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Thursday, January 5, 2012

the “imperial” presidency w/ the fascist Democrats taking prisoners, the gum chewing, football watching Republican yahoos &, the very bastards that have put the human race in this ludicrous bondage who run the GREEN MOVEMENT!

“Great Shaking”
'the Father has now drawn a line in the sands of time, and the future of the evil one’s plan is doomed for utter failure. ...you will be given the gift of discernment, each and everyone of you, to recognize the evil one and his deceptive plan to deceive you into rejecting God and His Eternal Plan of Divine Mercy that is extended to all of the brothers and sisters of the planet, even those who do not yet recognize His Divine Son. I most urgently warn and beg you to heed the Father’s call, for in the very near future, it will be too late for you to answer His Call, when the events that are to come are suddenly here, and you have not prepared yourselves for what is to come.
I hope and I pray tearfully for all of you my children. Now is the time that you must answer my call to you!'
Our Lady of Light 1/2/12


BREAKING NEWS: The Pentagon to Send US Troops to Israel. Iran is the Unspoken Target
Blacked-out news story in America via treeoflifesword

List of FEMA Camps
@ thetruthdenied

NH Lawmakers: Obama ballot challenge unfairly denied obamaballotchallenge

King Barack’s power grab nypost "President Obama yesterday played a violent game of kickball with the US Constitution, making a number of high-level “recess” appointments — even though the Senate isn’t actually in recess."

New Hampshire Obama Ballot Access Challenge and Fraud nobarack08

"the very bastards that have put the human race in this ludicrous bondage to capitalism and misinformation are the same bastards that manufactured EVERY WAR of the 20th Century! These same bastards use our own good intentions against us through total control of religion, television and ALL news. We CANNOT let the same bastards that caused the decline of humanity to now run the GREEN MOVEMENT! It is a LIE! "
via the false-flag operations to achieve global hegemony @ gulagbound

Romney/Gingrich: PICK ONE OR NEITHER
"Romney top contributors are the same as Obamas top contributors, the same Wall St. banks that got bailed out by TARP. Gingrich is on the gravy train too. The only one who isn’t is Ron Paul. This country was founded on Mercantilist principles, not Capitialist ones, look at the first bill of the First Congress. We will probably have WW III soon because people don’t know history and are brainwashed by public schools into thinking we are a Free Market Capitalist Country. If we used real gold and silver as money, then we could thrive under capitalism in theory, but as long as we use fake money, we have fake capitalism, which is just the tyranny of the goons with the printing press, like the people who support Romney and Gingrich. Enough of gum chewing, football watching Republican yahoos." theulstermanreport

"More self-described tea party supporters supported Rick Santorum in yesterday’s Iowa Caucus (29%) than any other candidate, including Ron Paul and Mitt Romney who attracted 19% each." Entrance polling shows Iowa tea party support went to Santorum radiopatriot


the purpose of chemtrails, Morgellons, fibers growing in the snow, talking to friends and family about chemtrails, the taste of chemtrails, chemtrail symptoms, chemtrail-related health issues, "the hum"... globalskywatch
via aircrap

Pentagon Scientists Use ‘Time Hole’ to Make Events Disappear wired "Masking an object entails bending light around that object. If the light doesn’t actually hit an object, then that object won’t be visible to the human eye.
Where events are concerned, concealment relies on changing the speed of light. Light that’s emitted from actions, as they happen, is what allows us to see those actions happen. Usually, that light comes in a constant flow. What Cornell researchers did, in simple terms, is tweak that ongoing flow of light — just for a mere iota of time — so that an event could transpire without being observable."

hisz.rsoe "Operators of the Prairie Island nuclear power plant near Red Wing issued an alert early Thursday after workers discovered chlorine bleach leaking from a tank. "

Unknown magma pool causing ground uplift in Oregon theextinctionprotocol

evil is as evil does
PROJECT 'Bye Bye Blackbird': Solved
USDA Has Admitted To Poisoning Millions Of Animals!
"…plus tens of thousands of crows, doves, ducks, falcons, finches, gulls, hawks, herons, owls, ravens, sparrows, swallows, swans, turkeys, vultures and woodpeckers, among other animals. The chart even shows that the USDA “unintentionally” euthanized one Bald Eagle. Also murdered in 2009 by the USDA are victims of other species:
27,000 beavers, 1700 bobcats, 81,000 coyotes, 2,000 gray foxes, 336 mountain lions, 1900 woodchucks, 130 porcupines, 12,000 raccoons, 20,000 squirrels, 30,000 wild pigs, 478 wolves. See the list yourself..."

1/4/2012 — Charleston South Carolina — MAN MADE earthquake at old phosphate mine "Same spot, same magnitude, same depth, 3 weeks apart." sincedutch

250km area will be evacuating area if the spent fuel pool is damaged at reactor 4 fukushima-diary