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Saturday, April 21, 2012

“The Gospa has given me a message for the people.”, & Spring Northeast Snowstorm on the Way!

"Then the area was blocked by the police and by the army. The visionaries, controlled by the home guards, could not leave their houses. Jakov had the apparition in his home. The Gospa gave a message to him to bring to me that evening at the church for Mass.

He was like a prisoner in his home, for the armed guard was in front of his door. Jakov, so small, felt he should obey the Gospa. He looked through the keyhole. When he saw that the guard had fallen asleep (for here in July it is very warm), quietly he opened the window and jumped out. The guard awakened, entered the house, and saw that Jakov was no longer there. By radio, he informed all the stations of the blockade in the direction of the church.

Jakov changed cars six times in order to escape the stations of the blockade. He arrived at the church as I was finishing Mass. I felt someone pulling on my sleeve. I looked down and saw him. He told me very quietly, “The Gospa has given me a message for the people.”

I lifted him up and stood him on the altar before the microphone. He said: “ The Gospa told me to come to tell you to pray the Rosary this evening.” "
Protecting the visionaries ...recollection by Fr Jozo crownofstars


Spring Northeast Snowstorm on the Way! meteorologicalmusings

Eastern U. S. - Water Vapor Loop ssd.noaa

“I’m not worried about being tapped” for VP he said.
“I am worried about my country.”