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Thursday, June 14, 2012

embracing womanhood, not aping masculinity, &, 'brain vomit'

career-oriented myopic hubris & today's Girl Scouts tac

& fresh from the sewer of the liberal-indoctranation School System: the same folks that are "offended" at the mere mention of God or morals but are absolutely fine telling 5th graders how to sodomize each other radio.fox via therightscoop

Brain Vomit: The Libertarian Party of Texas invited CAIR to meet their candidates, gave them a platform to speak from, with no opposing views. GB

Other Noteworthy Obama Achievements noisyroom

"he Russian cartels. The Saudis. Brazilians. And of course the greatest hedgers of all, the Chinese. Decades of intertwined plans within plans have culminated in the election of the man calling himself Obama. TIME IS RUNNING OUT FOR THE OBAMA INVESTORS - they are attempting to put in place the final stages of an outright globalization push that will greatly diminish the United States in favor of the IMF supervised agenda of Christine Lagarde. Also note the timing – the 2012 IMF/World Bank meetings will take place just weeks prior to the 2012 November election." theulstermanreport