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Thursday, December 15, 2011

'Cracking Freedom's Foundation' – S.1867 Passed, the single biggest scam in the history of humankind.

via Carla Giampaglia on twitter

"Global Warming is rooted in the manufactured belief the earth is in crisis – and that the United States is the single largest contributor to this crisis. Crisis relates quite well to chaos, yes? So the manufacturers of the Global Warming “crisis” are threatening widespread chaos – and making a very forceful case that government is the only mechanism in which to prevent that chaos. We are talking about trillions of dollars at stake here now – the single biggest scam in the history of humankind. That’s Global Warming.
So who then actually benefits? Big Government proponents, certainly. Various 3rd world nations who hope to compete financially with the more developed nations… Investors in the so-called “green economy”. And don’t forget China – who will happily communicate the need to fight climate change with one side of their mouth while going on full speed ahead developing its own economy on the other – as American politicians work to decimate the economy here at home, taking money from the myriad of environmental groups, who in turn are so closely linked to the union groups, who in turn dominate the Democratic Party and a growing number within the Republican Party.
Mr. Soros is a major component of all of that of course. And I will repeat it again – the money being potentially generated by this is trillions of dollars. Not billions – trillions." WALL STREET INSIDER to Ulsterman

Michelle’s Solo Hawaii Trip Likely to Exceed $100,000

& the birds continue dying theextinctionprotocol