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Friday, December 2, 2011

aprox. 9:45am tremor in Boston area, major chemrtrails are back after 36 hour reprieve, the underbelly of the Left, & the Republican Big Con/Big Stall strategy

'How many mocked My Son…
and He remained silent!
The Earth is imploding
and leaving man alone,
who has caused it so much pain.

You, My children, love what you receive.'
11/17/11 - RevelacionesMarianas

Data from station HRV (Adam Dziewonski Observatory (Oak Ridge), Massachussetts, USA) VIA Live Internet Seismic Server

"Dear children, as a mother I am with you so that with my love, prayer and example I may help you to become a seed of the future, a seed that will grow into a firm tree and spread it's branches throughout the world. For you to become a seed of the future, a seed of love, implore the Father to forgive you your omissions up to now. My children, only a pure heart, unburdened by sin, can open itself and only honest eyes can see the way by which I desire to lead you. When you become aware of this, you will become aware of the love of God – it will be given to you. Then you will give it to others, as a seed of love. Thank you. " message to Mirjana 12/2
photo: 'An unusual visitor at the Blue Cross'

Archbishop Sheen: Wasting Your Life


"People go underground in times like these,the underground economy is growing by leaps and bounds, eBay flourishes,you paint your next door neighbors house for cash,we will survive." Actsnow @ BG

"I genuinely feel sorry for so many of the OWS protestors who still haven’t a clue that they were played like pawns on a grand liberal chessboard by those who care little about financial inequality. Liberals are quick to come alongside protestors and claim solidarity, but fail to mention they are responsible for much of the mess the protestors are marching against. It’s all about political power...
The OWS movement was painted to portray protestors as representative of “the 99 percent” of Americans, but, evidently the paint was not permanent. After untold reports of public nudity, orgies and masturbating, personal property defecation, drug overdoses, robberies and rapes, Americans have discovered, with immense relief and much thanksgiving that these occupiers are not at all like the rest of us. " http://floydreports.com/we-are-not-the-99-percent/

the Republican Big Con, Big Stall strategy:
Rep.Leaders Protecting Obama, Subverting Constitution

meanwhile: "President Obama Criticizes Wall Street, But Takes Money From It" @ bookerrising

"According to the GAO audit, $16.1 trillion in secret loans were made by the Federal Reserve between December 1, 2007 and July 21, 2010. The following list of firms and the amount of money that they received was taken directly from page 131 of the GAO audit report....
Citigroup - $2.513 trillion
Morgan Stanley - $2.041 trillion
Merrill Lynch - $1.949 trillion
Bank of America - $1.344 trillion
Barclays PLC - $868 billion
Bear Sterns - $853 billion
Goldman Sachs - $814 billion
Royal Bank of Scotland - $541 billion
JP Morgan Chase - $391 billion
Deutsche Bank - $354 billion
UBS - $287 billion
Credit Suisse - $262 billion
Lehman Brothers - $183 billion
Bank of Scotland - $181 billion
BNP Paribas - $175 billion
Wells Fargo - $159 billion
Dexia - $159 billion
Wachovia - $142 billion
Dresdner Bank - $135 billion
Societe Generale - $124 billion
"All Other Borrowers" - $2.639 trillion

This report was made available to all the members of Congress, but most of them have been totally silent about it. " the economic collapse blog


credit: ?


Craziest Videos from the Western Windstorm

Vientos de Satan,'WINDS OF SATAN':
Strong winds whip through New Mexico leaving power outages http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/12/02/strong-winds-whip-through-new-mexico-leaving-power-outages/

'What is coming is caused by man.' RevelacionesMarianas - 11/15/11