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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

'God has to be put back into your country or it will collapse.'...'They intend to get rid of the internet'

'God has to be put back into your country or it will collapse.
...continue praying and fasting for a good man to become your next president. A person you can rely on for telling the truth. A person who loves his country and will do everything he can to turn it back to the founding fathers principles. A person who loves God and isn't ashamed to say it. A person who will permit prayer back in the classroom with the help of Congress. That person has been chosen for these times. A great miracle will take place to put him in office and confound those who are now in power.
Take courage My children. Your prayers and fasting are powerful.'
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"Blogger and Brett Kimberlin target Aaron Walker arrested in Maryland "This is absolutely outrageous. In a positively Kafka-esque turn of events, a Maryland judge has ordered that Walker be taken into police custody while serial harasser, terrorist, and killer Kimberlin remains free." radiopatriot

Sheridan ‏@OccupyRebellion
Hey @liberty_chick , your pal @aaronworthing was arrested in court today. Guess whose next? Suck it bitch!!!
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How Citizens can end 'SWATting' noisyroom

A really, really, REALLY bad idea – Giving the Internet to the U.N. wattsupwiththat

Meanwhile, in our back yard… drkatesview

nigga pimp c died on an overdose of lean "But what does this have to do with Robitussin or “DXM”? " theconservativetreehouse

DHS Uses Everyday Words to Find "Threats" on Social Networks whistleblower

Bilderberg Concerned Over Mass Protests infowars

Pam Geller on Egypt: Flash back to CPAC datechguyblog


The Gulf is still UNDER ATTACK! bpoilslick

NRC Report: Unknown Oil in Gulf Of Mexico near Grand Isle, LA oilspill.skytruth

“The toxic dispersants add absolutely nothing to EFFECTIVE RESPONSE. There is no scientific basis for it, and their use violates The Clean Water Act, EPA’s charter and common sense.”
“Corexit's label clearly states it can cause kidney failure and death and the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) specifically warns, “Do not contaminate surface water” with it. Additionally, toxicity testing in regards to marine species shows little tolerance by all forms of sea life; thus, applying it on spills as a preferred response method increases the toxicity of the spilled oil on which it is used.”

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying – Part II

Stuxnet-on-steroids Flame virus hits Iran legalinsurrection


the Story of the Half Moon

" In mid-July of last summer, I began awaiting his return. Every time I went to the lake, I would survey the landscape to see if he was there. He arrived in mid-August but this time my excitement at seeing him was tempered by disbelief. The drought that had settled over Alabama and much of the South had taken its toll on the Half Moon. He was emaciated." Mary Lou Simms
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