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Monday, June 18, 2012

'The US Constitution has been overthrown, folks', Border Patrol group calls for Holder’s resignation, & the Media spins today's hearings

US-Backed Rebels Committing Christian Genocide In Syria aina via thejawareport

Christians murdered in Nigeria BNI

Say goodbye to the Christian Copts, Muslim Brotherhood Islamofascists claim victory barenakedislam

"...the Old Media simply refuses to tell the truth about the fetid swamp we call the “Occupy movement.” " publiusforum

the yoke of communism:
It's here, it's now, it's taking America down.

The US Constitution has been overthrown, folks. gulagbound

U.S. Border Patrol Group Tells Eric Holder – GET OUT. theulstermanreport

The only thing Holder can do to avoid contempt vote is to fully comply with Congress therightscoop

Romney dodges immigration questions politico

Here Come da Lamestream Media on Today’s Florida Obama Ballot Challenge Hearing obamaballotchallenge

"Obama’s attorneys are desperately scrambling for technicalities to knock this case out, claiming he hasn’t been nominated, not a state decision, so the case is inappropriate. Larry Klayman, plaintiff attorney for Mike Voeltz, countered with statute language seeming to indicate that a nomination HAS taken place and added that law must be interpreted in the voters’ interests and it is very clearly NOT in their interests to be given an ineligible candidate to vote for." LATEST REPORT RE: FLORIDA HEARING THIS MORNING... GUL1776


'they are beginning to realize their candidate can't win reelection they will fabricate an instance of assassination and blame it on the race issue. There will be bloodshed due to this. They want to stop the elections they can't win by calling Marshall Law.
stay aware of all that is happening in your government. Now that summer is here, the people behind the scenes will be planning new ways to deceive you since they know you will be distracted by all activities that summer brings. You must be aware of what they are up to. There will be plans to get the races stirred up against one another. Even if they have to contrive ways for this to happen they will do it. They have to have an excuse for calling Marshall Law so the elections can be stopped.'
messages to ChosenChildInChicago June 8th-14th, 2012