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Friday, June 15, 2012

the Kenyan gets testy, the American Schlub gets the tab, & County Sues Farmer for too many veggies growing on his own land

Saint Louis Missouri Shakes — Charts show it — USGS doesn’t report it sincedutch "I live on a lake in southern TN & the past few days we’re experiencing INSTANT big waves on an otherwise calm lake…no wind at all. USGS not reporting any earthquake activity & I need answers!!! " Janet DeLuca

Hurricane Carlotta poses flooding threat to Mexico tep

Typhoon Guchol is forecast to strike Japan at about 18:00 GMT on 19 June – cutting a path through the heart of Tokyo theextinctionprotocol


Only Cowards Compromise In The Face Of Evil
‘Lesser Of Two Evils’Con-Game
alt-market via barnhardt

The Criminal case against Aaron Walker has been dropped in Maryland datechguyblog

The Kenyan HECKLED! nobarack08

McConnell: 'Radical, Dangerous' Obama Admin Seeks to 'Shut Up' Opponents breitbart

More Delegates Want to Join Repub Revolt In a revolt against Romney fromthetrenchesworldreport

Standing for Veterans, Their Families, and Religious Freedom Rick Santorum @ redstate

Obama fund-raises $4.5million from celebs in just 8 hours in NY . . . but a quick stop at WTC means TAXPAYERS pick up the check dailymail

County Sues Farmer For excessive crops on his own land


'God's sign for us:' Fire guts Juárez church, spares religious image elpasotimes