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Friday, May 25, 2012

CONSTITUTIONAL CHAOS: 'Which side are you on? It’s time to make your choice.'

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"Andrew warned the world about this guy six months before he died on Hugh Hewitt.{(but curiously not crossposted at Breitbart) ... because Brietbart.com is currently being run by a nutless wonder who has refused to cover this story.}" datechguyblog
via radiopatriot "Follow the money, The funding of Kimberlin’s projects — tens of thousands of dollars from the George Soros-connected Tides Foundation, as well as foundations associated with Barbra Streisand and Sen. John Kerry’s wife — thus supported all of Kimberlin’s activities, including his effort to have O’Keefe and Giles prosecuted for their ACORN takedown. "
Brett Kimberlin is an American leftist political activist, convicted felon, and ex-convict ebl
"“Swatting” is news-worthy even in an ivory tower, and there’s no excuse for being quiet on it. Unless you’re a nutless coward. You hear me, Joel Pollack?" Ladd Ehlinger @ DTG

"It is no secret that the American LEFT is sabotaging the USA from within and it is the agenda of the leaders of this movement to hand the USA over to Russia and China. This was stated to the FBI by Weather Underground terrorists. " theconservativemonster


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