me that the Seal of Saturn is on the front of the movie theatre, which apparently shows up around ritual sacrifices" oliviamelanie /July 23, 2012 at 12:57 pm

gstlab3/July 23, 2012 at 2:34 pm | CNN
"This was a secrete and illegal government run psyops operation.
(Actor and Actress Pose as Survivors of Colorado Shooting on News Interview)
The American freedom hating illegal gun ban treaty with the U.N. is about to go down.
It pairs with the patriot act in that it strips all the last remaining protections we have from our own government.
This poor guy has all the earmarks of a drugged brainwashed patsy the C.I.A. has used up
If you saw the video of him in Court you know I’m right
He looks just like the purported killer of John F Kennedy did right before he was gunned down on live T.V.!!!!!!!
That was the secrete government telling anyone who knew the truth they would kill them even in public on live T.V.!!!
I have first hand knowledge of these brainwashing techniques and the use of drugs to alter people and what they are thinking.
It can last days, weeks, months and even years if the ques and prompts are not interrupted.
If you can manipulate or otherwise change perceptions and beliefs and you can change peoples minds and ultimately their behavior.
Not one person had a conceal carry permit was in this theater????
Seems to me in the most gun happy country in the World someone would be carrying a gun legal or not that night."

'MK Ultra victim, 100% '

Obama's Passport Breach: Unanswered Questions, and an Unsolved Murder americanthinker

Ron Paul: Team Romney Is Scared Of Me Speaking At RNC freedomoutpost

False Flags & Patriots, the anarchist butterfly effect, OBAMA FRAUD GOES MAINSTREAM, K. Ellison (D-MN): Muslim Brotherhood Infiltrator, & this society of pedophiles

"In the year 1864, Lucifer together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell; they will put an end to faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God. They will blind them in such a way, that, unless they are blessed with a special grace, these people will take on the spirit of these angels of hell; several religious institutions will lose all faith and will lose many souls.
"Evil books will be abundant on earth and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere a universal slackening in all that concerns the service of God. They will have great power over Nature: there will be churches built to serve these spirits.
"'The vicar of my Son will have much to suffer, as, for a time, the Church will be the victim of great persecution: this will be the time of darkness. The Church will suffer a terrible crisis...
"As the holy Faith of God is forgotten, every individual will wish to be his own guide and be superior to his fellow-men..."
..."The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay. But now Enoch and Eli will come, filled with the Spirit of God. They will preach with the might of God, and men of good will believe in God, and many souls will be comforted. They will make great strides forward through the virtue of the Holy Spirit, and will condemn the diabolical errors of the Antichrist."
1858 version of the secret of La Salette / unveilingtheapocalypse


that’s much darker in color…
I shot this 6:30pm with the Sunset happening @ 6:45, Mountain Time…elevation 7500 ft. here in Santa Fe, NM…using a “polarized U.V. filter” on a Nikon 70-300 mm lens, back in Jan. 29, ’12….
An experiment funded by Microsoft founder Bill Gates will see thousands of tonnes of sulfur particles sprayed over New Mexico as part of a geoengineering study, despite the fact that even staunch environmentalists have warned the process could have catastrophic effects on the earth’s eco-system. "


The Greatest Fraud Perpetrated in American History!

Tear Sheet

'The Evidence Is In: America Is Under Foreign Control!'

1)" He who attempts to silence your articulation of your values is NOT your friend." RichardWFaith - July 22, 2012 at 1:40 pm

Colorado False Flag Attack Specifically Targets Young American Patriots fromthetrenchesworldreport

Colorado Mind Control Subject, James Homes, is Arraigned – Updated with video fttw

the FBI document warning for possible theater attacks in the USA sincedutch

Time to get out of California – seriously:
the anarchist butterfly effect

"...from an insider in Home Land Security
, comes a startling revelation, eerily consistent with our presentations. That being, after decades of slaughter and death of its own citizens, in their relentless struggle to grow Communism throughout the world, the global Communist organization now has its talons embedded and in control of its biggest prize. The United States of America." GUL1776

Over a hundred unmanned drones have taken to U.S. skies this year

this society of pedophiles: "...hold on to your stomachs, boys, this is gross—that Jerry Sandusky and the Second Mile were pimping out young boys to rich donors. Now, further evidence that Jerry Sandusky’s TSM was being used to traffic underage boys to wealthy donors..." americanfreepress

the Obama Administration’s support for the Muslim Brotherhood is not a conspiracy but a fact. GB

"All of the attacks have taken place since the uprising against ousted Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak in early 2011." voiceofthecopts

Keith Ellison (D-Muslim Brotherhood) whitewashes his own links to Brotherhood and Hamas-linked CAIR pjmedia via GUL1776

O my God,
please Bless & forgive America.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

the purge is underway: the penetration of the muslim brotherhood into the American government

GBR: Michele Bachmann responds to attacks noisyroom "the reference links to Bachmann’s report were scrubbed from the interent."

Video: Rep Gohmert grills DHS head, proves infiltration beyond a doubt creepingsharia

Robert Spencer on Mark Levin speaks about Bachmann, McCain, and the Muslim Brotherhood jihadwatch

Ann Barnhardt - On ABC News

via radiopatriot

ABC news engaged in nothing less than a media lynching by reporting that James Holmes was a Tea Party person. There are over EIGHTY men named James Holmes in the Denver metro area. ABC News did what they did intentionally. I would remind you of how the same media treated the Ft. Hood massacre. They knew for a fact that Hassan was a musloid, but refused to report ANYTHING, saying, “We cannot jump to any conclusions. We don’t have all of the information yet.” ABC News took the name “James Holmes” and then went looking for a way to rhetorically tie the event to their enemies, which are white, Christian, American men. They found exactly that in the Tea Party fellow, and got the meme out into the media knowing that once the well was poisoned, the damage would be irreversible.

I see lots of people talking about writing letters and boycotting this, that and the other. And I shake my head. Writing an angry letter to ABC complaining about this would be like writing an angry letter to Hitler, complaining about the behavior of Rudolf Hess. Brian Ross and Stephanopolous aren’t going to be fired. They performed exactly how their masters wanted them to perform. Both just accrued huge brownie points, and will likely be rewarded financially in some way for this.

The solution to this is simple. I have been preaching it for years. All you have to do is CANCEL YOUR CABLE and STOP WATCHING TELEVISION. If you would just do that, you could end the media within a week. But you know what? None of you will do it. You all are so whipped and addicted to the Marxist agitprop, mind-numbing circuses and porn that you will never, ever go without TV. You know it’s true. You know that you aren’t even remotely man enough to pick up the phone right now, call the cable company, cancel your feed and then go unplug the cable from the back of your TVs, and do not hook up an antenna so you can’t even receive broadcast channels. And don’t you dare feed me the whiny bullshit that you have to have cable in order to have internet. That is abject bullshit and we both know it. You can have an internet-only package. Even so, you can simply unplug the cable from the back of your TV. You are in total, complete, personal control of the situation. ANY attempt to claim that you “have to have it” is a despicable lie, and you will answer for it before Christ Crucified.

If what ABC News did doesn’t merit a media strike, then I guess nothing ever will in your mind. Enjoy living on your knees before your Marxist-islamic masters, you pathetic, miserable slave.

Eureka earthquake: twin quakes shake up northern California

And entertainment for those of us who love dark humor. mypetjawa

Saturday, July 21, 2012

"The captured shooter has been identified as Mohammad Alam, an Iranian immigrant. The identity of the other shooter is still unknown' / video pulled

'Staged just in time for a vote on the UN small arms treaty' Colorado Batman shooting shows obvious signs of being staged naturalnews "this guy was equipped with exotic gear by someone with connections to military equipment. SWAT clothing, explosives, complex booby-traps... c'mon, this isn't a "lone gunman." This is somebody who was selected for a mission, given equipment to carry it out, then somehow brainwashed into getting it done."

'The captured shooter has been identified as Mohammad Alam, an Iranian immigrant. The identity of the other shooter is still unknown, Oates states.' (KUSA-TV © 2012 Multimedia Holdings Corporation) @ fellowshipofminds

Eyewitnesses: Second Person Involved In ‘Dark Knight’ Shooting freedomoutpost

Batman movie massacre a reflection of violent video games, TSA violence against citizens and psychiatric drugging of young white men naturalnews

Experimenting in mind control. What could be the benefits of such an insidious plan? noisyroom

the continued adventures of Jonny Mac:
Questions about Hillary's squeeze, Huma

"One official about whom they raise questions is Huma Abedin, deputy chief of staff to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Ms. Abedin has been an aide since she interned at the White House in 1996 and was assigned to the then–first lady’s staff. The family tie for which she is best known is her husband, Anthony Weiner, the New York Democrat who resigned from Congress in disgrace last year. But it is Ms. Abedin’s parents and brother who have drawn the attention of the five House GOP members. They all have connections to the Muslim Brotherhood — the organization itself or prominent members thereof.
For pointing this out and merely asking the State Department’s inspector general to look into it and report back to Congress — which is part of the IG’s duties under the statute that created his position — McCain & Co. (i.e., his fans in the left-wing media and his admirers in the Republican establishment) are screaming “smear” and “McCarthyism.” McCain’s antipathy toward conservatives (except during election years) is an old story. And it is no secret that he has long been smitten by Mrs. Clinton, whose transnational-progressive leanings mirror his own."

PINNED DOWN ON ALL SIDES: FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012

message to Jabez
'Events now escalate all over the Earth,
and I Am speeds up time in order to save as many souls as possible. Many will turn from Me. Many will decide to worship Satan within the coming months for they refuse to suffer, refuse to be patient, and refuse to obey My most holy laws. Children, this is not a game. You are playing for keeps!'
'Satan will be defeated, and thrown into the pit of eternal torment where he belongs. Satan will pay for every tear, for every action, for every attack on innocence, integrity, humility, and chastity. He will pay, as will all those who call themselves his disciples!'


wth brings a 6-year-old girl to a midnight screening about a 'Dark Knight' Rising called 'bat man'??? usnews

'the ‘temporary suspension of U.S. elections due to international and domestic crisis.’


"Never in history has the world been this close to total financial chaos & nuclear war at the same time."

UPDATED Occupy Black Bloc Member James E. Holmes Shoots Up Aurora Co Movie Theater Killing 12 And Wounding 50, Batman Movie Slams OWS.

“DID YOU EVER SEE A COP ON FIRE, LOL“. cheatersflorida

FBI theater attack warning issued on May 17, 2012
"FBI false flag event..this guy had tons of exotic equipment no civilian should have..this SOB was groomed and supplied for this attack...all in the name of getting guns banned via UN treaty that's about to be signed.. " ShOwStOpp3rr

imagine: IF SOMEONE HAD A LEGAL FIREARM @ the THEATRE!, or, your 2nd amendment right is for PROTECTION against the enemy noisyroom

Dark Knight Shooting: Police to detonate explosives at suspect’s home conservativenewscentral

via GUL1776

"forget about the Republicans versus the Democrats, because nearly all of them are all playing for the same team" "Remember when I told you about DHS planning a response for chaos, civil war, rioting, insurrection or whatever you want to call it? Well, that’s not happening fast enough, and there are people who don’t think it can be accomplished in one term. That’s why a second term is critical, and that’s why there’s desperation sinking in. Napolitano is corresponding a lot with the White House, to Valerie Jarrett, to the Secret Service, and to others I won’t name. But there is some plan in place to assure the reelection of this guy so he can finish the job he was given,
“You know, I heard rumors about the same thing under Bush and laughed, calling it conspiracy nonsense. Now I’m not so sure, and think that maybe it was just too early and the wrong person. Anyway, I’m not laughing anymore.”"

the proto-Marxist French Revolution:
"This genocide by the atheist, godless, totalitarian French Revolutionaries against the Church killed 450,000 people, and has served as a the tactical template for Marxist governments who have fomented statist schisms and then entered into open war against the Church over the last century..."
History Repeating Itself: The Vendee Genocide-Ann Barnhardt 7/18/12

Friday, July 20, 2012

false flag event before UN vote on the 27th to end 2nd amendment rights, & muzzies celebrate ramadana-ding-dong @ the Olympics

"The propaganda machine has plugged in every program they have left to cause divide among we the people and sucker us back into the false left-right paradigm. They are laying all their cards on the table for a final push to the election." fromthetrenchesworldreport

Media exploits Colorado shooting to push gun control thelibertysphere

This dark paradigm of demonic possession goodfight

ding,ding,ding: "the Occupy Movement connection. The Left created this guy."
"Saying something isn’t radical enough reminds of the comments on Leo Gerard saying that the Occupy protests should be more militant.
Also, there are interesting links, in the past, between San Diego and supposed mind control facilities, I believe. I’m not sure where the alleged shooter is from, but if he is from California, that could be red flag.
There were a lot of questions around Gabby Giffords shooter Jared Loughner. Concerns about possible ‘programming’ of Loughner and so forth. It will be interesting to find out more about this Batman shooter, too."
InTheKnow July 21, 2012 at 12:25 am
"Anytime the corrupt media creates a 24/7 hollywood style promotion, you know it’s a staged event. It would be nice to believe no one died, but knowing these people, it’s unlikely.
Where was the coverage a couple months ago when those Chicago youth went on a weekend shooting spree that left dozens dead, including children? Right—there was no coverage.
This Batman shooting is totally staged."
Ace July 20, 2012 at 10:35 pm

Colorado Dark Knight Shooting & False Flag Suspicions gulagbound


meanwhile: Sheriff Joe calls on Congress to investigate Obama obamareleaseyourrecords

via westernjournalism

GREAT NEWS!!!: the muzzies celebrate ramadana-ding-dong @ the Olympics!! pittsreport

NYC Storm July 18 2012 - photo: Dhani Jones

WordSpeak 101: PINNED DOWN ON BOTH SIDES, the final moments of the Soetoro Coup

here's the title; Tea Party Blocks Pact to Restore a West Coast River nytimes

so........what did you come away with after reading it?
here's a little backup info:

KBRA Water Management Already in Action,
Fails to Protect Coho

Science, Secrecy and Salmon Restoration familiesprotectingthevalley

" The Elite currently leases much of that land from small farm-holders who can no longer afford to farm their own small farms. Keeping the amount of land available for leasing as large as possible depresses the per acre leasing price and thus augments Irrigation Elite profits." The KBRA’s Brave New World: Public again locked out of key decisions klamblog

KBRA “cultural shift” leaves birds dead, basin communities more divided than ever klamblog

'the Irrigation Elite', the Tribes, the Teaparty,
& the Old grey Hag Smears away in
the final moments of the Soetoro Coup.
If you only read the title,
you got jobbed.

but it's alright Ma onnaconna UM says it's OK to talk about AGENDA 21 (where 'they' steal the Rights to Land, Water & GROWING FOOD!...while cutting the population back by 90%....you think i'm kidding...right?!!) . Guess we are not the dreaded 'conspiracy freaks' after-all, & will finally get comments posted, onnaconna his insider boyz say it's real ... now try pointing out/posting that Romney is full throttle Agenda21...eh??!
& Val'erie'Jarrett is dangerous.....hmmmmmmm...... only thing is 'the popular girl' @ LameCherry's been sayin'that for a very long,long time.

we are pinned down on both sides boyz n' gyrlz.
Do you really think
we are getting out of this alive
w/out God's help?!
The real problem is not politics...it's human nature. No one wants to admit they were WRONG.....or worse, jobbed/conned/made-a-fool-of!!!!
because THAT reflects back on them.
& then there are the just plain Greedy&Evil.

nobody owns the narrative.

Where the River Meets the Sea! klamblog

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

" although death was levelling my companions on every side of me!", &, the document is a FORGERY...do you care??!

"it's not moral to vote for the lesser of 2 evils because you're still voting for an evil." Midnight'sExile

message to Jabez
'Satan has dispersed his demons all over the Earth. They follow his every command.'

are you praying?: The number of counties under a burn ban grew to 32 on Tuesday and firefighters, farmers and officials continued to voice concern about the dry conditions. hisz.rsoe

"But by the All-Powerful Dispensations of Providence, I have been protected beyond all human probability or expectation; for I had four bullets through my coat, and two horses shot under me, yet escaped unhurt, although death was levelling my companions on every side of me!” freedomoutpost

But we have known for a long time that Hawaii was considered a communist outpost GUL1776

Media ignore Sheriff Joe's evidence, shoot messenger obamareleaseyourrecords

This is NOT about his citizenship. It is about Obama releasing a forged document and claiming it was valid. obamaballotchallenge

via the same conclusion we came to in June of 2009 wj

Here is a brief breakdown myveryownpointofview
via GUL1776

“This is the worst nation in history” — It’s equal to the war, when I think of medical cost and sharing of social burdens from radiation exposure infiniteunknown "They promote nuclear energy for promotion without listing to anything else, they just go straight to the ruin."