........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of I am the mother of holy hope, & my children are without number. I bring fearlessness in the face of great odds. I bring patience when suffering seems interminable. I bring peace when the person is discouraged. I am the light on the horizon & the dawn that scatters the night. Let everyone invoke my name & hope will settle upon them. My hope says to darkness, “You shall not enter” & to evil, “You have no place in this human heart”. In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS ~ Most Holy Mary ~ 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 .................................................. ★ Election 2016 ★ Catholic Argument for Voting against Hillary

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Attention Prayer Warriors & Patriots - WE ARE GOING TO BREAK THE DEVIL'S BACK in AMERICA

We are the Body of the Bride of Christ. First we drove the devil out of the ranks of our Priesthood. Now we will drive the devil out of our Country, America. We will do this through Prayer & Fasting, & if any mock or chide us, it will be as fortification & vigor to our efforts.

"...as a community of faith we must commit ourselves to prayer and fasting that wisdom and justice may prevail, and religious liberty may be restored. Without God, we can do nothing; with God, nothing is impossible."
Cardinal Seán O’Malley , OFM Cap. Archbishop of Boston

'When it was evening, after sunset,
they brought to him all who were ill
or possessed by demons.
The whole town was gathered at the door.
He cured many
who were sick with various diseases,
and he drove out many demons,
not permitting them to speak
because they knew him.'
Mk 1:29-39

the devil KNOWS the Hour
We will right this noble ship called America
& sail her back into the Portal of Heaven.