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Friday, December 2, 2011

BOSTON AREA Chemtrails: it's after 3pm & the clouds you see are bogus!, balls-out-fkd-out-of-your-mind on drugs & SCREAMING METAPHORS.

@ 7am this morning the skies were clear blue.

it's after 3pm & it is now all overcast...no wind.
We watched the chemtrails from our window starting about 10am or so. You need to get off your cell phones & LOOK UP!!! What you see right now is an artificial front in the striations of HAARP generated weather
(previous articles/videos below).
The sky turned a sick yellow-greygreen shine & the sun was impossible to even glance @. The question of WHO these people are who spray these chemical/metalic particles is not as important as WHO!! they serve.

Behold, 'they' want to block out the Sun that all will perish in darkness. The metaphor screams.

"remember,... when you're balls-out-fkd-out-of-your-mind on drugs...you probably won't be surviving much of anything . . . jus'sayin". Midnight'sExile

"The attitude of the Faithful towards what is coming is one of great joy because what is coming is the Return of my Son."

Immaculate Mary, Victorious Queen of the World, Holy Mother of the Americas

You alone felt the agony of the lance that pierced the Heart of your Son
at the Hour of His death

You alone understood the magnitude of His Sacrifice, that we would be ransomed back to Freedom from the slavery of evil

O Mother, the howling Hour rages
the Great Storm breaks upon us now
with ever steadfast confidence in You,
the Portal of the Saviour of the World
as once the Diciples at Pentecost
depended on You for guidance
until The Holy Light decended
for the sake of ALL that is Good & beautiful & created by God we beseech You, O Mary...

Cry out to God again
to look with Eyes of Mercy
upon us & the Whole World.


+In His Name we ask.
Amen, Amen.