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Thursday, May 3, 2012

pass this message on to as many faithful as will listen !

Dear brothers & sisters in Christ Jesus, anyone who thinks we are not headed for the total destruction of America & American FREEDOM has not eyes that see nor ears that hear.

'Serve on and I will continue to bring you courage when you need courage.' Anne, a lay apostle May 1st, 2012

Prophesy from Kate Stolz
"Your country WILL cease to exist as you now know it!"

"Good Evening. I am Kate Stolz, St Ann's, Emmaus.

Until this past Thursday I had no idea I would be addressing you tonight. I rarely speak in front of large groups, especially considering the content of my message. You will understand as you hear it.

I need to preface first so you can understand. As a very young child, 5-6 yrs old, my grandmother who lived with my family and I began to tell me things, that she said, I would not understand until I was a bit older. (Boy she wasn"t kidding.) The most important lesson that she stressed many times was "When God or Jesus tells you to do something, They REALLY mean it! If you don"t They will keep telling you until you listen." (Again, she wasn"t kidding!)

Since the beginning of the new year the Father has been telling me to deliver His message to as large a number of faithful as possible and instructing them to pass it on. I have tried to ignore it. Even at times saying, "You"re serious? You"re kidding this time. Right? "Nope He's not kidding. And He has let me know how much He's not kidding by waking me up somewhere between 2 & 4 in the morning to remind me just how serious He is. So I'm here tonight "under duress" because I would like to get a good night's sleep finally. But also because I have learned the hard way in past years just how much - He's not kidding.

But He didn"t tell me how I was suppose to deliver His message to a very large number of faithful, like He wants. --------I'm a slow learner sometimes.

OK, so early last week I'm told to tell my mentor/confessor, Fr Rich. Great! So I tell him and that's how the word gets out... WRONG!

He smiled as he looked at me and said--- Monday night, "Ultreya 'st Francis.

And so I'm here. "I'm also understanding finally, what my "Yes, I will listen to You." was a signed irreversible contract that has been developing over the last 50 some years into something way larger than I ever imagined.

Fr Rich did remind to first tell you all----Please understand that this is NOT my personal opinion in any way. NOR is it a political statement. This comes directly from our Father Creator.

His words:

My children, the path this world you live in continues to fall further and further away from what I want your lives to be. In this country, dedicated to my daughter, your Blessed Mother, is in greater peril than you can imagine. I have one instruction passed on to you all and if not obeyed, WILL (He stresses this) WILL result in the end of your country as you know it. DO NOT take My words lightly.

Each day I instruct you to say one (that's all) just one rosary. Attached is your petition that all LEGAL (again He REALLY stresses) LEGAL voters allow themselves to choose NOT the one that you think should be the next president, but the person I have already chosen. Pray that it's My Hand that guides you when voting. I tell you all that if My Chosen one is NOT in your White House, your country, the United States of America, WILL cease to exist as you now know it. PRAY, PRAY and allow ME to guide you, NOT YOUR OPINION!

Educate yourselves on the candidates. See whose record truly is clear on not allowing others to influence a constant change of mind. One whose record is proven to be a straight path in truth. That person is right there in front of you. Allow Me to show each one of you. Remember start this day. One rosary, the mystery of your choice. Do this for the remainder of this year until and after election day, to the completion of 2012. MY WILL My Children!! NOT YOURS this time!!!

My brothers and sisters, I wish that you could feel the intense emotion of great Love yet great Distress and Sorrow for us all that is coming from the Father for us. Right now, as I speak to you. He promised to be at my side while delivering this to you.

Distress because He allows us our free will to either chose His Will or our own arrogance and self-pride in choosing our own individual, in this vital matter.

Your job now is to pass this message on to as many faithful as will listen (even to those of other Christian faiths you might know. There are many out there who know our rosary better than we do. For those who already say a daily rosary, make this the first petition and add your others after. I truly wish you all could understand and physically feel what I do. I have learned the true meaning of "free will" and the consequences of doing things my way, not His. And I have agonized the last several days over this delivery and have prayed as intensely as I could that each one of you takes His message to heart.

May the Father Bless and enlighten us all! "


"the storms started again..lightening and thunder like never before and the quakes are continuing bigtime." Mari


'Make known my messages, the sheep of my flock.' 5/2/12