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Sunday, October 30, 2011

spiritually void to God's Purpose: the suicidal sacrifice of America.

"The fool can not even see the disaster playing out before their eyes" LC

The Soros Conference @ gulagbound
Larry Grathwohl is renowned for having infiltrated the Weather Underground in 1969-70. "Their plan, after taking over the country, was to herd 100 million Americans into concentration camps in the Southwest. A quarter of the prisoners — 25 million people — would be “shot” or “worked to death.”

Brandon Darby started as a naive, idealistic activist who “bought into the false narrative that if you want to help people, vote left.” He worked with ACORN, the Black Panthers and Lisa Fithian, who would later organize the Occupy Wall Street movement. Hugo Chavez invited him to Venezuela for a month, ” a frightening experience” that left him “a changed person.”

African immigrant and financial writer Zubi Diamond opened his presentation with a prayer: “Oh, Lord. Open our hearts and our minds…” He then warned that “enemies within our borders want to collapse the capitalist system and replace it with communism. At the head of these people are George Soros and his puppet, Barack Obama.”"

"satan does not bother those who are damned. It does not matter " http://lamecherry(.)blogspot(.)com/2011/10/all-halloween(.)html "...and admitting to being fools is too much for the tongue to confess."

"It is the devil who says there is no devil" Anonymous
Letter from Dr. Malachi Martin

"Each person must be shielded in the Word, meaning daily one must associate with God in prayer and reading the Bible. It is your refuel and defense.
Each person just like they do laundry periodically should go through and paralyze and cast out forever IN JESUS NAME, demons they have either opened doors to or allowed people who have demons around them to gain access to them. There is a reason God warns about sense dulling things like dope, booze and sex in not proper surroundings..........things which intoxicate stop Spiritual growth, and things which dull the senses, make you less aware, and demons are aware as are those they have around you, that you just lagged a little too far back from the zebra herd and are about to be dragged down for the Spiritual kill.
satan is like a disease, it only grows in flithy water. Be bathed in Christ, behave yourself knowing Christ is always watching and recording, and be clean of the filth.
Just like blow flies are attracted to excrement and rotting flesh, so are demons and their minions. They know fresh meat dedicated to God too, and they want to drag it through the dirt to make you rot, so they can lay the maggots to feed, and maggots feed on their own filth which rots the flesh more.
Yeah that is the fact, demons like maggots require filth, because they can not consume healthy tissue."

'Thank God I'm Found!'

Your published content is about politics and manipulation of truth. "Identifying yourself as conservative is all well and good, but you are not Constitutionalists. There is a vast difference. You do not tell the whole truth because there are a legion of us who are easily as well informed as you, who do know more truth than you have published - and we're confident that you are not willing to face up to your moral duty to inform the public - or to do your patriotic duty to protect America and its founding precepts. " GUL1776


Last 14 days of earthquakes @ Yellowstone (wyoming, idaho, montana, utah) DS

Scientists find link between magnetic reversal and tectonic plate movements http://theextinctionprotocol.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/scientists-find-link-between-magnetic-reversal-and-tectonic-plate-movements/

Illinois anomaly — and several frozen ‘HAARP rings’ over the northeast USA DS


photo: Michael Pearce - October Nor'Eastern