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Monday, June 25, 2012

JAPAN: Nuclear Shutdown Now or Never -“We lost Japan. I feel guilty & sorry for the children."

This Is Incredible!
US Catholic Church Rolls Out Major Offensive Against Obama’s Attacks on Religious Liberty


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'For parents who’re still worth their salt & do not want to spawn such feral hogs' use this opportunity for a teachable moment. Pull your children aside on a lazy summer afternoon and teach them the following … fellowshipofminds


“Darkness in Egypt”: Mursi’s victory a dangerous development for Israel. voiceofthecopts

the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamists taking power "this was the logical conclusion of all of this from the start and anyone not in denial could have seen this coming a year ago" datechguyblog

Egyptians Choose Evil fromthetrenchesworldreport


& Here comes Zimbabwe Redux. thegatewaypundit

Freedom to Blog is Strong in Aaron Walker mypetjawa

turning on the stoves: "the “Swatter” needs to turn states evidence NOW because the higher ups in Kimberlin & Co will drop him like a wet blanket when the heat gets turned up." datechguyblog

Great Black Patriots From American History

Santorum: Obama Broke Oath of Office with Immigration, DOMA Policies videocafe.crooksandliars


Emotional goodbye for young Italian mother who died for unborn child catholicnewsagency "To be able to see her die happy was to me a challenge to death.” via brutallyhonest

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Nuclear reactors to restart despite lag in crisis plan

“We lost Japan. I feel guilty and sorry for the children. They did not choose nuclear power plants, they did not choose to be born; but it is them that have to suffer in the future. By not protesting against nuclear power I allowed this accident to happen. If we go in the same direction, I don’t see any future. If we [are to] make a difference, we must decide now, it is now or never.” Farmwars

Experts’ Statements Concerning the Shattered Zones (Faults) Under the Ohi Nuclear Power Plant fukushima.greenaction-japan

Methane Geyser in PA: Shell Fracking Operation Suspected skytruth

GM grass linked to Texas cattle deaths khou

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