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Sunday, February 5, 2012

remember when Scientists said the Gulf Oil Spill Damaged the Gulf Stream, & there would be another Ice Age in Europe!?


Scientist: 'Gulf Loop Current is broke'
"Mini Ice Age" on the way Europe - Jul 21, 2010
"The gulf loop current is broke. "They have finally done something they can't fix". This "climate change" will take place in 1-2 years,
Hard science, current data shows *loop current broken*and worsening. Report by National Institute Nuclear Physics etc... "

Tragic winter weather in Europe doesn’t fit the Mannian narrative WUWT February 5, 2012
Tunisia, North Africa, south of the Mediterranean!

Gulf Stream Dead making extreme weather -
Earl of Stirling 9/4/2010 part 1 & 2

Gulf of Mexico Loop Current Dead BP Oil Spill Consequences YT

ALERT! 60 year old Nuclear Power plant in Moscow BURNS sincedutch