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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

'now is that time spoken of'...'The great mountain range of the Andes shakes. The United States will totter. '

Weeping statues in 6 Countries

'My dear ones, I have been telling you for some time that major trials will be coming and now is that time spoken of. There are so many sources of these trials. It could happen through weather conditions or even through what your government is planning in order to keep their power.
... I want all of you to know your are being protected by your prayers and the prayers of Heaven and the Souls in Purgatory. I love you, Jesus. '
Messages from Jesus
To a "Chosen Child in Chicago"

'I call those who are Mine to maintain their awareness on My Word: this is faith. I call you to remain with faith.
When man sees the great destruction and irreparable evil he has committed, he will not have a way to make amends ... (6/3)
Children, nature rises up and consumes the wickedness so that your King is not offended. It is not long before fire falls from Heaven.
The great mountain range of the Andes shakes. The United States will totter. (6/6)'

This is a coup d'ètat.
This is a dictatorship.
Obama Has Signed 923 Executive Orders In 40 Months

Shellie Zimmerman Arrested for Perjury – Prosecutorial Pressure / Leverage….. And NOW I’m REALLY pissed ! "Note who was first on the report, Jeff Weiner, not coincidental. Advanced/leaked information of pending arrest more than likely? This is part of an overwhelm offensive strategy by the prosection.
You’ll note they tack this direction every time a serious setback occurs in their case. Just like the supportive evidence toward George Zimmerman that contradicted their prosecutorial narrative so they attack for bond revocation. Now, in the face of more damning new discovery they attack George’s wife.
Be angry, but do not be overly concerned about the substance. This is all strategic manipulation intended to create “Leverage”. It is a machavellian strategy, but a strategy nontheless."

Allen West: Eric Holder is a national embarrassment therightscoop

A sober look at what just occurred with the sudden Rand Paul endorsement this week of Bilderberg Darling Romney fromthetrenchesworldreport

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz now challenges Angela Corey to debate – Warm Up The Fat Lady…. theconservativetreehouse "The quarrel began with Dershowitz’s comments on Fox News’ Huckabee, in which he said Corey told “half-truths” to the court when she submitted an affidavit saying that there was a struggle in the shooting without disclosing that Zimmerman had also been injured."

Big Labor Backs Racist Pro-Radical Muslim Congressional Candidate "New York City Councilman Charles Barron, has made occasional appearances on the national stage — primarily Fox News — for his explosive statements about white people (he’d like to slap one, “for my mental health”), Jews (Black people are the real “Semites”) and foreign policy. But Barron, a self-described “revolutionary Pan-Africanist” who donned a red Nehru jacket with gold braid to receive the brutal Zimbabwean dictator at City Hall in 2002, has also been a steadfast ally of New York civil servants, many of them African-American and living in his East New York and Brownsville district." UMR

Liars hate nothing worse than to be exposed as liars datechguyblog "the $64,000 question,...If the DoJ drags its feet, that makes it appear as though there are protected political interests high up who are complicit in Kimberlin’s activities, or who have at least more or less explicitly condoned them..."

The thickest area of smoke appears over Mongolia. This high concentration is transported across the Pacific Ocean and crosses into Alaska. WUWT