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Friday, May 25, 2012

BREITBART TOLD THE STORY of Bomber Brett Kimberlin JUST BEFORE HE DIED, €4 Billion Increase Overnight Stealth Bank Run, & 'those who give themselves to hatred will reap what they have sown.'

'The prince of this world is on the verge of making the public worship of the Christian Faith a crime punishable by law. You will witness the fall of civilization as you have known it.' May 24, 2012

Henry Lamb: Death of a Patriot

VOTE FOR HIM IF YOU WANT but remember,
the devil hates his own. via theulstermanreport
meanwhile: THE SHADOW ADVISER: "She knows where are all the bodies have been buried in the past 30 or so years of Chicago politics and she knows all the tricks," spectator

Exposing #BrettKimberlin: Glenn Beck interviews Patterico’s Patrick Frey and blogger Aaron Walker therightscoop


via therightscoop
POLITICAL TERRORISM: Domestic Left-Wing Bomber Brett Kimberlin, His Allies, Soros and Their Use of Intimidation to Silence Conservatives MRCTV

This is The other McCain...he is in hiding because of the INTOLERANCE of the LEFT!! noisyroom

A Stealth Bank Run Taking Place infiniteunknown

The 5 Most Blatantly Corrupt Industries in the World . . . And What YOU Can Do About It politicalvelcraft

Cybersecurity Act 2012, CISPA goes Undercover in the Senate fromthetrenchesworldreport

"The accommodation being requested i[s] perfectly reasonable, and defensible by the constitutional and civic rights guaranteed to citizens of the Unites States. A young woman should not be discriminated against because
she is a faithful Catholic."

"What did Father Jordan and the church supposedly do wrong? According to the complaint, the church is “responsible for placing a religious symbol of Christianity on government-owned property in conjunction with a religious ceremony. ...They are a combination of doops, evil people and communist agitators, driving us toward complete Marxist principles as a cultural and governing reality. Please, writers, tell it like it is! The courts no longer honor the constitution." ncregister

Secularists don’t like people of faith because the ultimate authority for us is not the state. The ultimate authority is God. tac


All is well in the kingdom

when you hope in me.

5/25/12 divinemercyillumination

"prayer is the best weapon we have,

a key that opens the heart of God"
St. Padre Pio