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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


'It is so urgent that you are prepared for what is being planned against you.'

Messages from Jesus To a "Chosen Child in Chicago" May 5th-11th, 2012

May 5, 2012 (9:23am)

Tell My beloved children that there are more things that you need to be aware of so that you can be prepared. After the riots and the revolutionaries and activists have done their damage many of them will be put in detention camps throughout the cities. All of these riots are being orchestrated and timed so that all is being done at the same time. Yes, My dear ones, the enemy is using all of these evil people to try to destroy your country. So much of what you are hearing and seeing in the media is propaganda. Don't believe the stories they will be manufacturing for you to hear. There will be many innocent caught up in these riots and they will be injured or even killed. So, My children, avoid as much as possible the downtown areas of your cities. If you remember to stay in prayer when all of these things are occurring you will be helping the innocent victims of these crimes. So, My children, stay alert to anything that may seem suspicious or out of the ordinary. There may be terrorists who will try to plant explosive devices in places you wouldn't suspect. This all sounds too difficult for most of you to comprehend I know but you must be aware so that you can protect yourself. Oh, My children, these plans of the evil government and their cohorts have been in the process of being put into place for a long time and now they think they can get away with their planned agenda. You know that God is in control not the godless men who think they are. In a second God could change the scene overnight. Be not afraid My children. This won't last a long time and there will be positive results in spite of the evil efforts of those who want power and control over you. So, be at peace knowing Jesus can only do what is best for you and your country no matter how bad things may get. Remember you were told that if you pray and fast these things can be mitigated and even stopped if there were an outpouring of the faithful fasting and praying for your country. I love you, Jesus.

May 6, 2012 (11:23am)

Tell My beloved children to pay tribute to all those who have given their lives for your country and for the freedom you now enjoy. There are those who want to destroy every aspect of your freedom. They especially want to take away your freedom to worship as you desire and also to force you to pay for immoral practices regarding your health. There are those of you who are seeing your citizens who are not even considered as a person. They regard you as a nuisance to their plans and would want you out of the system they have devised. Oh, My children, you have no idea what these evil people have in store for the aged. You must make every effort to learn of what they are planning so that you can defeat their plans by electing good moral people to protect your rights. You have been told countless times that if enough of you pray for a good man of integrity and courage that there will be a major miracle to get that man in office to be your next president. I'm sorry to say that many of you are beginning to distrust these messages and doubt that they are coming from Me, Jesus. My dear children, how can I convince you that these messages are very true? I guess you will have to experience what is being said here and then you will have to believe. Oh, My children, pray and trust with all your heart that I am with you and counting on your prayers and fasting to get a good president to lead your country. I love you, Jesus.

May 7, 2012 (10:20am)

Tell My beloved children to look at what is happening in Europe. The governments are being taken over by Socialists and Communists because the people didn't pray for good leaders. That same thing can happen in your country if enough of you aren't praying for good leaders. Oh, My children, have you forgotten the promise made to you in these messages that a great miracle will take place to get your candidate which you have been praying for to be your next president? So many of you have stopped reading and believing these words, but worst of all have stopped praying for your country to get a good moral man for president. When you doubt these words the enemy wins. He wants you to stop trusting that these messages are coming from the Lord. He wants all of you to go on living like everything is OK and nothing like what is being spoken of would ever happen in your country. Keep on thinking like this My dear ones and you will be living under a dictatorship which is already beginning to take hold in your government. I know it isn't easy to hear these words you just want everything to be normal. You can't keep this way of not looking at the facts to distort your thinking. My dear ones, the time for all this to happen is fast approaching. If you aren't aware of this you won't have your guard up and may become one of the victims in this horrible plan of attacks which are being organized throughout your country. I pray that all of you who have the grace to believe these words will pray for more people to be exposed to these messages so there will be more of you praying. There isn't much time left so please do all you can to spread these words to others. Tell them that the Lord and all His Angels and Saints are praying for the safety and protection of your country which is on the brink of a violent revolution. I love you, Jesus.

May 8, 2012 (9:12am)

Tell My beloved children that there will be wars started in the near future. These will be small skirmishes that will develop into riots and major disturbances. Be on your guard wherever you go. Especially be careful when you are at malls and ballparks. This is where you would least expect to be accosted. Parents don't allow your teens to go without an adult to any places where there are large crowds. I know this all sounds too hard to believe, but these people who want to destroy your country will stop at nothing. They plan to terrorize people everywhere. Protect yourselves with blessed medals and rosaries. Bring small bottles of holy water with you wherever you go. Now many of you are saying the Lord would never say anything to cause you to be fearful or anxious. My dear children, these are unusual circumstances you are living in and you must be aware of what these evil people are planning against you. You have been warned in the past of these possibilities but never took the words seriously. Now you will be able to see for yourselves as things begin to occur. My dear ones, your country is undergoing major trials that can only be averted or stopped by prayer and major sacrifices and fasting. Oh, My dear ones, how I wish you didn't have to hear these words and that all would be normal for you. This isn't going to happen the way you wish it could. It has been many years that these evil people have schemed and planned to have power over you. Their agenda is almost ready to be exposed. They think they are going to carry out their plans but only by the grace of God will they be defeated. There will be a major miracle to thwart their plans. This will be due to all your prayers. You must spread these messages to as many as possible so they too can pray and be protected. Remember My children there is nothing to fear if you stay in prayer and put your total trust in the Lord. I am with you through it all. I love you, Jesus.

May 9, 2012 (8:45am)

Please tell My beloved children how important it is for you to trust in the words of these messages. You are given the responsibility of spreading these messages to as many people as you can. It is so urgent that you are prepared for what is being planned against you. There isn't much time before things begin to happen so we need your prayers for the safety and protection of the people being targeted by the revolutionaries who are trying to bring your country down. Oh, My children you have to believe what I am telling you. Don't dismiss this as someone's imagination. It is I, Jesus, who speak to you through My messenger. My dear ones, it may look on the surface that all is lost and nothing can be done to get the best man of high moral values for your president. This is not true My dear ones. You are praying and fasting and calling on the Lord for your country to be saved. Remember it only has to be enough of you to accomplish this goal. This has been done by a remnant of you who are real prayer warriors. Your country will be saved by a major miracle which will take place in time for your candidate to take his place as your leader. Trust and don't doubt My dear children. Your prayers have been heard and soon you will see the response to your good will and prayerful actions. I love you, Jesus.

May 10, 2012 (9:00am)

Tell My beloved children to take time today to pray for all the deceased of your parishes. So many of them go without prayers from their family and loved ones since now days they are being told from the pulpit that their loved one who died is in Heaven. This I'm sorry to say is rarely if ever the case. Not even some of the great saints went straight to Heaven. My dear ones, there is so much you can do to make your stay in Purgatory shorter. You can spend time with those who are sick or in prison. You can help carry the burden of others by supporting them in their trials. You can go to cemeteries and pray for the souls of loved ones there. One of the best ways to atone for sins on earth is to attend as many Masses as you can. You can pray the Rosary daily, read the Bible and holy books, etc. You spend so much time on trivial things like tv and sports when you could use some of this time preparing your souls for eternity. My dear ones, as you can see by what is happening in some of your states, that your prayers are being heard. The evil people behind the scenes are being stunned by the outcome of some of the primaries. They will be more confused and dumbfounded when they see a major miracle occurring before their eyes which they cannot control or do anything about. Again, My dear ones, I urge you to spread these messages to anyone you can. It will give them more hope for the future of your country knowing the Lord is fighting the battle with them. I love you, Jesus.

May 11, 2012 (9:00am)

Tell My beloved children there are many challenges facing your country at this time. It is so urgent for you to continue your prayers and fasting. Now that your government is seeing that they may lose the elections in the fall they are taking drastic measures for this not to happen. They may call for Marshall Law when the riots which are planned get out of control. That could mean a lot of bloodshed in your streets. Your government is desperate and all involved are working constantly to come up with new ideas to keep them in power. My dear children, are you praying and are you trying to get these messages out to as many as you can? It isn't enough for you to just read them and wait to see what is going to be said next in the messages. Your focus should be on Jesus and defeating the evil people in your government. Now remember these words are meant to call you to action and get others to do the same. We need all the prayers, fasting, and sacrifices we can get to win the elections. You know that this is going to happen but that depends on if you continue your prayers and don't count on My prayer warriors to do all the praying and fasting. This is the most critical time in your lives to save your country and get the man elected for your president that will lead it back to God. Even though all Heaven is praying with you We still need your prayers to win. I love you, Jesus.

May the Peace of Christ

His Mercy & Protection

follow you always.

May the Good Earth

always be kind & Solid

under your feet.