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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

"I don’t read gangster, so I have (no) idea WTF it says.."

Blind dog living in a trash pile gets the most beautiful rescue therightscoop

Bruno's Story


Obama Makes His Move To Raise Your Electricity Rates theulstermanreport

"the tale of Homer Wright, an 80-year-old man who shot a young black man who was walking by his home and decided he needed a drink by climbing through Homer’s bathroom window and snatching a bottle of his booze. Homer shot the little sprite in the leg. Clearly, a black youth climbing through your window isn’t necessarily a criminal because the Chicago police have arrested Homer. ...Oh, incidentally, Homer is black, too. No word on whether the impetuous youngster, Anthony Robinson, 19, was wearing a hoodie or carrying a bag Skittles." tah

Travon protesters ransack Walgreens GP via PD

"In other words, race pimps across the country smell a money making scheme and they have no problem working the ignorant masses into a frenzy." I don’t read gangster, so I have idea WTF it says... tahbycsifh

'I have been in knee mail to God since this came up.' michellemalkin

Complete Audio of U.S. Supreme Court “ObamaCare” Hearings, Day Two – Audio 3/27/12 freedomslighthouse