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Friday, December 16, 2011

Prepaing for martial law - Coordinated confusion: Follow the money

'All hell doth at His presence quake!!'


Terrorist watch list? Senate Bill 1867 Endgame! thetruthdenied

Explaining the reasons behind NDAA 2012:
Prepaing for martial law

"Don’t be fooled into thinking that what is taking place in Washington is without purpose. The contradictory language, the circular arguments, and the much publicized threats of veto by this administration are intended as smokescreens as the collective attention of a nation is diverted as America prepares to “shut down” for the Christmas holiday. The bipartisan support for this bill adds to this confusion by convincing the American people that their Tea Party Republicans or their civil rights watchdogs would never betray the trust of the people. Unfortunately, they have. But few are asking the most important question of them all: why?

Within the last five weeks, I’ve been in contact with highly placed sources, their staffers and associates who work inside of the beltway. I’ve also engaged in dialogue with top security officials, all who state that this legislation is not about the security of our nation, but the ultimate control of the American people. According to these sources, the administration and congress are anticipating an apocalyptic scenario in the not-too-distant future.

While all eyes are on some type of unspeakable nuclear, biological or chemical event at the hands of “homegrown terrorists,” the real event is already in progress, although America has not yet experienced the full fallout from what is taking place. The terrorists are indeed homegrown actors, and they are engaged in actively destroying the United States, but not with bullets or bombs. Bullets and bombs are effective, but do not have the long-term capacity to effect every citizen from shore to shore. Additionally, such non-state terrorists don’t have the capacity to so effectively infiltrate the administration, the majority of congress, as well as the various regulatory agencies that exist in the U.S.

Driven not by a third world theology, the true terrorists are those whose god is greed, power and control, and who have effectively destroyed our monetary and economic system. For years they have been facilitated by all three branches of the American government, although they have been empowered by this administration in particular. Perhaps that’s why we have a man in the Oval Office who lacks the bona-fides of his predecessors, and why those in power refuse to address the lack of due diligence in that venue."

Bill S.1867: Legalization Of Martial Law, End Of The Republic socialismisnottheanswer

Homeland Security is gunning for Arizona's Sheriff Joe Arpaio latimesblogs

Little Boys w/ Lethal Toys: NASA Beam Weapons

via Altnewsforum


"Oh Almighty Father, God the Most High.
Please have mercy on all sinners.
Open their hearts to accept salvation
and to receive an abundance of graces.
Hear my pleas for my own family
and ensure that each one
will find favour in your loving heart.
Oh, Divine Heavenly Father,
protect all your children on earth
from any nuclear war or other acts which are being planned to destroy your children.
Keep us from all harm and protect us.
Enlighten us so we can open our eyes to hear and accept the truth of our salvation without any fear in our souls."
Amen, amen.
prayer given to European seeër by Jesus / Wed, 2011-12-14