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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

abandoning Christ as the Church betrays Him, like putting a skull & cross bones on them, & chemtrails, chemtrails, nasty slimy chemtrails

"Which brings us, once again, to the point that our nation and civilization will ultimately turn upon. Do you, or do you not, worship Jesus Christ? If so, the LAST THING that could POSSIBLY be in your mind is to abandon Him while He is under attack and being betrayed by His own. " Barnhardt @ Radiopatriot

"Satan has his sights on the United States of America!"
Rick Santorum righttruth

Santorum: Pursuit of Happiness means doing the morally right thing therightscoop

Rasmussen: Santorum Leads Romney By 4 in Michigan hap

Rev. Franklin Graham Confounds MSNBC “Morning Joe” Panel in Asessment of Obama’s Faith; Says Obama “more Concerned” about “Muslims than the Christians Who are Being Murdered in Muslim Countries” – Video 2/21/12 freedomslighthouse

A blast from the past & Santo is there!!
CNN: Barack Obama's opposition to Born Alive Act

Study shows Obama administration traded earmarks for democrat votes on major legislation in the house.

Was The Georgia Secretary Of State’s Decision “Greased”? exposeobama


Sitting in Starbucks, eating GMOs foodfreedom "Just as Monsanto hid documents showing the extreme toxicity of their PCBs for decades even as people in Anniston, Alabama were dying, but the truth finally came out, so, too, is the truth coming out on the hidden FDA files, the disturbing early studies by Puszstai, the subsequent studies by Seralini and scientists in Argentina and elsewhere, the reports of abnormal reproductive organs by midwives in Asia, along with highly disturbing evidence from agricultural bioweapons expert Don Huber. Revelations of GMO toxicity is pouring out from country after country.
Meanwhile as people learn the truth and seek organic food, at the FDA, the same Monsanto executive who unleashed GMOs in the US in the first place, who designed the “food safety” bills and then became Czar of “food safety” at the FDA, having given himself power over all food and farms, is now sending out armed FBI agents against farmers and buying clubs involved with organic (the only actual) food."

Monsanto’s Bt Corn on the Cob to Be Sold @ Wal-Mart w/No Indication It’s Genetically Modified truthistreason