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Saturday, June 16, 2012

LA CONQUISTADORA, ACLU sez "communism is the goal", &, Obama & La Raza: Fellow Americans, we are being destroy by our own Government

La Conquistadora

the Hoods & their Women in the V.O.P.
they love La Conquistadora
in the Barrio they know Her & when She come 'round
they fall down on their knees & the devil flees,
the sound of the wind from the wings of the Angels
that surround her
but there's nowhere to run,
& there's nowhere to hide....
so the devil get outta the way
Veni, Immaculata!!

standing on a cresent moon
w/ an infant Boy in her arms,
the Woman clothed in Light
is not greater than the Sun, no,
w/a crown of stars on her head yo,
watch out here they come
& the devil run but there's nowhere to hide
so the devil get outta the way...

Veni, Immaculata!!

Nando Michelin ~ Peruvian flute on Fantom synth
Pedro Ito ~ drums
Richie Barshay ~ percussion
Esperanza Spalding ~ upright bass
Jordan Scannella ~ ele. bass
Alida Rohr ~ vocals
verse 3 from 'New Heaven, New War' by Robert Southwell & "Salve Regina'

* * *** * *** * *** * *

DEPORTADOS NO MAS: Amazing How Much A Sinking Presidency Can Change Things…. D.E.S.P.E.R.A.T.I.O.N theconservativetreehouse

Obama & La Raza do not speak for all Latinos in USA
"La raza and the rest of the Mexican organizations agenda, is to promote socialism they are the Marxist of tomorrow, they betray this country; the country that open his door and welcome them with the amnesty of 1986 to be part of America; these people has not loyalty they are the promoters of the invasion of illegal aliens and defenders of the corrupt politicians and criminals that are here in our country in violation of our laws.
Fellow Americans, without a doubt we are being destroy by our own Government, We elected Obama and our officials to uphold our Constitution, our sovereignty and protect the citizens rights by upholding our laws. Attorney General Erick Holder and the whole US Dept. of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security from Secretary Janet Napolitano on down seem to be working for the Mexican government and the Hispanics special interest, not The American citizens who pay their salaries.
Please stand for our country and support, Lamar Smith's Employment eligibility Verification bill, send a letter or fax to your representative in Washington and your Governor asking to support this Bill. We must stop the traitors “OBAMA, LA RAZA, MALDEF, MECHA,LULA, THE WASHINGTON HISPANIC CAUCUS, THE TEXAS HISPANIC CAUCUS AND THE NATIONAL HISPANIC LEADERSHIP" They are a threat to the US Latinos and to our country. "

Marxist Controlled Union Targets Latino Voters for Obama noisyroom

"The CONSTITUTION of the United States is a stumbling block for the ACLU. "

from PRAVDA: How Barack Obama avoids prison
via saveamericafoundation