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Friday, April 20, 2012

The Gulf of Mexico is STILL Dying, & those swift, nifty 'scientists' o dang are they smart!

'And, that for those who rely on the mainstream media for their information concerning the status of the BP Gulf oil spill...'....Use Of Toxic Dispersant COREXIT Must Be Stopped In Gulf gosrc

"Open sores. Parasitic infections. Chewed-up-looking fins. Gashes. Mysterious black streaks. Two years after the drilling-rig explosion that touched off the biggest offshore oil spill in U.S. history, { OK.....& HERE'S the Kicker!!!} scientists are beginning to suspect that fish in the Gulf of Mexico are suffering the effects of the petroleum. " floridaoilspilllaw

The Gulf of Mexico is Dying – Part II
A 2nd Anniversary Report on the BP Gulf Oil Spill
“The simplistic and geologically unrealistic aim of plugging a single tubular hole in a solid mass of rocks is as unreal and unstable as a “sand castle on the beach”. After months of spewing a corrosive mix of gas, oil and brine into the fragile faulted Gulf Salt-Geology, even the most optimistic geologists would come to the grim conclusion that the 18,300 ft well is no longer the only vertical conduit out of the reservoir. In all probability, a complex multi-pathway monster has developed in its place. As said many times before, there is simply no way to put the genie back into the bottle.” ~ BK Lim, Geohazard Expert

There is no way to overstate the media’s complicity in concealing critical information about the tragedy that is presently unfolding at Fukushima. rezn8d


We Are All George Zimmerman sultanknish
"George Zimmerman has been chosen to serve as a gladiator in the circus that distracts a bankrupt nation from the criminal folly of its leaders, large and small. He has been assigned white team colors, had an NRA badge pinned to his lapel, and is being shoved out into the stadium while the lunatic mob howls for blood. The Emperor of Hope and Change has already made the thumbs down gesture, the courtiers are rushing out to fix the match. "

The Sea Change: Obama's Confirmed Forgeries Are Not Going Away obamareleaseyourrecords


To You, O God, Fountain of Mercy, I come, a sinner. May You wash away my impurity.

O Sun of Justice, give sight to the blind. O Eternal Healer, cure the wounded. O King of Kings, restore the despoiled. O Mediator of God and man, reconcile the sinful. O Good Shepherd, lead back the straying. O God, have pity on the wretched, show leniency to the guilty, bestow life on the dead, reform the impious, and give the balm of grace to the hard of heart.

O most merciful God, call back the one who flees, draw back the one who resists, lift up the one who falls, support the one who stands, and accompany the one who walks.

Do not forget those who forget You. Do not desert those who desert You. Do not despise those who sin against You. For in sinning, I have offended You, my God.

I have harmed my neighbor; I have not even spared myself injury. I have sinned, 0 my God, against You, almighty Father, because of my weakness; against You, all-knowing Son, because of my ignorance; against You, merciful Holy Spirit, because of my malice. Thus have I offended You, most high Trinity.

Woe to me, a pitiful soul! How many, how great, and how diverse are the sins I have committed. I abandoned You, Lord. I question Your goodness by yielding to evil cravings and weakening myself with harmful fears. By such things, I preferred to lose You rather than abandon what I desired, to offend You rather than face what ought not to be feared.

O my God, how much harm have I done by word and deed, and by sinning secretly, openly, and defiantly. Therefore, out of my weakness I beg You not to pay heed to my iniquity, but rather to Your immense goodness. And I beg you mercifully to pardon what I have done, granting me sorrow for my past actions and precaution in the future.

+St. Thomas Aquinas