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Friday, February 10, 2012

'the signs continue to be given but some do not want to see them', 'Be on your guard at all times.'

"JP Gov is making legislative bill of Public security law

Japanese government killed Fukushima people and eastern Japanese by concealing SPEEDI for longer than 10 days.
For the next, Japanese government is making legislative bill of Public security law.

With this law,government is authorized to define what is secret.
You must serve a 10-year term in prison if you leak the secret. Government is to suppress the information.

In 1923, the Great Kanto Earthquake struck. Old public security law was legislated the next year, 1924.
Japan started WWW2 13 years later, in 1937.

In this legislative bill, every ministry is allowed to define “secret” by themselves. Behind this movement, there is an intention of police bureaucrat to think it’s easier to control people fed with less information.

Because everything can be concealed in the name of public security, it can be restricted to measure radiation as well.

US has Anti-Espionage Act already. Japan and US made Generel Security of Military Information Agreement in 2007. Prof Tajima from Sophia University points out Japanese government might have been pressured by US government.

Actually, the similar legislative bill was made in 1985, but it didn’t include police information. In this meaning, the modern Public security law covers wider range. Japanese government failed in passing the bill in 1985, but they didn’t give it up." Iori Mochizuki @ Fukushima Diary

New Containment Flaw Identified in the BWR Mark 1 from Fairewinds Energy Education on Vimeo.

via fukushima.greenaction-japan

remember when Venus got Whacked??!
Planet Venus has been HIT by a massive object?! On December 27, 2011 crisisboom
OK THEN: Could Venus be shifting gear? earth issues

Over 200 dolphins dead in northern Peru oceansentry

600 birds found dead in Christchurch tep

53 million dead humans in America thefinalhour
via endoftheamericandream
" 1) Guided by ultrasound, the abortionist grabs the baby's legs with forceps.

2) The baby's leg is pulled out into the birth canal.

3) The abortionist delivers the baby's entire body, except for the head.

4) The abortionist jams scissors into the baby's skull. The scissors are then opened to enlarge the skull.

5) The scissors are removed and a suction catheter is inserted. The child's brains are sucked out, causing the skull to collapse. The dead baby is then removed."

"Europe’s record freezing temperatures have claimed hundreds of lives, snarled traffic and trapped tens of thousands of residents in remote villages across Serbia and Romania." tep

Death-toll from European deep freeze hits 460 as Danube freezes over tep

& then comes the anti-christ
Pope Benedict XVI Assassination Plot in 2012? unveilingtheapocalypse
"It is a report on Cardinal Romeo's visit to Beijing in November 2011 and his words with his intelocutors, (in the Chinese government or in the Patriotic Association?), and, according to Il Fatto Quotidiano, the document's contents would have been written in German and delivered to the Pope by Cardinal Castrillón in January 2012." rorate-caeli


'Very soon a man will come who will profess to be me. But, of course, this cannot be for I will not come until the very end. Yet he will display all qualities that will deceive poor souls into believing that it is I. He will perform wonders, great acts of peace, humanitarian deeds and acts of public affection. He will be idolised and his powers will come from satan, the king of darkness. So convincing will he be that when he displays signs associated with the great saints many of My sacred servants will drop in humility at his feet. ' MDM 2/8/12


"$65 million dollars is a lot of campaign cash – even by Obama standards. And Mr. West also gained notoriety in 2007 as a member of the “American Taliban” John Walker Lindh’s defense team. So we have a former Obama campaign bundler and defense attorney of a Taliban terrorist, who also happens to be the brother in law of the California Attorney General whose state just received a multi-billion dollar housing bailout – the same man who might soon find himself being placed in the position of being the next Attorney General of the United States." Let that sink in folks. Really. Take a deep breath and let that sink in… ulstermanreport

Interference in Sheriff Arpaio’s Obama Investigation; Orly Taitz a Saboteur? GulagBound

URGENT from Attorney Larry Klayman, Founder of Judicial Watch - "Obama Can’t Get Re-Elected if he Fails to Qualify in These Key States. The filings must be made in a week if we are to hold Obama accountable and prevent him from being on the ballot. $25,000 must be raised in the next 96 hours!" obc

Obama Negotiates With Taliban Over Gitmo Prisoners judicialwatch