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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Corsi: Breitbart's Last Contact Was With Sheriff Joe Arpaio!, Chemtrail activity over the French Alps, Feb 2012

Chemtrail activity over the French Alps, Feb 2012

a DIRECT CONNECTION between fracking / dormant volcanoes / and plumes appearing . sincedutch

UK: News blackout, gas masks, man shot dead. Orwell has arrived in England mrctv

Breitbart: Obama contraceptive mandate ‘a form of thuggery’ dailycaller
"This latest move by Obama is upping the ante in the battle between 2 religions: Obama's Marxist atheocracy, where preventing new human life is the highest sacrament, and the Christianity, a life affirming religion.
The syncretism of Marxism and Environmentalism has produced a secular religion where power is god and reduction of the population the ultimate purpose of their obsession with total control of human life. For Environmental Marxism, contraception is the closest thing to the Christian Church's bread and wine. Abortion is its sacrificial rite. It is a political religion that, through Obama, is simultaneously dissolving the separation of church and state for the doctrine of the Left while using governmental power to deny 1st Amendment rights to its perceived enemy and religious rival, Christianity. Encroaching on freedom of religion is following the Gramsci* model for a bloodless revolution, where destroying the Christian religion is the essential first objective.
Political correctness was designed to supplant Judeo-Christian moral principles, egalitarianism was intended to replace Christian compassion, political ideology and earth worship are intended to replace traditional religious teachings. The Left uses the public schools as its madrassas, the media as its proselytizers, and the Whitehouse as the pulpit. Obama thinks he is a god and as a malignant narcissist with messianic tendencies, has no problem violating our 1st amendment protections. Separation of church and state is being used by the Left as a means of pushing competing religions out of as many spheres of influence as possible.
Since Marxism is a political religion, no one of that persuasion should be allowed to hold office. It is a violation of the separation of church and state that they yammered about for years. Marxism is a totalitarian political system which is inherently hostile to everything our constitution is about. It is a political religion that is hostile to everything Christianity is about. it is an economic philosophy that is hostile to everything capitalism and free markets are about. Obama is the High Priest-In-Chief of a parasitic, nihilistic enemy ideology. Of course he is using the power of the government to destroy 1st amendment rights.
That was his goal from the start."

truebearing How Obama Revolution Came to America

20 Obvious Truths That Will Shock Liberals thesteadydrip

Rawesome Foods’ James Stewart arrested in $1 million warrant infowars "This appears to all be part of California’s open war on family farming and real food. Observers present at the hearing described the ambush as something “done out of pure unadulterated intimidation” by a rogue government that has abandoned all law."