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Saturday, December 17, 2011

'a star, resembling a sword': Comet Lovejoy multiple views, & the radical act of 'Tebowing'

“Thus it was that the wretched people were deluded at that time by charlatans and pretended messengers of the deity; while they neither heeded nor believed in the manifest portents that foretold the coming desolation, but, as if thunderstruck and bereft of eyes and mind, disregarded the plain warnings of God. So it was when a star, resembling a sword, stood over the city, and a comet which continued for a year.” Messianic Prophecies: Numbers 16-19

Comet Lovejoy survives a brush with Sol wattsupwiththat

Comet Lovejoy multiple views —

6.3M in New Zealand

3.2 magnitude earthquake in New Mexico @ DRILLING operation sincedutch


Your antidote to the obsolete media radiopatriot

Barack Obama’s Private Attorney Files Motion to Dismiss based upon lies and deceit nobarack08


this morning the house was still standing
there was food in the refrigerator
& seed to feed the outdoor birds

this morning the birds still came round
& this area is not under water...
although there were squabbles,
my family is still intact
& today I will walk on legs that still work
to deposit money from my job...

Today I woke up & realizing all of this
& the school authorities cannot suspend me
for this radical act of 'Tebowing'.