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Saturday, December 3, 2011

EARTHQUAKE THREAT WATCH, FARM WARS, &, 'the country formerly know as Great Britain'

Peter Hitchens on Atheism and England-EU demise:
'the country formerly know as Great Britain'

FARM WARS: Transhumanism, SYTHIA & Changing DNA
"Barbara H. Peterson, the owner and manager of FARM WARS lives on a small ranch in Oregon where she raises geese, chickens, horses, a goat, a variety of cats, and an opinionated Macaw named Rita. Federal regulations and corporate shenanigans such as animal "traceability," Monsanto's invasive GMO technology, and the blatant poisoning of our land and resources by corporate government agencies are designed to make it next to impossible to raise animals and organic food.
It's time to fight back."

Newt Gingrich endorses transhumanism!