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Sunday, November 6, 2011

the whistling in the American graveyard: Do you really think God 'smiles' on this?!

"Today it’s all falling apart.
If we no longer have God,
we no longer have hope”

Do you really think God 'smiles' on this?! RUSSIA bans Muslims from cutting animals’ throats in the streets of Moscow

" Michelle and I extend our greetings for a happy Eid al-Adha to Muslims worldwide..." Statement by the President on Hajj and Eid al-Adha —

Spokesperson Ibrahimi Jamel: "Year in and year out
we come to Eid al-Adha with a fearful feeling & uncertainly over what awaits us. Instead of a day of festivity and joy Muslims in Antwerp experience this day as a day of unrest."
This is a photo of
the 'festivity & joy'

that God's precious Animals endure during eid.


'Here this witness you carnivore capitalists,
you crony capitalists, in what you have done to the American savior and her people.

God will avenge their blood for all of your assaults. He will balance the scales and not let the crimson cry go unheeded.
The oppressors will not have their crimes passed by nor wiped off the Holy Books,
but will be visited in the reckoning.

You have built upon the Holy Foundation and made it a brothel, a whorehouse,
a den of iniquity a dwelling of ill repute.
You blasphemous one anointed in crude oil and bathed in the blood of his hands will not escape nor will your semen stained betrayal of the bed in the contract of which you dwell of 2012.

As in the days of the bronze pillars, pulled down and shattered, and the judgment of Riblah, so will this judgment stand in this shattering.

God is Spirit as are His Heavenly Host. Where will your high walls, your electronic security, your bullets your police forces protect you from that. Is not even your ilk magicians of the air in surveillance and attack?

Know this, that which was will not be, that which you savaged with now will ravage you. The Lord looked and saw no one to deliver, for she was afrightened and fled His direction, so the Lord beheld that He was the only Deliverer, and by judgment does He now come.

The rapine of the Virgin Daughter in making her a whore, you will not spend the money, nor live to see those who will garner it to invest in the Way of the Lord.

Set up your baal for he delivers not, bel bows down and nebo crouches in the natal blood of the asherim in sodomite filth. The work of your hands will not deliver, but deliver you to that judgment for God will cleanse the Innocent's blood with blood of His whetted sword.
Amen and Amen '
Lame Cherry


'It is a crack head thing.'
Larry Sinclair, Barack Obama Gay Sex & Murder

Barack Obama Accused: Selling Cocaine, Homosexual Sex while IL Senator

a THIEF at heart. http://biggovernment.com/publius/2011/11/06/occupymcdonalds-protester-turns-violent-when-denied-free-food/

"Why would they put children in harms way??? .......
Because w/Marxists the ends justify the means & the rights of the collective outweigh the rights of the individual."
via breitbart

& Occupy DC Pushes Grandma Down Stairs!

NY Post Reporter Spends a Night In the Progressive Encampment http://iowntheworld.com/blog/?p=103232
"It’s everything we say it is – perverse, dirty, incoherent, ironic, corrupt, totalitarian. In other words, just like DC progressives."

via mypetjawa

pictures from the Occupy Wall Street movement: that's an American flag he's shtting on.

“Our Leaders in Washington Have Lost Their Minds”

MEANWHILE: WE HATE WHITE PEOPLE and BLACK CONSERVATIVES http://www.breitbart.tv/inside-the-chaos-incredible-videos-of-violence-mayhem-at-occupydc-demonstration/

Public Records on Bari M. Shabazz Altered in Last 3 Days?

'Jesse Jackson Accused Of Sexual Harassment, Discrimination By Gay Ex-Employee Tommy Bennett '

'a mouth fulla'gimme & a hand fulla much obliged'

"The Rothschilds have been eliminating competition and sovereign states in the World Wars which they instigate for better commercial control and Marxist rapine of the masses.
The great secret after the murder of Abraham Lincoln is that Europa would never recover the fortune America accumilated in competition. The greatest secret of World War II, was that it's outcome was designed to transfer all American wealth back into central European banking.

That Marshall Plan, was nothing but a welfare state. The scheme of allowing Stalin to annex the Warsaw Pac, was all about transference of American wealth into military weaponry so Europe could embrace the time to start the process of building the Nazi economic war against the American alliance, as the Rothschilds controlled all the banking from America, London, Paris and Berlin.

It was not the Federal Reserve which was the problem, but the equity in devaluation of the dollar and inflating oil, because all those OPEC dollars flowed into European Rothschild banks in the trillions to be "managed" by them.

The entire scheme from IMF, World Bank to UN humanitarian aid has been nothing but a money transfer amassed by the Rothschilds amounting to the hundreds of trillions of dollars out of America.
Barack Obama was simply being a good Islamist in performing the ritual blood killing on America in the last trillions he and Geithner stole for the Europeans, a real hallil."
the whistling in the American graveyard / Lame cherry