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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart, the Sacred Writ, Going Rogue & Lurching Toward Tyranny

Educate Yourself on Vaccines!! mercola

Habeas Corpus – A New Understanding
"The Constitution provided for a separation of powers both within the federal government, and, between the federal government and the state governments (Republican Form, Art I, Sec IV, clause 4, Const.). There were limitations of, and grants of, authority given to the federal government. And, by the Tenth Amendment, those powers not granted were retained by the states or the people." outpost-of-freedom
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“suspended habeas corpus” "Yep, Joe in the midst of a Civil War. His action was ratified by Congress. Jefferson Davis also suspended habeas corpus, for the same reason." the-american-catholic

Obama: Going Rogue & Lurching Toward Tyranny giveusliberty1776

Santorum: Obama Immigration Move ‘Disturbing And Arrogant’ talkingpointsmemo

Rand Paul finally betrays the Republic he has served, No Comment on Bilderberg, endorses Mitt Romney federaljack


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Immaculate Heart of Mary,
ardent with goodness,
show Your Love towards us.
May the flame of Your Heart, O Mary,
descend on all people.
We love You so.
Impress true love in our hearts so that
we have a continuous desire for You.
O Mary, humble and meek of heart,
remember us when we are in sin.
You know that all people sin.
Give us, by means of Your Immaculate Heart,
spiritual health.
Let us always see the goodness
of Your Maternal Heart
and may we be converted
by means of the flame of Your Heart.
Dictated by Our Lady of Medjugorje 11.28.83