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Saturday, February 11, 2012

FUKUSHIMA DIARY - the NEWS not being told from Japan: demonstrations, mutations, &, the LotusEater diddlers


It’s been 11 months since 311

This is the results of the Major chemtrailing of the entire east coast - meteorologists say it's an 'incredible weather phenomenon' nothing to see here, move along.


"This is what’s at stake. Mr. Obama is acting like an arbitrary tyrant. He is running roughshod over the Constitution, egregiously, repeatedly and deliberately violating its restraints and clear limits on federal power. He has publicly admitted that he finds Congress a nuisance, an “obstacle” to his secular socialist project."

CPAC 2012: Full Speech by Rick Santorum MRCTV

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People 70 & over will not be treated under Obamacare. YT

Issa Zigs and Zags on Fast and Furious Investigation theulstermanreport "When over 70,000 documents have been refused to be turned over by a government agency, the appearance of a cover up is undeniable. "

'It's not left vs. right,
it's the state vs. you!'

Fukushima / Ice Age / Iran

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