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Friday, February 17, 2012

the barking troll's sure to win...no smear to see here!, & mutating other substances, Morgellons, dictyostelium discoidium & the new components of nano-technology

Obama poised to win 2012 election with 303 electoral votes: The Signal Forecast the smear puppets @ yahoo


Rick Santorum’s mysterious, paradoxical manifesto, ‘It Takes a Family’: Character Sketch yahoo "Judging by these comments I see many lemmings. Have any of you that are bashing the book read it? I have, and Romney's, and Newt's, and both of Obama's. Do your own research.
A well informed voter is a politicians worst fear."

Situational Awareness @ yahoo

“Of course the Democratic spin machine will demagogue Santorum to death,” ...."They will attempt to, but I am beginning to doubt that will be effective. Some politicians grow in stature after a time in the political wilderness after a defeat, and I think that is what happened to Santorum after his defeat in 2006. He has thought hard about the issues, has well-articulated positions and is unafraid to speak his mind and defend what he believes. As he said recently, voters may not agree with all that he believes, but they will never doubt that he believes what he says he believes. If I were an Obama political flack, I would much prefer to go up against Romney. A politician of conviction can be hard to beat, once people begin to listen to him and begin to realize that he is truly seeking the common good, even if they do not completely agree with him." Donald R. McClarey @ tac "Others are sympathetic to Santorum’s social conservatism, but fear it makes him unelectable. Funny, it didn’t seem to hurt Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush, both of whom were elected twice.... Finally, let’s just look at the other two primary candidates. Gingrich is so unpopular that Sarah Palin looks like the most popular politician in America by comparison. Mitt Romney is perceived as a stiff, boring, out of touch plutocrat. Santorum, on the other hand, can appeal and has appealed to the blue collar voters that make up large swathes of the population in swing states like Michigan, Ohio, and yes, Pennsylvania. Of course the Democratic spin machine will demagogue Santorum to death, but they are going to do that to whoever the GOP nominee is. With somebody like Romney, they’ll just have to be less dishonest about it than with Santorum." the-american-catholic

The Little Sisters of Limousine Liberalism


Psychiatric Diagnosis: Made-Up Make Believe & Misleading! experimentalvaccines

The Organic Elite Surrenders To Monsanto huffpo

FEMA Solicits Firms to Monitor Media Coverage of Their Activities activistpost via truthistreason


Muslims and Christians join for apparitions crownofstars "The visionary’s visit is in response to personal a request from Our Lady to go to the Lebanon, which Marija received during one of her apparitions with the Blessed Mother. It will precursor the Feast of the Annunciation a week later."