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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The SANTO Sweep!!!: "GIRD YOUR LOINS RICK... Hell breaks loose on you today."

There are those who think the issues are predominantly 'government corruption'. & there are those who realize that the Big Issue in America is not secular....it's Spiritual. God Almighty will never protect a nation that sanctions the legal killing of His unborn children...55 million to date since R vs. W....& BTW, Norma 'Jane Roe' McCorvey gave birth to that baby & put it up for adoption!!

Hell breaks loose on you today."

"Santorum has shown himself to be a consistent and principled candidate throughout this interminable primary season. His debate performances have been stellar and consistently improving. He absolutely left Mitt Romney stumbling with his dismantling of Romneycare and the mandate a few weeks ago. Further, he has managed to stay out of the personal and vicious mudslinging that has been the dominant focus of the campaign for the last 6 weeks. Simply put, he has been a superior candidate to his rivals and getting better."

Well isn’t this interesting – Santorum in Colorado, Minnesota and Missouri radioviceonline

If Obama is on track for reelection, there is little evidence to support it." coachisright

Georgia Birther Issue Gets New Life thesteadydrip