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Saturday, May 5, 2012

the murder capital of Kenya: The power of prayer over witchcraft, & Frankenrice - rice tainted with actual human genes & growing in Kansas!!

'the Time of times has come when all lawlessness will break forth across the globe.'

The power of prayer over witchcraft
_____________________________________ in Kenya

"Pastor Muthee was an evangelist who had done some post-graduate work in Scotland in 1988. His wife was a teacher. When God spoke to them, they decided first to spend some time praying and seeking
why Kiambu was such a spiritually oppresses area. They spent six months in prayer and fasting, seeking God's guidance. They did not go into Kiambu at any time during that six months. They were seeking to know what was the dominate spirit over Kiambu.

God answered in a soft, quite voice by simply suggesting: "My son, I want you to get intercessors on the job." He also gave Thomas the names of those selected! Muthee assigned each intercessor to fast and pray for a whole day so that someone was always fasting and praying.

The initial results seemed to be positive but the intercessors began suffering serious attacks. On their designated fasting days, sickness and other things debilitated them and prevented their prayers from being as powerful as they might have been. Thomas asked the Lord to reveal what should be done, and God took him to the biblical story of Jonathan, who went to war having an armour-bearer at his side.

Thomas called together his intercessors, who by then had grown to a team of nine, and told them that each person designated to fast on a particular day would be covered by two armour-bearers. One would be the person who had fasted and prayed the day before, and the other would be the one who was scheduled to fast and pray the following day. They would form a protective hedge of prayer around the one on duty."

Pope: 'Sound education in faith' is 'most urgent challenge' of the Church in America rorate-caeli

“ours is a time when the experimental sciences have transformed the worldview and understanding of man.”
Pope Benedict XVI

Human genes engineered into experimental GMO rice being grown in Kansas naturalnews

"Trojan corn," "super weeds" and the disappearance of monarch butterflies. sfgate via spiritdaily