........... O Blood and Water, which gushed forth from the Heart of Jesus as a fount of Mercy for us, I trust in You! ???????Woman Woman clothed with the sun, come and do not delay I II am the Mother of 'America, you belong to me, the child of my heart. No one will steal you from me...you have not yet reached your greatest moment. The truly great moment of your history, the moment when you will save the world still lies ahead.' ★ LOCUTIONS 2012 & 2015In the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph. ★LOCUTIONS 2014 ★ ......................... ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces ★ O Blessed Virgin, Mother of the Savior, Scatter the forces of evil so they are not engrossed in darkness but can come to Light! amen, amen. † LOCUTIONS to the WORLD 9/29-10/9/13 ..................................................***************************

Monday, October 31, 2011


Beloved Saint Joseph
& All who are Holy
Pray with us.
Give merit to our prayers
making up for all that is lacking.

Holy Mary, & All of Heaven
Pray for us,
the Whole world & All Creation.
It is The Hour.

In the Name of Jesus we cry out!
amen, amen.

A sermon by Saint Bernard, abbot.

'My children, the Holy Word of God leads you to meditate today that the faith is necessary to improve your life, you are at the time of the greatest dangers in the world and if you have no faith, you are not going to survive. ' messages for Brazil & the World / July 2011

THE INSTANT OF TRIBULATION IS COMING 10/19/11 RevelacionesMarianas "This degeneration grows, not declines, not decreases; it grows more and more every instant. My children are not prepared to bring down that sinful vibration that moves with the air and spans all the Earth. They are not prepared because they have despised My Eucharistic Nourishment, because they have expelled Me from their lives, because they have cast Me into the desert, they find themselves alone and depressed in the hands of satan. "

'Humanity has succumbed to spiritual denial, to the denial of My Surrender and of My Cross. The vices of this generation are not fought with physical weapons. They must be fought with prayer, penance, fasting, offering, the Sacraments and the Holy Rosary. In this instant the battle is spiritual, not one of arms.
The world will live from anguish to anguish, heat will be taken to where it was cold and the cold to where it was hot. The animals, upon changing their habits and dying suddenly, will make man think, but men will remain without seeing reality.
A great part of humanity will follow closely the events that evil will bring forth. In the fury of the instant they will find themselves wrapped up in the seductions, and like robots they will follow the masses, incorporating into their life the seal of the wicked one, in an unrecognizable humanity, worn and aged. '

The contaminated wind will bring death / 10/21/11 RevelacionesMarianas

Litaniae Sanctorum / Litanie dei Santi

Veni Creator Spiritus

'But God gives comfort and the man who believes gives thanks.'

Mischief Night, Halloween and Spiritual Warfare

Mischief Night, Halloween and Spiritual Warfare

“Last of all I want to remind you that your strength must come from the Lord’s mighty power within you.

Put on all of God’s armor so that you will be able to stand safe against all strategies and tricks of Satan. For we are not fighting against people made of flesh and blood, but against persons without bodies-the evil rulers of the unseen world, those mighty satanic beings and great evil princes of darkness who rule this world; and against huge numbers of wicked spirits in the spirit world."
Ephesians 6:10 – 18


" Hello to all....This message is a brief post historic major nor'easter coordination message. At the time of this message writing, about 660,000 customers were without power in Massachusetts and around 700,000 in Connecticut and over 200,000 in New Hampshire bringing the impact in Southern New England to over 1.5 million people without power..
..Widespread tree and wire damage with heavy elevation snows ranged from 12-24" with isolated 30"+ amounts occurred. Winds at the coast gusted to almost 70 MPH across Cape Cod and the Islands..
..ARES/RACES/MARS and EMCOMM groups continue to monitor the situation closely in case support is needed..
..Realizing that many folks who may provide pictures and data maybe without power. It is reminded that even pictures and damage info given days after the incident can be very useful in understanding the extent of damage and providing a historical record for such an anomalous event. Any pictures that would be shared with the media, emergency management and NWS officials can be sent to pics@nsradio.org and credit will be given to the spotter who provided the pictures unless otherwise indicated..
..Another post storm coordination message will follow later this week. Below is the NWS Taunton Local Storm Report and Public Information Statement given on storm impact.."
NWS Taunton Local Storm Report:

"So Cute, It's Spooky" Photo Contest @ the Animal Rescue Site!


Damaging Winds = “HAARP ring” forecasted

Supplements Set to Become Illegal in 2012 under FDA foodfreedom


Big Brother’s Clenched Fist Leads the Clueless

"...you MUST BE reeling from the Hammer blow!!!" OR how FOX the left manipulates you w/language when there are NO FACTS to substantiate a SMEAR. "They can't even name the source in this story."

"If the RINO’s aren’t pulling this out of the dust bin for airing out and to boost their own status, then it’s the Chicago Politico-Thug Machine. Remind me again why the press didn’t go viral with anyone from Barry’s past!" NameThroughtheLookingGlass @ Ulsterman

"Yeah right & Karl Rove is loyal to America & never smoked meat cigars." http://lamecherry(.)blogspot(.)com/2011/10/benediction-arnold-romney(.)html "The GOP base wants nothing to do with Romney. He is Obamacare fraud, he is global green fraud, he is slave labor fraud, he is Mormon fraud, he is Karl Rove fraud. Everyone knows it, and the fact is Mitt Romney COULD NOT EVEN BEAT JOHN MCCAIN."

just how fast and completely Obama could seize full control
should he decide it is warranted. http://gulagbound.com/22744/obama-fema-controlling-american-broadcasting-china-style/

lying on the listing to soak the taxpayers:
Malia and Sasha were listed as senior staff.
http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2011/oct/30/curl-the-very-angry-first-lady/#disqus_thread "Mad Michelle this week popped down to Davis Island, Fla., to hobnob with the very people her husband despises - the 1 percent. At a massive mansion on the bay, filled with the wealthiest of the wealthy," via GUL1776

"Think of the crap we've slowly learned to tolerate over the past 50 years as liberalism sought to re-structure the America that was the symbol of freedom and liberty to all the people of the world.
In the time of Barack Obama, Black Panther members stand outside polling places in black commando uniforms, slapping truncheons into their palms. ACORN — a taxpayer-supported organization — is given a role in taking the census, even after its members were caught on tape offering advice to set up child prostitution rings. A former Communist is given a paid government position in the White House as an advisor to the president. Auto companies are taken over by the government, and the auto workers' union — whose contracts are completely insupportable in any economic sense — is rewarded with a stake in the company. Government bails out Wall Street investment bankers and insurance companies, who pay their executives outrageous bonuses as thanks for the public support. Terrorists are read their Miranda rights and given free lawyers. And, despite overwhelming public disapproval, Barack Obama has pushed forward with a health care plan that would re-structure one-sixth of the American economy." The Redneck tree hugger

Sunday, October 30, 2011

spiritually void to God's Purpose: the suicidal sacrifice of America.

"The fool can not even see the disaster playing out before their eyes" LC

The Soros Conference @ gulagbound
Larry Grathwohl is renowned for having infiltrated the Weather Underground in 1969-70. "Their plan, after taking over the country, was to herd 100 million Americans into concentration camps in the Southwest. A quarter of the prisoners — 25 million people — would be “shot” or “worked to death.”

Brandon Darby started as a naive, idealistic activist who “bought into the false narrative that if you want to help people, vote left.” He worked with ACORN, the Black Panthers and Lisa Fithian, who would later organize the Occupy Wall Street movement. Hugo Chavez invited him to Venezuela for a month, ” a frightening experience” that left him “a changed person.”

African immigrant and financial writer Zubi Diamond opened his presentation with a prayer: “Oh, Lord. Open our hearts and our minds…” He then warned that “enemies within our borders want to collapse the capitalist system and replace it with communism. At the head of these people are George Soros and his puppet, Barack Obama.”"

"satan does not bother those who are damned. It does not matter " http://lamecherry(.)blogspot(.)com/2011/10/all-halloween(.)html "...and admitting to being fools is too much for the tongue to confess."

"It is the devil who says there is no devil" Anonymous
Letter from Dr. Malachi Martin

"Each person must be shielded in the Word, meaning daily one must associate with God in prayer and reading the Bible. It is your refuel and defense.
Each person just like they do laundry periodically should go through and paralyze and cast out forever IN JESUS NAME, demons they have either opened doors to or allowed people who have demons around them to gain access to them. There is a reason God warns about sense dulling things like dope, booze and sex in not proper surroundings..........things which intoxicate stop Spiritual growth, and things which dull the senses, make you less aware, and demons are aware as are those they have around you, that you just lagged a little too far back from the zebra herd and are about to be dragged down for the Spiritual kill.
satan is like a disease, it only grows in flithy water. Be bathed in Christ, behave yourself knowing Christ is always watching and recording, and be clean of the filth.
Just like blow flies are attracted to excrement and rotting flesh, so are demons and their minions. They know fresh meat dedicated to God too, and they want to drag it through the dirt to make you rot, so they can lay the maggots to feed, and maggots feed on their own filth which rots the flesh more.
Yeah that is the fact, demons like maggots require filth, because they can not consume healthy tissue."

'Thank God I'm Found!'

Your published content is about politics and manipulation of truth. "Identifying yourself as conservative is all well and good, but you are not Constitutionalists. There is a vast difference. You do not tell the whole truth because there are a legion of us who are easily as well informed as you, who do know more truth than you have published - and we're confident that you are not willing to face up to your moral duty to inform the public - or to do your patriotic duty to protect America and its founding precepts. " GUL1776


Last 14 days of earthquakes @ Yellowstone (wyoming, idaho, montana, utah) DS

Scientists find link between magnetic reversal and tectonic plate movements http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/scientists-find-link-between-magnetic-reversal-and-tectonic-plate-movements/

Illinois anomaly — and several frozen ‘HAARP rings’ over the northeast USA DS


photo: Michael Pearce - October Nor'Eastern

it will not be possible for them in any way to escape the severity of God

"they will have themselves some day to render an account to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords; if they shall fail in their duty, that it will not be possible for them in any way to escape the severity of God."

I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called faithful and true, and with justice doth he judge and fight. And his eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many diadems, and he had a name written, which no man knoweth but himself. And he was clothed with a garment sprinkled with blood; and his name is called, THE WORD OF GOD.

And the armies that are in heaven followed him on white horses, clothed in fine linen, white and clean. And out of his mouth proceedeth a sharp two edged sword; that with it he may strike the nations. And he shall rule them with a rod of iron; and he treadeth the winepress of the fierceness of the wrath of God the Almighty. And he hath on his garment, and on his thigh written: KING OF KINGS, AND LORD OF LORDS.

And I saw an angel standing in the sun, and he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the birds that did fly through the midst of heaven: "Come, gather yourselves together to the great supper of God: That you may eat the flesh of kings, and the flesh of tribunes, and the flesh of mighty men, and the flesh of horses, and of them that sit on them, and the flesh of all freemen and bondmen, and of little and of great."

And I saw the beast, and the kings of the earth, and their armies gathered together to make war with him that sat upon the horse, and with his army. And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet, who wrought signs before him, wherewith he seduced them who received the character of the beast, and who adored his image. These two were cast alive into the pool of fire, burning with brimstone. And the rest were slain by the sword of him that sitteth upon the horse, which proceedeth out of his mouth; and all the birds were filled with their flesh.
Apocalypse of Saint John, xix

Some basic facts on Hamas and missile launches into Israel

France: Muslims stone Catholic festival-goers in Nîmes, at the Sanctuary of Our Lady the Virgin of Santa Cruz http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/10/france-muslims-stone-catholic-festival-goers.html

Unbelievable: Coup at Occupy LA Over Fascist Weed Policy
http://www.verumserum.com/?p=31702 "Aaaand mark. It took them one month to go from anarcho-socialist paradise to tyranny." ..... in Oakland, & in Denver

Treaty of Debt - An Eye Opening Video on the ESM Bailout Mechanism
"There are no independent reviewers and no existing laws apply. Thus Europe's national budgets will be in the hands of one single, unelected body that is accountable to no one and immune from all legal actions."


"This was the view of my back patio at 8PM Saturday night in Northwest Morris County NJ, also known locally in the tri-state area as “north and west of the city”. Lots of branches and trees down all around, and well over a foot of snow here. " @ instapundit

According to BEST’s own data, Los Angeles is cooling, fast:
Something wonky this way comes ... Implosion might be a good word. http://wattsupwiththat.com/2011/10/29/uh-oh-it-was-the-best-of-times-it-was-the-worst-of-times/

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Another curious piece to the queer Obama puzzle: "We will bury you without firing a shot". - Nikita Khrushchev

Jesus, calm Your brother Wind
We are Your faithful here within
do not allow the Trees to strike
or Waters through the street to flood
but find us worth Master, Lord
to thus be spared the raging storm
that when the Light returns at Dawn
we'll be found safely in Your arms.
amen, amen.


“On 10/25/11 Liberty Legal Foundation filed two simultaneous lawsuits against the Democratic Party. Both lawsuits request injunctions prohibiting the Party from certifying that Obama is Constitutionally qualified to run for the office of President in the 2012 election.” New York Sovereign Citizen Informs County Sheriff of Anticipated Election Fraud

The awful sin of Herman Cain
"Things have gone from bad to badder for the self-righteous artsy-fartsy elites, who for all their book-learning and self-regard just can’t figure out America.
The Herman Cain phenomenon is the latest puzzlement of those who think only they’re wise enough and entitled enough to tell the rest of us which fork to use. Mr. Cain’s sin is not that he doesn’t have the usual qualifications for president. Barack Obama established the precedent that presidents can attempt to do the job with on-the-job training. Mr. Cain’s sin is that he demonstrates, with considerable eloquence, that the notion that Republicans and other conservatives are mean-spirited bigots is the enormous lie of conventional media wisdom."

More Voter Fraud thecoffeeshopblog

”Strap yourself in”: the smile to your face knife to your back style of Chicago politics The Fascinating Bill Daley Interview by Ulsterman "He could also easily be mistaken for Leto’s chief of staff in one of the Dune series. A soulless man, all Washington and all Chicago."

Obama's Most Excellent Pakistani Adventure.
http://www.americanthinker.com/2011/10/who_is_barack_obama.html "Not only did a poor, nearly destitute Obama manage to afford the trip to Pakistan, but once there he somehow financed two weeks in the Lahore Hilton International. In addition, Obama was introduced to the future prime minister and president of Pakistan -- and went bird-hunting with him. Which the prime minister mentioned in the Pakistani press in 2008. There's so much more, including one question the CMM never asked Obama: who arranged all of this? For a 20-year-old nobody." Obama is a Russian plant...

Larry Grathwohl on Ayers' plan for American re-education camps and the need to kill millions

Hamas fired 35 grad missles into Israel today http://www.israpundit.com/archives/40826


Geologists closely monitoring surge in Arkansas earthquakes The Extinction Protocol

Residents still looking for answers in death of thousands of birds washed ashore The Extinction Protocol

"humanity despises the calls of a mutilated and agonizing nature. "

Seismic awakening? Earthquakes are increasing in Oklahoma and no one knows why "It’s not so strange!
Take a trip with google earth and look at where the earthquakes are happening, you’ll find FRACKING sites drilling for oil there."

Possible TORNADOES and DAMAGING WINDS over west Saint Louis Missouri / HAARP ring confirmation — West Saint Louis Missouri — 1000pm CDT 10/28/2011 http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2011/10/29/10282011-possible-tornadoes-and-damaging-winds-over-west-saint-louis-missouri/


Rally to Restore the Constitution, 11/11/11 Washington DC
"Lately the media have treated us to the Kafkaesque absurdity of millionaire entertainers, and billionaire radicals, vociferously supporting protesters carrying placards saying “Eat the Rich.” Hypocrisy, thy name is “Liberal.” Democrats would be an endless source of bemusing entertainment were they not so self-righteously dangerous. Faux—conservative Republicans are no laughing matter either.
While some may choose to quibble over minutia, procrastinate over perceived imperfections, and dither over details, those of us who know the value of action will be gathering in Washington DC on Veteran’s Day, in order to throw a gauntlet down before America’s political elites. Whether or not there are still enough freedom-loving patriots left in this country to save America, or make America worth the saving, is something we will find out on 11/11/11, won’t we?
Laus Deo.
P.S. Please contact The United States Patriots Union and/or Veteran Defenders of America for more information. Patriots Union and VDA patches are now available."

& just so everyone's real clear: "In an interview with ABC News on October 17th, 2011, President Obama suggested that the OWS protests are similar to Tea Party." via GUL1776

Media Coverage of China is Overlooking Significant Stories http://gulagbound.com/22723/media-coverage-of-china-is-overlooking-significant-stories/ "Equally alarming were a couple of stories in Thursday’s Washington Times in a section called Inside China. In the stories, by Miles Yu, he wrote that “China’s official communist newspaper, the Global Times, published a chilling editorial warning several ‘little countries’ that are disputing China’s maritime claims in the South China Sea, notably the Philippines and Vietnam, to ‘get ready to hear the sound of gunfire.’"

questions about the financial ties between the Democratic Party and the creator of one anthrax vaccine??! http://floydreports.com/solyndra-with-a-needle-obama-considers-injecting-u-s-children-with-anthrax/
"The Obama administration is considering injecting American children with an anthrax vaccine in an unprecedented scientific experiment that bioethicists say will unnecessarily endanger the youngsters’ lives and health.
The only currently approved vaccine, BioThrax, was developed by Emergent BioSolutions. However, the Obama administration’s Department of Health and Human Services steered at least $150 million in federal grants to the well-connected firm of PharmAthene, Inc. of Annapolis, Maryland, to develop a new anthrax vaccine called SparVax. PharmAthene donated $1,200 to Barack Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign and $10,000 to other Democrats or the party itself from 2004-10. Its founder, Joel W. McCleary, is a former aide to Jimmy Carter and Democratic Party treasurer who donated $2,300 to Barack Obama in 2007. McCleary and his fellow executives in another of his ventures — Four Seasons Ventures, LLC — have proven most generous, donating at least $110,000 to Democratic Party candidates or organizations during the same time period. The government has prudently spent $1.1 billion stockpiling the vaccine."


Assisi III: Peter greets his Master

You will see the battle of evil against My children and the triumph of My Immaculate Heart. My faithful live the persecution that will lash out crudely by the hands of the usurper, satan’s ally. The earth shakes along with the water and purifies man, in this you will see a Great Sign of PURIFICATION. Instants are shortened, humanity despises the calls of a mutilated and agonizing nature.
The Church will be greatly confused and despised, tested and refined. In the end it will be victorious as the Name of the Lord, master of Heaven and Earth is victorious.
My beloved, I gestate you in My Womb so that you are reborn as beings grown in faith. When the world decreases, those who are Mine are lead by Me so that they maintain the assurance of Maternal Protection.
The Faithful People are permanently illuminated, they remain in broad daylight, without darkness.
Children, I guide you. For the one who trusts, one word is enough. For the one who does not trust, a thousand words are not enough and darkness does not withdraw. '
RevelacionesMarianas - 10/15/11

O Mary, conceived without sin,

Pray for Us who have recourse to Thee.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Virgin Mary appears north-east of Venice on October 16,,, Anomalous Major Early Season Nor'easter: A Winter Storm Watch

A mysterious figure of light north-east of Venice on October 16 http://www.medjugorjetoday.tv/2941/light-figure-in-the-sky-mystifies-italians/

The mysterious eyes of the Virgin Mary

"The three figures are reproduced in both eyes. What artist would do that? Moreover, their size varies from one eye to the other,... "

"According to many scientists who have inspected the image, it seems that in her eyes, in both of them and in the precise location as reflected by a live human eye, could be seen many figures that have been extensively analyzed and seem to correspond to the shape and size of human figures located in front of the image."


potentially major event.
"A Winter Storm Watch is now in effect from Saturday Afternoon through Sunday Morning for Northern Connecticut, Western, Central and interior Northeast Massachusetts, Providence County Rhode Island and Cheshire and Hillsborough Counties of New Hampshire due to heavy snow accumulations or snowfall impact that is greater than normal due to its heavy, wet nature and foiliage on the trees coupled with strong winds. Snow accumulations of at least 2-5" are likely. Higher amounts potentially greater than 6" are also a threat and it is likely to see stated snowfall amounts increase a bit in future statements and weather forecasts as future model runs lend greater confidence to the heavy snow potential. The snowfall is expected across all elevations with the higher elevations receiving the highest amounts. Snowfall of just 3" due to its heavy and wet content along with foiliage on the trees will likely cause at least isolated tree and wire damage and power outages. Snowfall of 6" or more would increase the impact further and this is becoming more likely. Strong winds will affect portions of the Winter Storm Watch area with wind gusts up to 20-30 MPH possible. With the heavy, wet snow and wind gusts up to 30 MPH, this could exacerbate any potential damage to trees and wires.
Due to high astronomical tides and northeast fetch, Minor Coastal Flooding is possible at the time."

10/28/2011 — VERY INTENSE double ‘HAARP rings’ / ‘Scalar square’ = STRANGE return in IL (seen in EU before) http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/10282011-very-intense-double-haarp-rings-scalar-square-saint-louis-missouri-east-to-evansville-indiana/
"on March 24, 2011 in Luxembourg / Germany border region — there was a small earthquake shortly after this ring appearing.. coincidence? possibly."


"The company named Illuminating Concepts (can’t make that up), backed by the Department of Homeland Security, has launched its new product called Intellistreets. It is street lights equipped with a speaker system, motion sensors, video cameras, mics and other crap nobody wants. Remotely controlled using Wi-Fi technology..."

CDC Director Involved in Swine Flu Hoax
Arrested for Child Molestation and Bestiality http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/10/28/cdc-director-involved-in-swine-flu-hoax-arrested-for-child-molestation-and-bestiality/ "Dr. Kimberly Quinlan Lindsey, a top official with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has been arrested and charged with two counts of child molestation and one count of bestiality."

Up in Smoke: #OccupyPortland Misplaces $20k, Files for… Incorporation?"Organizers of Occupy Portland say they fear as much as $20,000 donated to the group through a PayPal account has disappeared." BG

Jesus Would Not Occupy Wall Street http://rebelpundit.com/2011/10/28/jesus-would-not-occupy-wall-street/ "Some on the Left suggest that were Jesus alive today, he would be encouraging or even participating in the Occupy protests occurring around this nation. Although Leftists often derisively dismiss the value of religious beliefs to contemporary government and economics, these same individuals now wish to claim Jesus as a fellow social revolutionary, wealth redistributionist, and civil agitator."


Rosary rally in San Francisco draws thousands

Video – 50-Year-Old Prophecies Fulfilled airmaria

let the wicked have their day of judgment.

'whose voice commands the seas to be calm,
whose voice commands the sun and moon & the stars'?
'Do not dwell upon the evil that has multiplied all around this world rather let the wicked have their day of judgment. Be disciples of prayer that brings greater glory and honor to your Heavenly Father.' 9/28/2011

" "My child, you are witnessing a vision of the warning to come." The sky is dark and it seems as though it is night but my heart tells me it is sometime in the afternoon. I see the sky opening up and I can hear long, drawn out claps of thunder. When I look up I see Jesus bleeding on the cross and people are falling to their knees.

Jesus then tells me, "They will see their soul as I see it." I can see the wounds so clearly on Jesus and Jesus then says, "They will see each wound they have added to My Most Sacred Heart."

To the left I see the Blessed Mother weeping and then Jesus speaks to me again and says, “Prepare, prepare now for the time is soon approaching. My child, pray for the many souls who will perish because of their selfish and sinful ways."

As I look up I see the drops of blood falling from Jesus and hitting the earth. I see millions of people from nations from all lands. Many seemed confused as they were looking up toward the sky. Jesus says,

"They are in search of light for it should not be a time of darkness, yet it is the darkness of sin that covers this earth and the only light will be that of which I come with for mankind does not realize the awakening that is about to be bestowed upon him. This will be the greatest purification since the beginning of creation."

I see people crying and some with horrifying screams when they see Jesus bleeding on the cross. Jesus says, “It is not the sight of My wounds that causes their suffering; it is the depth of the soul knowing that he has placed them there. It is not the sight of My wounds bleeding that causes their suffering; it is knowing that man’s rejection of Me has caused My wounds to bleed.”

“My child, so many will perish for their souls have become so far from Me yet it is I, Jesus, that will show the great depth of My mercy."

"My child you see that the earth has been trembling for as this hour of purification of enlightenment draws near, the fury of the lion will be prowling amongst My people. The temptation will multiply for he seeks his many victims. It will be the greatest spiritual battle man has ever endured. My child, tell My people that today I am asking that they take heed to My words for the sign in the east is about to rise. Tell My people that this is the hour for I am Jesus and all will be done according to My will."

As I look up I continue to see Jesus bleeding on the cross. I continue to see the Blessed Mother weeping to the left. The cross is bright white and illuminated in the sky, it looks suspended. As the sky is opening up I see a bright light come down on the cross and in this light I see the resurrected Jesus appear in white look up toward heaven raising His hands, He then looks down at the earth and makes the sign of the cross blessing His people. "

VERY INTENSE double ‘HAARP rings’ / ‘Scalar square’ = Saint Louis Missouri east to Evansville Indiana

To Catch a Journalist: New York Times, Jay Rosen, Clay Shirky

To Catch a Journalist, Part I - Sam Stein, Huffington Post

Prepare yourself America – the barbarians are now manning the gate… http://theulstermanreport.com/2011/10/27/the-same-people-who-created-barack-obama-have-created-occupy-wall-street/

Thursday, October 27, 2011

'The Warning is almost upon the world '

WORLDWIDE eruptions @ theextinctionprotocol

10/27/2011 — ‘HAARP ring’ and ‘scalar square’ outbreak — TX, NE, KS, ND, SD, MN, IA, MO, KS, WI, IL, MI, IN, OH http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2011/10/27/10272011-haarp-ring-and-scalar-square-outbreak-tx-ne-ks-nd-sd-mn-ia-mo-ks-wi-il-mi-in-oh/
'The last 24 hours has been VERY ACTIVE.'


"The most merciful thing that a family does to one of its infant members is to kill it." Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger The Sick Population Control Agenda Of The Global Elite

the irony is thick on this one: "Tuesday, militant, Marxist, anti-war, and gay-rights activists suspected of providing material support to foreign terrorist organizations led the Occupy Chicago protesters into City Hall, to stage an “in your face” protest, directed at Mayor Rahm Emanuel." http://rebelpundit.com/2011/10/27/video-occupychicago-occupies-city-hall-revolution-will-require-collapsing-the-american-government/


free sh!t
http://biggovernment.com/dmurray/2011/10/27/a-mouse-trap-for-independents-whats-the-catch-to-obamas-latest-free-goodies/ "if we fall for this, we’re being sucked into something we already kinda fell for a few years back."

Peter Schiff, CEO and Chief Global Strategist of Euro Pacific Capital Inc., went to Zuccotti Park and took on Occupy Wall Street protesters
Full Video of Peter Schiff @ Zuccotti Park
via lonelyconservative


'The Warning is almost upon the world.' Maria - 10/26/11

"Be wary of those who refer to ascended masters or who talk about a new era of light..." Maria / October 26th, 2011

Our Lady's Message to Mexico

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

11/9/11 & The Convergence Of Coincidence, MASSIVE flooding Italy, Dublin & Bangkok, OWS protesters screwing local farmers.

"go to the Virgin for help through prayer,
and ask for her intercession before God”


Obama's Takeover of Media & Emergency Alert System,
Asteroid YU55 Approaches Earth, Exercise Pacific Wave 11: 11/9/11 Convergence Of Coincidence

The pseudo-liturgists who are desolating the Church
in the name of the Second Vatican Council
"a throne of the left hand and a manger of the right hand"

The Globalist Agenda from the Vatican??:
"Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi stressed that it was not from Pope Benedict and so it was not “an expression of papal magisterium.” " http://www.newsmax.com/EdwardPentin/Vatican-Global-Finance-Plan/2011/10/25/id/415693

return w/ me now to yesterday: Ecclesiastical Masonry


~ 10/26/2011 — Dublin Ireland — MASSIVE flooding

~ Floods shut one Bangkok airport, amid warnings to capital

‘HAARP ring’ outbreak:
Nebraska, Colorado, South Dakota, Kansas

~ HAARP ring confirmation for USA

~ Deadly floods tear through Italian Riviera


" At a million-dollar San Francisco fundraiser today, President Obama warned his recession-battered supporters that if he loses the 2012 election it could herald a new, painful era of self-reliance in America." Bring on that "new era of painful self-reliance"!

The law passed under the radar ”so quickly that “most businesses don’t even know about it.” http://thisiscommonsense.com/?p=6731

"Occupy Wall Street protesters, who are supposed to be fighting FOR the 99 percent, are really screwing stuff up for local farmers. " http://gothamist.com/2011/10/25/ows_forces_farmers_market_out_of_lo.php

& then:
Multimillionaire Michael Moore Denies He's Part Of '1%'

meanwhile: So, is McDonald’s fare really food?
http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/is-processed-fast-food-really-food/ "When you consider the fact that a large number of the ingredients in a fast food meal exist nowhere in nature, but are rather concocted in a lab, the answer would have to be “no.” "

JustiaGate: CEO Tim Stanley Claims Innocence After Blocking Access To Wayback Machine Snapshots Of All Supreme Court Cases Published By Justia. obamareleaseyourrecords

Fast & Furious: Operation High Crimes & Misdemeanors http://www.exposeobama.com/2011/10/25/fast-and-furious-operation-high-crimes-and-misdemeanors/ via GUL1776

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

their story was feared by the atheist,secular communist government, & back in the USA, High frequency ringing heard coming from the sky

"These young children were put in prison, as their story was feared by the atheist,secular communist government. Jacinta, we are told, cried the most, as she thought that her parents had abandoned her. " http://catholicdaily.net/humble/


The Beast Like a Lamb

"Our ultimate end is that of Voltaire and of the French Revolution----the final destruction of Catholicism, and even of the Christian idea. The Pope, whoever he is, will never come to the secret societies; it is up to the secret societies to take the first step toward the Church, with the aim of conquering both of them. The task that we are going to undertake is not the work of a day, or of a month, or of a year; it may last several years, perhaps a century; but in our ranks the soldier dies and the struggle goes on."


High frequency ringing heard in USA coming from the sky

2012 Presidential candidate John Dummett
http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/10/presidential-candidate-to-file-3-state.html "we have just aligned ourselves with a prominent Constitutional Eligibility attorney by the name of Van Irion of the Liberty Legal Foundation from Tennessee...He has agreed to file a constitutional eligibility lawsuit on behalf of John Dummett as lead FEC presidential candidate.."

Drug, Vandalism Arrests At #OccupyBoston

'Black African immigrant workers in Libya are being ethnically cleansed by Libyan rebels simply because Muslims despise Black people.' http://barenakedislam.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/libyans-say-dont-buy-a-slave-unless-you-have-a-whip/

"In the years and months leading up to the NATO intervention in Libya, Muammar Gaddafi was urging African nations to join together and begin trading in a currency other than the world’s reserve currency (the U.S. dollar), and move to use a gold-backed African “dinar” instead. It is no coincidence that sanctions and a full invasion of Iraq– also once a strong U.S. ally in the Middle East– occurred after Saddam Hussein announced plans to trade oil in Euros instead of dollars." http://silverunderground.com/2011/10/the-real-reason-washington-and-nato-went-to-war-against-muammar-gaddafi-in-libya/

"A big flashing neon sign – the White House is officially out of order" ... "and Operation Race Baiter is pulled off."

Mandatory viewing:
Former Soviet citizen confronts OWS Socialists

a review on North Korean Concentration camps for the rectal/cranial inverted via therightscoop

"These are not Democrats. These folks are something else entirely. And they are willing to push the country – all of us, right against the fu—ing wall." Insider to Ulsterman "The only thing Obama has taken a real interest in are the drones. Apparently he loves those drone attacks. Thinks they’re cool – how they fly in and just blow the sh-t out of people. No fuss. No muss. President Obama gets off on it. The same guy who was so concerned with giving those GITMO fellas a nice citizen trial because he was concerned with their rights – he loves blowing the hell out of people...that White House…if they thought things were tough for them before – it’s about to hit a whole other level of sh-tstorm. "

"When you fools in America rejected Jesus as Lord of His America, and installed this illegitimate Barack messiah Obama, that was more than violating Covenant, you stupid arrogant bastards of satan broke Covenant written in the blood of Patriots in the body of George Washington and the Founders." LC

"They need blacks involved in this, so that is another key location aspect in "marches"........some Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton candle thing after some screaming blacks in mass scare the hell out of white liberals...........and it is obvious that into this will wade B. Hussein..........surrounded by candles.......hell bring him out of a church like Putin popped on Easter...........and bathed in that light he will natter something about forgiving the white race for being satan spawn and their absolution is voting for him....and Operation Race Baiter is pulled off." http://lamecherry(.)blogspot(.)com/2011/10/obama-master-plan(.)html

400 meter-wide asteroid to make pass by Earth on 11/9/11 theextinctionprotocol

10/25/2011 — Severe weather hits New York State = HAARP ring forecasted sincedutch


Our Lady of Medjugorje's October 25, 2011 Message
“Dear children! I am looking at you and in your hearts I do not see joy. Today I desire to give you the joy of the Risen One, that He may lead you and embrace you with His love and tenderness. I love you and I am praying for your conversion without ceasing before my Son Jesus. Thank you for having responded to my call.”

for the 'weed fairy' & all you users out there...DO YOU WANT REAL PEACE ON EARTH? QUIT YOUR DRUGS!!

today the sky was clear BLUE...there were no trails of any sort...some take no notice...some pray & fast to protect our areas. ONLY GOD KNOWS THE TRUTH.

10/25/2011 — Unexpected strong cells w/ hail @ CENTER of ‘HAARP rings’ that appeared TWO days ago

They’re back and scientists aren’t exactly sure why: Red night aurora burst over U.S. skies

the media had already made up its mind and few bothered to actually read what the pope had to say http://www.catholicvote.org/discuss/index.php?p=21986
"this document comes from a vatican congregation —
not the pope!"


to all the users out there who want 'groovey' PEACE
...this is the horror that you support by your drug use.

Compare Obama + Occupy to the Russian Revolution

meanwhile, the Gulf is DEAD: BP gets Gulf oil drilling permit amid 28,000 unmonitored abandoned wells

For those occupying various cities now to protest the bankers, remember

pharma IS the bankers. http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/one-source-codex-tar-sands-and-vaccines/ “The Rockefellers and I.G. Farben worked together before World War II and during World War II. For all practical purposes, the Rockefellers and I.G. Farben were the Third Reich.”

the New Atheism: Go ask Christopher H., I think he knows

Libya – Before and After

Urgent Action Alert for Ohio!


today I thanked God on my knees
the sun was shining in a blue, unstreaked sky
today, many people were complaining
today i thanked God for the leftovers
in my house, in my kitchen
today i saw a homeless woman
sleeping on a stone bench in the gorgeous sun
Remove the blindness that cannot know You
O, GOD!!

credit ?

Monday, October 24, 2011

'America only survives by Christ's intervention.'

"as the devil intends in America being replaced.
The priests and lords of the Ashkenaz elite know this."

"The hand of My Father will fall soon after The Warning on these wicked souls " Maria / October 23rd, 2011


& 'Here's one more tidbit to chew on Mr Rove;'
http://obamareleaseyourrecords.blogspot.com/2011/10/karl-rove-slams-65-of-south-carolina.html "There is something very troubling about the way that people like Glenn Beck, Bill O'Rielly and Karl Rove act as Obama's willing accomplices in his covering up his forged birth certificate and invalid SSN."

Eugenicist Bills Gates Teams Up with BioTech Terrorist Monsanto in Order to Dominate Africa http://www.truthistreason.net/eugenicist-bills-gates-teams-up-with-biotech-terrorist-monsanto-in-order-to-dominate-africa


"This bison was grazing along the Nez Perce Creek in Yellowstone National Park. This was just one of a large herd that was gazing in an open field all week long." naturalvision-photo

Montana tribes ready for historic return of buffalo
http://www.reuters.com/article/2011/05/08/us-buffalo-tribes-montana-idUSTRE7471YE20110508 "For the first time in nearly 140 years, the Indian tribes of northeastern Montana are preparing for the return of wild buffalo that are descended from herds that once thundered across the vast American West."

" "There may be some opposition to this but it is part of our culture that was lost, and now it's back," Ogle says. Before the animal disappeared, it was a primary food source for Plains tribes as well as a material for clothing and shelter. The last documented buffalo hunt on the reservation was in 1873. Shortly thereafter, hunters, soldiers, and ranchers wiped out buffalo throughout the reservation as part of a government plan to eliminate the Indians' food supply during the westward expansion.
The tribes recently set aside as a game preserve the pastureland used specifically for the 100 buffalo at Fort Peck. Tribal members celebrated the herd's arrival with a powwow and other ceremonies as the animals were released into a pasture of rolling hills and badlands.
Assiniboine and Sioux spiritual leaders and tribal officials held a pipe ceremony. Several female elders served a traditional meal of corn soup, berry pudding, and frybread in a nearby barn on the ranch. Busloads of tribal leaders and schoolchildren watched as the buffalo charged from the livestock trailers and into a huge corral, where fresh hay and water awaited them. " Bi'Shee:

"With tears running, O Great Spirit,
my Grandfather-with tears running I must say now that the tree has never bloomed.
Here at the center of the world where you took me when I was young and showed the goodness and the beauty and the strangeness of the greening earth, you have said that I should make the tree to bloom.
It may be that some little root of the sacred tree still lives. Nourish it then, that it may leaf and bloom and fill with singing birds.
Hear me not for myself but for my people;
I am old. Hear me that they may once more go back into the sacred hoop and find the good red road, the shielding tree!"

Black Elk - Oglala Sioux

"In 1904, then a widower, he had a unique conversion experience. He was visiting a sick child when an arriving blackrobe (Catholic Priest) forcibly expelled him. This jarring incident, his daughter recalled, was like St. Paul "falling off a horse." Sensing that the priest's healing powers were greater than his, he took religious instruction and on December 6th, the Feast of St. Nicholas, he was baptized Nicholas." Black Elk: Lakota Holy Man, Catholic Catechist


Jesus, give us strength
and perseverance in the Divine Will
to make a last push in the harvest of souls.
As darkness falls,
give us your light to illumine our path.
Make a way for us, O Lord,
where there is no way.
Enlarge our territory for the sake of the souls you love so much, especially those dearest to our hearts and those with no one to pray for them. Amen.

“Beloved child of my heart, do not be alarmed when you see so many falling for the lies of the enemy. Increase your prayer and fasting so that when I reveal to each soul the Truth of my existence, that they will shed their old ways and return to me with humble and contrite hearts. No sinner who appeals to my mercy will be turned away. Prepare the soil of their hearts to be predisposed to receive the unimaginable gift of mercy. Do this by your prayers and sacrifices. Do not let one be lost for lack of prayers. I have given my remnant many weapons with which to defeat the enemy, the most powerful of which is to pray in the Divine Will. Do so often. Your day of rest is near, my children. Shalom.” message to pelianito/October 23rd, 2011

chemtrails over Boston area: "you are initiating your own demise, and it is going to be Biblical. " LC

the sky was checkerboarded by them this morning, & now, the sky is that silver-shining-glow which means rain/serious rain/no sun. I don't know who or what these people who do this are about...but I pray that the Blood of The Lamb will cover us. I am weary before God Almighty. maranâ' thâ' !! I am weary of people who don't understand what they are looking at, who don't want to know.

Another exclusive, as if anyone give a rat's ass.
"OK, this blog has uncovered that Monsanto has criminally created a product not only endangering people, fauna and flora in their genetically modified soybeans, but has created in this algae spliced poison something which is endangering the food supply of America with fire.
As most are urbanite, they will not comprehend odd things, like God made straw in crops to not ignite at low temperatures. Sort of makes sense in if grass which is the base of most crops would start on fire at low temperatures, the result would be entire fields burned up.
God has been good in this, that even lightning does not start fields of grain on fire, but it will start forests on fire........most of those forests though contain petrol resins.
So in this new frankenfood creation Monsanto has violated numbers of God's Law and the result is a food supply which will burn up. This is criminal, because if clothing manufacturers produced clothes which started on fire, they got into criminal trouble............the carpet and furniture busineses also readily had to produce products which did not burn as easily.....yet Monsanto with the Obama regime is burning up farmers equipment, endangering the farmers, burning up fields in wildfires and puting the entire community at risk.
I have first person accounts of these fires in farmers literally say they try to salvage things out of the cab of the combine and the inferno spreads so fast that they barely get out alive.
Added to this, is the fact these massive combines carry a several hundred gallon supply of diesel fuel. Could you imagine in Obamaworld, if those combines had methane, hydrogen, gasoline or propane? That would be a bang heard around the country.
No one is bringing this to light as usual, as this exclusive has uncovered thee greatest threat to farmers is Monsanto auto ignition soybeans.
Once again this is criminal, in Monsanto has produced a product that is knowingly endangering people and property, and becaue they own Congress and Obama, this reckless homicide is not arrested.
Here are a few links to prove the point."

The Dark Side Of Halloween:
The Kind Of Stuff That Real Life Nightmares Are Made Of
"Once again this Halloween, there will be cats, dogs and other animals that will be tortured and/or sacrificed."

Merciful Father
accept my request
that You will quash
the persecution
being planned
by very evil people
for ordinary men, women & children....
Eliminate the persecution O Lord.

Send a Legion of Angels to protect us,
Your Faithful, & all that You have created,
& from all eyes, Remove the blindness
that cannot know You.

amen, amen.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

New York State ‘HAARP ring’ outbreak = watch NY for the next 24-48


Jesus Christ a King of Glory has come in Peace. +
God became man, + and the Word was made flesh. +
Christ was born of a Virgin.+
Christ suffered.+
Christ was crucified.+
Christ died.+
Christ rose from the dead.+
Christ ascended into Heaven. +
Christ conquers. +
Christ reigns. +
Christ orders. +

May Christ protect us from all storms and lightning.+
Christ went through their midst in Peace, +
and the Word was made flesh. +
Christ is with us with Mary. +
Flee you enemy spirits because the Lion of the
Generation of Juda, the Root of David, has won. +

Holy God! + Holy Powerful God! + Holy Immortal God! +
Have mercy on us.

New York State ‘HAARP ring’ outbreak = watch NY for the next 24-48 http://sincedutch.wordpress.com/2011/10/24/10232011-new-york-state-haarp-ring-outbreak-watch-ny-for-the-next-24-48/

Powerful 6.0 magnitude aftershock rattles eastern Turkey


This is the beginning of a religious war.

"The Absolute looking over its army of riot police. Yet another music video getting young people used to the idea of an oppressive police state." vigilantcitizen

Conclusive link now admitted: swine flu vaccine causes chronic nervous system disorders http://www.naturalnews.com/033816_swine_flu_vaccines_neurological_disorders.html

"Rick Perry, is a globalist to the nth. Like Romney,
he's the quintessential example of a political animal.
Either will serve the global ruling elite well." http://giveusliberty1776.blogspot.com/2011/10/from-devvy-kidd.html

"These idiots have NO IDEA what they're "protesting" "

"We have decided to post the entire video of the panel discussion–, in full, as first posted by Jacobin magazine. We have made no edits; the jump cuts are apparently caused by the videographer.
Lennard, the woman at far-left (coincidentally), speaks as a “comrade” of the panelists and the audience–one actively part of the far-left intellectual theorizing and organizing behind Occupy, and also as someone with deep knowledge of its plans.
For example, at roughly 1:15:15, an audience member asks a question about how to manage the growing ideological divisions among anarchists and communists as they form “a new society” through the Occupy movement.
Lennard’s answer suggests that she identifies with the anarchist faction holed up at Zuccotti Park–and that she identifies with efforts by Occupy activists to conceal their true beliefs and goals:"


"Do the right thing!!...just don't abandon them."

Starving dog jumps out 3-story window

“When she started to get really vocal at first I thought she was calling to the kittens, but then it became clear that she was actually calling to me! I began to follow her and she took me through the rear garden, across a ploughed field and into a farm yard. All the time she was calling me and waiting for me to follow. She then took me into an old farm machinery barn and led me to behind a stack of old wood and there were her four kittens." Amazing story of the clever cat who led RSPCA rescuer to her kittens

stoking the evil flame which will lick up to attack America, & Energy Junkies.

ALERT: Final Implementation Phase of Obama Formal Dictatorship has Begun http://www.thepostemail.com/2011/10/23/alert-final-implementation-phase-of-obama-formal-dictatorship-has-begun/ "The Obama-supported and implemented “Occupy Wall Street’ flea circus has provided Obama with both an “if you don’t give us what we want, we’ll turn violent” crowd and an almost perfect cover for his implementation of the finalization of his Police State. Anyone still think Obama is naive and incompetent? Not a chance. As I’ve been writing since before he usurped the Office of POTUS, Obama has been hired to destroy the USA and once he’s in power we may not be able to get rid of him. He knows precisely what he’s doing.
Any more questions?"

More evil than the devil?
The poor have it.
The rich need it...
And if you eat it, you'll die...?

"Chavez of Venezueal is calling Khadaffi a martyr, and Barack Obama made Khadaffi one in his Pan Regicide. Putin is calling the murder of Khadaffi, exactly what it is in murder. See when Barack Obama creates martyrs for the angst of Islam and the slobbering mob cheer it as they like feeding on murder while attempting to justify it, then there is the catastrophe being made which will only grow to more terror." lamecherry(dot)blogspot(dot)com/2011/10/necroslam(dot)html

French Algerian woman author, 'My Life against Koran'

ex.1: PBS to Broadcast Al Jazeera

ex.2: Libya: Sharia will be basis of legislation, all laws contradicting Islamic teaching will be nullified http://www.jihadwatch.org/2011/10/libya-sharia-will-be-basis-of-legislation-all-laws-contradicting-islamic-teaching-will-be-nullified.html

Occupy SF Zombies: Let's Print Our Own Money or Something http://jammiewearingfool.blogspot.com/2011/10/occupy-sf-zombies-lets-print-our-own.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FCnSK+%28JammieWearingFool%29

"you know...like vague or aaaaaaa cryptic notions of love, this is what i like to call real talk..."

Occupy Wall Street’s Finance Committee has nearly $500,000 in the bank, and donations continue to pour in — but its reluctance to share the wealth with other protesters is fraying tempers. http://www.black-and-right.com/2011/10/23/the-top-1-of-ows-has-all-the-money/ “Fuck Finance. I hope Mayor Bloomberg gets an injunction and demands to see the movement’s books. We need to know how much money we really have and where it’s going,”

"Dear Congress, POTUS, And #OWS Folks:
I bought a recliner Saturday. I bought it on sale, but that was a happy accident. To buy the recliner, I needed money. I could have used the money from my paycheck (about $30K per year), the money in my savings account, or a store credit card. Of course, I need things like food, clothing, and shelter, so I must keep money for those expenses.

The store expected me to give them money in exchange for the recliner I carried home with me. If I use credit, then the store knows that it will get the price it asked AND bonus money for allowing me to take extra time to pay money for the recliner I wanted. If I want something that I don’t have money in any account, and I choose not to buy on credit, I can either wait to purchase the recliner after I’ve saved money, or get another job to pay for the item. It is illegal for me to simply print money and use it for the recliner, or the other bills, or for donations to church/charity.

The government should work the same way. If the government wants to give money to (insert country here), then it should check the accounts for amount of money available, check for bills coming due, consider unexpected expenses, and then decide to give or not. If the government wants to give money to a person because of children in the house, lost jobs, or medical expenses, or if the government wants to care for the soldiers here and abroad, it should take care of those commitments first before spending more. If the money to be given to (insert country here) is more important than lost-job spending, then you stop spending on lost-jobs and start spending the money for (insert country here).

Money doesn’t grow on trees, dear leaders and lemmings, and once borrowed, it cannot simply be made to vanish. I don’t need to borrow money from others to buy 28 recliners; one is sufficient. I don’t need to give money to every charity that asks because the need is great; if I give away all my money instead of paying my rent, I will soon be in need of taking charity from others. Who will give to charity then? If I borrow money for one recliner, and decide it’s the wrong color, shape and size, I either make do or sell it to a friend; I don’t blame the cashier who sold me the recliner, and I don’t demand that the store refund my purchase price.

I paid cash for the recliner. It’s comfy and it’s mine. World Vision still gets monthly support for a kid, my student loan still gets repaid, and my fridge has food for a few more weeks. I do my best not to live “paycheck to paycheck” but I for sure don’t live beyond my means. The government cannot live beyond its means either. That’s irresponsible. Those like the #OWS lemmings who insist the government should care for them are as irresponsible and immature as those in charge.

An American Citizen"

A senior Communist Party USA activist is leading a nationwide effort to lobby the Congressional Super Committee of 12 to propose deep cuts to US defense spending. http://gulagbound.com/22587/treason-senior-communist-lobbies-super-committee-for-defense-cuts/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+gulagbound+%28GulagBound.com%29


10/23/2011 — Saint Louis Missouri to Kansas City Missouri = “HAARP rings” and double “scalar squares” sincedutch

Swarm of tremors reported on north side of El Hierro theextinctionprotocol

Massive earthquake swarm near Gujarat- Is India on the eve of tearing? http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/10/22/massive-earthquake-swarm-near-gujarat-is-india-on-the-eve-of-tearing/

meanwhile: "The Canadian Food Inspection Agency, which regulates and approves GM crops grown in Canada, said by email Wednesday that it is satisfied that the GM crops escaping farms pose no risk." http://foodfreedom.wordpress.com/2011/10/23/genetically-contaminated-canola-escapes-from-north-dakota-to-manitoba/

Another Year without Groceries

prepare for the end of the oil age, one garden at a time.

hail from '10/22/2011 — Severe weather outbreak — Large outbreak of Hail in Midwest'


For how much longer, O Lord, will the long-suffering laity have to put up with this shit? http://rorate-caeli.blogspot.com/2011/10/vatican-ii-moment-put-your-hands-up.html "My favorite part was when a father nudged his uncooperative teenage son to wave his hands at the students for the blessing. The son thrust his hands forward like he was casting a spell. He looked like Emperor Palpatine shooting lightning out of his hands at the end of Return of the Jedi.
Lord, please let me get a job near a Traditional Latin Mass in a year and a half! "